Canlyniadau 181–200 o 8773 ar gyfer speaker:Kevin Brennan

Business of the House (12 Ion 2023)

Kevin Brennan: As a beneficiary of early diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is pretty shocking to see today’s Prostate Cancer UK report showing the differences in when men get diagnosed with this disease in the UK: a third in Scotland are diagnosed too late for effective cure and a fifth in parts of England, but only one in eight in London. Can we have a statement from the Government on what they will do to...

Channel 4 ( 9 Ion 2023)

Kevin Brennan: The problem with TV repeats is that we all know what the ending is going to be in advance, and we have seen this movie before. However, I am interested in what the Secretary of State has to say about the media Bill. She said she had an announcement to make today, but she did not make a statement to the House. When are we going to see that Bill? When are we going to see the measures that are...

Christmas Adjournment (20 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I congratulate the hon. Member for Bosworth (Dr Evans) on his speech. My intervention on him was generated by KI, or Kevin intelligence, rather than AI. I had hoped to speak earlier in the debate, but despite my having been in the House for 21 years, I think my name got lost in the ether somewhere. I congratulate him on introducing the subject of artificial intelligence and its capability;...

Christmas Adjournment (20 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: Did the hon. Gentleman write that himself, or was it written by artificial intelligence?

Ukraine (20 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I welcome the Defence Secretary’s statement, as well as the response from the shadow Defence Secretary, and in particular what he said in response to my hon. Friend the Member for Rhondda (Chris Bryant) about brands and Russia. Should not anybody who holds shares in those companies, including Infosys, who are profiting by getting dividends from the activities of those companies in...

Afghanistan: Independent Inquiry (15 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: Just over a century ago, my father’s house—my father was a child of about the same age as some of the children who were shot during some of the incidents under investigation—was raided by British auxiliaries in the west of Ireland in a quite violent incident. I shall never forget that my grandmother, relating that story to me as a child, was eternally grateful to the British Army...

Infected Blood Inquiry (15 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I pay tribute to my constituent who lost her beloved husband to this scandal and who recently wrote to me about the sort of disinformation that often is out there about this scandal, sometimes even from official sources. The Minister said that “time is of the essence”. Does he understand why, to many of the victims, it does not feel that way? Can he at least tell the House when he would...

Business of the House (15 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: Perhaps we could have a debate on the accurate use of Charles Dickens as a political metaphor. Much as I hate to contradict my hon. Friend the Member for Bristol West (Thangam Debbonaire) and the Leader of the House, Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by four ghosts. The first was the ghost of Jacob Marley, who was condemned to roam the earth, dragging chains behind him as a penance for his...

Business of the House ( 8 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I went along yesterday to Guide Dogs Open Doors event in this House, where I was quite shocked to find out that 73% of guide dog users have experienced an access refusal in the past 12 months. They told me that using guide dogs in taxis has been less of a problem since it was brought under the criminal law, but there is still a great problem with other businesses, including in retail. Could...

Songwriters and Composers: Remuneration ( 7 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I understand what the Minister asked, because we have not discussed it previously, but I do not want the point about composer buyouts to be lost in the discussion. I welcome what the Minister said about convening a roundtable and his continued commitment. We need a discussion at some point about the implication of the increasing trend for composer buyouts.

Songwriters and Composers: Remuneration ( 7 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I beg to move, That this House has considered remuneration for songwriters and composers. Good morning. It is always a pleasure to see you in the Chair, Mr Hollobone. I should at the outset declare that I am a member of the Ivors Academy, PRS for Music and the Musicians’ Union, and I chair the all-party parliamentary group on music. Last night was quite special because some of us, including...

Songwriters and Composers: Remuneration ( 7 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I completely agree with the hon. Gentleman. I know that he is a bit of a musician himself. I am not going to go into lengthy detail about that issue this morning. However, suffice to say, the recent Competition and Markets Authority report into competition issues in the music industry, and, in particular, into the cross ownership of both publishing and recording rights of the major record...

Songwriters and Composers: Remuneration ( 7 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: The hon. Lady has made part of my speech for me, so I thank her for that. She emphasises the point that I wish to make. To be clear, if the Government’s original position on this matter were to be maintained, any tech company could freely data mine creative output, including musical works, to produce, using artificial intelligence, not an exact copy of that music but a kind of facsimile, in...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 7 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: During covid, we all applauded our NHS nurses, who put their lives on the line to help millions of our constituents and loved ones. We know now that, at the same time, Tory spivs were helping themselves—using their connections and covid—to millions of pounds of public money. Why is the Prime Minister on the side of the spivs and not on the side of the nurses?

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: Film and Television Industry ( 1 Rha 2022)

Kevin Brennan: Of course, a very important part of our film and television industry is the music that goes with it and the composers who provide that music. At this juncture, it would be wrong of me to not recognise and send sympathy to the family of Christine McVie, one of Britain’s greatest ever songwriters, who sadly passed away yesterday. [Hon. Members: “Hear, hear.”] I was glad to hear what the...

Supporting UK Artists and Culture (22 Tach 2022)

Kevin Brennan: Will the hon. Lady give way?

Supporting UK Artists and Culture (22 Tach 2022)

Kevin Brennan: I was just pointing out that the Welsh National Opera does Bristol.

Supporting UK Artists and Culture (22 Tach 2022)

Kevin Brennan: Thank you, Mr Hollobone. I was not expecting that and I am not sure that it is true, either, but I am a member of the Musicians’ Union, as you know. I declare that as an interest, as well as my membership of PRS for Music, Phonographic Performance Ltd and various other bodies. I occasionally receive some payment for that work. I thank the hon. Member for Gosport (Dame Caroline Dinenage)...

G20 (17 Tach 2022)

Kevin Brennan: On Northern Ireland, it is reported today in The Times that the Prime Minister promised President Biden that the issues surrounding the Northern Ireland protocol would be solved by next April. Did he give that commitment to President Biden? The people of Northern Ireland face a long hard winter without a Government in place there, so should there not be a greater sense of urgency from the UK...

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