Canlyniadau 1–20 o 2051 ar gyfer speaker:Viscount Thurso

Domestic Animals: Welfare - Question (13 Gor 2023)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, I return to cats and declare an interest as the property of a very sophisticated cat called Loki. Is the Minister aware of the problem of cats that are abandoned, particularly in rural areas, before they are microchipped, and the damage they do to other cats and wildlife generally? What can we do about that?

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Migration ( 9 Meh 2023)

Viscount Thurso: To ask His Majesty's Government whether the latest net migration figures include UK citizens who have moved abroad for study or work and then returned; and what is their current estimate of those numbers.

Agricultural Transition Plan - Statements ( 1 Chw 2023)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, on the hypothesis that the cause is indeed a novel pathogen, the Minister will know that in respect of red belly disease in salmon the original hypothesis was a novel pathogen, but the hypothesis now is an existing pathogen with a novel stressor. Has the review looked at the possibility of an existing pathogen caused by a new stress element? If not, why not? Does the Minister agree...

Preparing for Extreme Risks (RARPC Report) - Motion to Take Note (12 Ion 2023)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, I add my congratulations to the noble Lord, Lord Arbuthnot, on the excellent way in which he chaired our committee. I can tell the noble Lord that I certainly enjoyed it, and furthermore I learned a great deal; my compliments also to the staff. I think we never managed to meet in person, but did every session online, which posed some interesting challenges to do with curtains and...

Elections Bill - Committee (6th Day): Amendment 153 (28 Maw 2022)

Viscount Thurso: Yes, I was allowed to vote.

Living with Covid-19 - Statement (22 Chw 2022)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, what advice will the Government give to employers? Will responsible employers be expected to provide testing for their employees?

HGV Driver Shortages - Commons Urgent Question (13 Med 2021)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, is the Minister aware of the recent research which shows that HGV drivers dislike their conditions and having to stay away overnight? With that in mind, will the Government look again at the plans for rail freight villages and palletisation of freight? That would put a lot of freight on to the railways and allow the drivers to do the last-mile deliveries, which would keep them...

Tourism - Motion to Take Note (24 Meh 2021)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, I draw attention to my registered interests, as chairman of VisitScotland, a board member of VisitBritain and president of the Tourism Society of the United Kingdom. As many noble Lords have already pointed out, the visitor economy is huge. It is a great contributor to both wealth and jobs. I would also argue that it makes a great contribution to well-being. People need to go on...

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Motion for an Humble Address (12 Ebr 2021)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, I am most grateful for this opportunity to support the humble Address to Her Majesty and join the expression of this House’s deepest regret and sympathy to Her Majesty and the Royal Family. All noble Lords who have contributed to this Address have rightly paid tribute to the unflinching support given by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to Her Majesty...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Aviation: Exhaust Emissions (26 Chw 2020)

Viscount Thurso: To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of greenhouse gas emissions from (1) aircraft taking off and landing within the UK, and (2) aircraft taking off in the UK bound for overseas destinations.

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Electric Vehicles (26 Chw 2020)

Viscount Thurso: To ask Her Majesty's Government what estimate they have made of the likely increase in electric vehicles on UK roads between (1) 2020 and 2025, and (2) 2025 and 2030.

Problem Gambling - Statement ( 2 Gor 2019)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, perhaps I may press the Minister on his comments about technological advances, particularly with regard to what my noble friend said about pop-up advertising. These adverts are insidious. They are made possible by the use of cookies and algorithms, and are directly designed to entrap the people most likely to want to gamble. Can anything be done with the technological advances that...

Written Answers — Treasury: Revenue and Customs: Data Protection (31 Gor 2018)

Viscount Thurso: To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of whether HMRC is able to access UK citizens' bank accounts and other personal data without their permission and without judicial oversight.

Written Answers — Treasury: Banks: Standards (28 Meh 2018)

Viscount Thurso: To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the impact of those recommendations of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards that were put into law through the provisions of the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013.

Written Answers — Treasury: Bank Services (28 Meh 2018)

Viscount Thurso: To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment, if any, they have made of the availability of bank accounts to small community groups, charities and societies.

Defence Fire and Rescue Project: Capita - Statement (21 Meh 2018)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, the Minister will undoubtedly be aware of the comments of the chief executive of Serco regarding government procurement to the effect that the Government have proved to be the worst procurer and the worst client, driving many large companies into difficulty. In that regard, what assurance can he give the House about the quality of the actual contracting process in this case so that...

Capita - Statement ( 1 Chw 2018)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, further to the answer that the Minister has already given about SMEs, now that we know the risks of a small number of contracts with some very big companies, will he accept that it is the procurement process that drives people to tier 1 contractors? Will the Government look at improving the procurement process so that SMEs have a better chance to get contracts?

Financial Guidance and Claims Bill [HL] - Report (2nd Day) (31 Hyd 2017)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, I have followed the passage of this Bill with great interest but I have not felt the need to intervene. However, today I support my noble friend in this amendment based on two experiences. The first is as a trustee of the Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund, which, as I am sure many Members know, is a well-run fund and gives a great deal of excellent advice. However, it is...

Queen’s Speech - Debate (3rd Day) (Continued) (26 Meh 2017)

Viscount Thurso: My Lords, it is always a pleasure to follow the noble Earl, although it has been a little while since I last did so. I add my congratulations to the two maiden speakers, both of whom will add greatly to deliberations in your Lordships’ House and who mostly spoke of their experiences in the City. I feel that they will not entirely approve of what I have to say this evening—but I agree with...

Written Answers — House of Commons Commission: Ict (26 Maw 2015)

John Thurso: Parliamentary ICT is trialing and will continue to trial device-independent software supporting open standards. Examples include using HTML5 to deliver services that are responsive in design and accessible on any device.

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