Canlyniadau 161–180 o 1672 ar gyfer speaker:Peter Tapsell

Bill Presented — Climate Change (Sectoral Targets) Bill: Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill (Money) (No. 3) ( 9 Chw 2010)

Peter Tapsell: May I just point out a mathematical fact to the Secretary of State? The leader of the Conservative party was not elected by the alternative vote, because there were only two candidates.

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Financial Sector ( 2 Chw 2010)

Peter Tapsell: As the measures already announced by the British and European Governments are widely seen as being inadequate "to stop the second shoe falling", will the Chancellor do his best to persuade the Financial Stability Board and the European Central Bank to embrace as many as possible of the proposals in the Volcker plan, so that we can have genuinely international bank reform?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Security and Counter-terrorism (20 Ion 2010)

Peter Tapsell: May I again put it to the Prime Minister that nothing more certainly fuels international terrorism than the stationing of foreign troops in Islamic countries?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Conflict Resolution (Afghanistan) (11 Ion 2010)

Peter Tapsell: Does the Secretary of State agree that the Afghan Taliban have no ambitions beyond Afghanistan and the Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan, while, by contrast, Osama bin Laden is the protagonist of an international caliphate? Instead of lumping them together, would it not therefore be wiser to try to separate them by offering the Taliban an early withdrawal of foreign troops in exchange for...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 2 Rha 2009)

Peter Tapsell: The Prime Minister has just told us how he hopes that in a couple of years' time we will have 300,000 troops fighting the Taliban. As that happens to be exactly the number that I told the Government they would need when they first recklessly went in with hopelessly inadequate numbers of troops, who were grossly under-equipped, should he not now resign?

Oral Answers to Questions — Children, Schools and Families: Afghanistan and Pakistan (30 Tach 2009)

Peter Tapsell: Why has the President of Pakistan just announced that he has given up his personal control of that country's nuclear weapons and transferred them to his Prime Minister, given that we have been assured for years that they are under the control of Pakistan's army, not its politicians?

Debate on the Address: Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Defence (23 Tach 2009)

Peter Tapsell: Why does the right hon. Gentleman think that the Taliban, who for many years have been confined to the Pashtun, are now gaining support deep in Pakistan?

Debate on the Address: Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Defence (23 Tach 2009)

Peter Tapsell: They have not been driven into the Swat valley or Balochistan, which are immense distances away from the Durand frontier.

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Banking Reform ( 3 Tach 2009)

Peter Tapsell: Why cannot the Chancellor see the looming spectre of mass unemployment in the next banking crisis, which will be even greater than that of 2008 unless he moves to prohibit the commercial banks from indulging in investment banking? His repeated references to Lehman and Northern Rock are completely irrelevant, as various commentators have pointed out.

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Topical Questions ( 2 Tach 2009)

Peter Tapsell: The Secretary of State has repeatedly and rightly said that many things have changed in Afghanistan since our original intervention in 2001. May I put it to him that one of the things that have changed is that Afghanistan is no longer a threat to this country? Al-Qaeda has moved elsewhere; it does not need caves in the Tora Bora mountains now, because it is able to operate from safe homes in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Afghanistan and Pakistan (14 Hyd 2009)

Peter Tapsell: May I put it to the Prime Minister that anyone who thinks that a NATO-trained Afghan army recruited from 67 mutually hostile tribes will defeat the Taliban is living in a political cloud cuckoo land?

Bills Presented: Afghanistan and Pakistan (16 Gor 2009)

Peter Tapsell: I fully supported the original intervention in Afghanistan in 2001, and the attack on the Tora Bora mountains, although it was not fully successful. However, since we went back in 2003, I have had great misgivings about the possibility of success. It seemed to me that the objectives that were announced would require a vastly greater commitment of troops, helicopters and back-up than Britain...

Bills Presented: Afghanistan and Pakistan (16 Gor 2009)

Peter Tapsell: I quite understood the point that the Prime Minister put to us yesterday: it takes time to convert helicopters that have been operating in Iraq to deal with the conditions in Afghanistan. However, what baffles me about the present situation is that it must surely have been obvious to the chiefs of staff and Defence Ministers some years ago, when we went into Afghanistan, that there would be a...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Counter-recessionary Policies (14 Gor 2009)

Peter Tapsell: While the more cautious entrepreneurs wait to see whether the second shoe of the global crisis is still to fall, does the Treasury understand that early publication of a sound comprehensive financial review would do much to reassure them and bring investment back into the market?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: G8 Summit (13 Gor 2009)

Peter Tapsell: May I remind the Prime Minister that ever since we went back into Afghanistan in 2003, I have repeatedly warned a succession of Defence Ministers that even 300,000 troops would not be sufficient to succeed in the task that they have been set, a figure that senior American generals have echoed in recent months? Why, yet again, despite the grim history of our interventions in Afghanistan over...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Reforming Financial Markets ( 8 Gor 2009)

Peter Tapsell: May I remind the right hon. Gentleman that on 11 November 1997 I explained to the then Chancellor over eight columns of Hansard why the tripartite regulation of the banks would not work? May I warn the current Chancellor, with more brevity, that his proposals will not work either? May I modestly suggest that he look at my speech before proceeding to legislation?

Parliamentary Standards Bill (29 Meh 2009)

Peter Tapsell: Why is it appropriate to go through this great constitutional rigmarole in advance of the recommendations of Sir Christopher Kelly's committee, which is bound to cover all the same ground? The Prime Minister has said, I think unwisely, that we are going to accept in full all that committee's recommendations, which are bound to cut across some of the proposals in the Bill, which means that we...

Parliamentary Standards Bill (29 Meh 2009)

Peter Tapsell: Why not?

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: European Council (23 Meh 2009)

Peter Tapsell: Before we can judge whether President Sarkozy was right in claiming that the Prime Minister had changed gears on European financial regulation, ought we not to resolve the problem, which emerged clearly at the Mansion House, of the disagreement between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor of the Bank of England about the necessary changes to our regulatory system, in order to...

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