Canlyniadau 121–140 o 8767 ar gyfer speaker:Kevin Brennan

Home Department: Asylum Application Backlog ( 3 Gor 2023)

Kevin Brennan: The Minister has an interesting definition of being “on track”; did the number of decision makers not fall between January and May this year, from 1,333 to 1,280? A constituent recently passed on to me a letter from a firm of local solicitors that said: “All possible avenues have been considered to avoid this situation but regrettably, the Home Office’s long term failure to progress...

Prime Minister: Engagements (21 Meh 2023)

Kevin Brennan: Just to recap, during this Parliament we have had one Tory Prime Minister who turned out to be a proven liar, and a second Tory Prime Minister who was outlasted by a lettuce. After this week’s pathetic no-show by the Prime Minister, what one word would he use to describe himself? Might it be “weak”?

Members of Parliament: Risk-based Exclusion (12 Meh 2023)

Kevin Brennan: My hon. Friend knows that I take a lot of stock from what he says on this subject, so I would be interested to know this. Is he completely content with the proposal before the House, particularly the aspect I found surprising, which is that it allows for the possibility of a Member to be excluded even prior to their arrest, basically on the word of a report from, for example, the Metropolitan...

Members of Parliament: Risk-based Exclusion (12 Meh 2023)

Kevin Brennan: I understand that when all this was first being discussed there was a debate about whether the right time for intervention for the purpose of exclusion should be at the point of arrest or at the point of charge. Am I right in saying—having read the proposals—that the Commission envisages that in certain circumstances a Member who had been neither arrested nor charged with an offence could...

Business of the House ( 8 Meh 2023)

Kevin Brennan: Can we have a debate about legal aid for visa and asylum applications? I know that other hon. Members are finding it impossible for constituents to get a solicitor to assist them when they are entitled to that support. Perhaps Ministers could then explain how cutting off support and aid for people who need that advice reduces the backlog we are all struggling with, both in the Home Office and...

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Personal Independence Payment ( 5 Meh 2023)

Kevin Brennan: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, how many and what proportion of people who were in receipt of the Disability Living Allowance for children have had their applications to transfer to Personal Independence Payments on turning 16 refused since April 2022.

Business of the House (25 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: May we have a debate on community safety, including the regulation of e-bikes and e-scooters? In doing so, may I express my condolences to the grieving families of Harvey Evans and Kyrees Sullivan, who died in the tragic incident in Ely in my constituency this week? May I also express solidarity with the residents who suffered the effects of the aftermath and the police officers who were...

Written Answers — Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Music: Artificial Intelligence (23 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, whether she has had recent discussions with Cabinet colleagues on consulting with technology and music industry stakeholders on the design and implementation of a code of conduct for the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry.

Business of the House (18 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: One hundred and thirty years ago, Ivor Novello was born in Cowbridge Road East in my Cardiff West constituency. Today, we celebrate the Ivor Novello awards that bear his name, with the wonderful, brilliant song writing and composing community that we have in the UK. May we have a debate about the contribution that is made, both culturally and economically, by our brilliant song writers and...

Northern Ireland: Power Sharing (10 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: What steps his Department is taking to restore power sharing in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland: Power Sharing (10 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: Given the hugely advantageous position Northern Ireland now finds itself in, as was outlined by the Prime Minister when the Windsor accord was announced, is it not time that power sharing was restored and that the Secretary of State perhaps considered a deadline for the restoration of power sharing?

Science, Innovation and Technology: Artificial Intelligence Technologies: Regulation ( 3 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: One area in which our global leadership is a reality, not just rhetoric, is the creative industries. What assurance can the Government give to our music makers, writers and others that AI will be properly regulated to make sure their creative content is protected, and so we can maintain our global leadership?

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 3 Mai 2023)

Kevin Brennan: Get on with it!

Sudan Update (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: May I have some real clarity from the Foreign Secretary about people who are not British nationals but who are nevertheless in the position of one of my constituents? My constituent has been working for Public Health Wales for the last two years and living in my constituency, and they went to Sudan to celebrate Eid with their family. They are now trapped there and, I understand, are being...

Business of the House (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: If the Leader of the House really is keen on debates on the Government’s record on sewage, I hope she will timetable some more in Government time, because then we could point out that after 13 years of Tory government, with falling real wages and the shocking state of our rivers, we have gone from the affluent society under Labour to the effluent society under the Tories.

Gambling Act Review White Paper (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: I thank the Secretary of State for her statement. I have just managed to get a copy of the White Paper. It was widely reported that it might introduce restrictions on over-18s, but it appears to be more of a commitment to consult on asking gambling companies to think 25, rather than think 21, when verifying people’s age. Given that we are trying to address the real issue of gambling by...

Ukraine (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: I think the Minister was slightly unfair to the shadow Secretary of State in saying that he welcomed and understood his attacking: my hon. Friend was not attacking but doing his proper and constitutional job, as a spokesperson for His Majesty’s loyal Opposition, of holding the Government to account. If this war is to drag on for some time, as it seems it will, maintaining the focus of the...

Voter ID (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: Let us get back to what is really going on here this morning. One week before these important elections, this Minister has turned up in the House of Commons to answer an urgent question to which she does not know the answer and has offered to write to Members of Parliament. That is utterly unacceptable. Will she return to the House later today, having asked Mr Speaker, to make a statement to...

Voter ID (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: No, he is not. There are other MPs from Northern Ireland.

Culture, Media and Sport: Topical Questions (27 Ebr 2023)

Kevin Brennan: If she will make a statement on her departmental responsibilities.

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