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Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: The hon. Gentleman is a very astute individual. I first attended Twickenham in 1978, when I was very young indeed, to go and watch Gareth Edwards win his 50th cap for the Welsh rugby team. I and three of my friends got into the ground by virtue of a £5 note, for which we were given £2 change, even though we did not have tickets. I was very young, but I should confess that, as he has raised it.

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: The hon. Gentleman is absolutely right that that is the way the legislation currently operates, but there is discretion available to the court not to issue a banning order in exactly the sorts of circumstances he describes, where somebody is not intent on causing serious disorder but what might be referred to colloquially as a cheeky bit of attempted jibbing. I would envisage that in those...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: I beg to move, That the Bill be now read a Second time. Yes, it’s me again; earlier, I was playing up front, but I am back at the back for this debate, and I hope to be back on the Front Bench later if my Bill makes the progress that I hope it will after Second Reading. On Sunday 11 July 2021, the final of the men’s Euros football tournament at Wembley could have resulted in not just the...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: My right hon. Friend is absolutely right. We were all shocked that those events were able to take place at a relatively new flagship national stadium, so we must think about how stadiums are designed. Wembley has a particular feature—the long Wembley way, which goes back to when the stadium was originally opened in 1923. Traditionally, lots of fans approach in that direction in very large...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: I welcome the hon. Gentleman’s intervention. He is always assiduous in his scrutiny of legislation, and rightly so. In isolation, it will not be an offence to try to get into a car park, but the Bill reflects the reality of the areas around football grounds. Cardiff City stadium, which is located in my constituency, was built a few years ago to replace the old Ninian Park stadium across the...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: The hon. Gentleman makes a valid point. I have spoken to the Football Supporters Association about this Bill, and it is concerned about any legislation that singles out football in this way. The reality is that the current legislative framework includes a significant suite of legislation that applies particularly to football, born of the events of the latter part of the last century. We have...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. Someone chuckled when she said Newport County are as good as the top tier, but the fright they gave Manchester United in their recent FA cup tie confirms the veracity of her judgment. I remember as a young man who grew up only 5 miles up the road from the old Somerton Park—they play at a different ground now—often sneaking away without telling my mother...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: Before I finish my remarks, I give way to the hon. Gentleman, who has just successfully got his Bill through Second Reading, and will, I am sure, want to reciprocate for this one.

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on getting his Bill through its Second Reading—his second such Bill, which is quite an achievement—and I hope that he gets it through its remaining stages before the general election. I do not usually approve of Lords, but he is an elected Lord, so I approve of his Bill going through. He is absolutely right that my Bill applies to England and Wales,...

Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: This could be quite a big day for the Welsh, with my hon. Friend the Member for Caerphilly (Wayne David) introducing his Bill and my hon. Friend the Member for Newport West (Ruth Jones) introducing hers later, I hope. I also hope to move from the Front Bench to the Back Benches to introduce my own Bill later in proceedings, so that is three Welsh Bills this morning. Of course, on the Front...

Points of Order (22 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: On a point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. Is there an orderly way in which I can raise the plight of my constituent Marte Prenga, who is currently in Italy with her two-year-old daughter Starya? She travelled abroad for medical reasons and is unable to return to the UK despite having pre-settlement status because her daughter is not being allowed to travel back with her. Before she left, she...

Culture, Media and Sport: BBC Mid-term Review (22 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: My innate lack of deference has probably not got me far in this place over the past 22 years, but it is good to see you in your rightful place this morning, Mr Speaker. The BBC is a great British institution, as the Secretary of State says. In considering the mid-term review, will she reflect on the importance, in this era of fake news, biased comment and social media, of having a space in...

Justice: Public Bodies: Legal Duty of Candour (20 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: I welcome the meeting that the Secretary of State has just offered. The problem with the Government’s response is that it ought to be centred on the experiences of families, not on the convenience of state bureaucracy, in order to ensure that they are never repeated. There is nothing in what we have seen so far from the Government that goes as far as we and, more importantly, the families...

Miscellaneous ( 6 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: One person who cannot fall back on their MP’s salary is Peter Bone, who was the Deputy Leader of the House for 81 days and received a redundancy payment, even though he is over 65, of £5,593. He is no longer the MP for Wellingborough, but should we not be told whether he has paid the money back, not least because there is to be a by-election in that constituency in a few days’ time?

Miscellaneous ( 6 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: I agree with the right hon. and learned Member: Ministers should get severance pay, as I did when I was a Minister. That is absolutely right, but the motion does not suggest that they should not. He was a former Deputy Leader of the House; does he think it is right that a Deputy Leader of the House who served for 81 days should receive three months’ severance pay? That is the question that...

Miscellaneous ( 6 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: It did not say that.

Miscellaneous ( 6 Chw 2024)

Kevin Brennan: That is not what he said.

Business of the House (18 Ion 2024)

Kevin Brennan: Will the Leader of the House have another go at improving written ministerial answers? I recently asked the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities a very simple question about what meetings Ministers had had with Welsh and Scottish counterparts on the implementation of the new ombudsman scheme. The answer from the Minister for Housing, Planning and Building Safety was:...

Written Answers — Home Office: Police: Pensions (18 Ion 2024)

Kevin Brennan: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, whether he has received recent representations on the financial impact of the police pension scheme 2015 on retired police officers.

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