Canlyniadau 81–100 o 1672 ar gyfer speaker:Peter Tapsell

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Somalia (28 Chw 2012)

Peter Tapsell: May I, too, congratulate my right hon. Friend and the whole of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on their remarkable diplomatic and organisational achievement in convening such a widely attended conference? With an estimated 600,000 Somali refugees now living in Kenya, we now have an unusually valuable opportunity to ensure that our overseas aid expenditure goes on resettling them in their...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Financial Services Bill ( 6 Chw 2012)

Peter Tapsell: As we are in the mood for recollection, and I am one of those who strongly opposed the tripartite system of supervision when it was introduced, may I say that I very much welcome the Bill? However, the whole strategic object of what we should be doing now is to ensure that we get rid of the shibboleth of the bank that is too big to fail. I doubt whether this admirable Bill, even combined with...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Financial Services Bill ( 6 Chw 2012)

Peter Tapsell: The shadow Chancellor raised the question of both Barings and BCCI, and it underlines the nature of the regulatory problem. The Barings failure was largely a failure of the Singapore regulatory authority. I was closely involved with Singapore as an adviser to the monetary authority at the time. The Government in Singapore were horrified by the fact that a British rogue trader had not been...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Syria ( 6 Chw 2012)

Peter Tapsell: I am certain that the Foreign Secretary needs no point of information from me, but may I nevertheless urge him to bear these facts in mind? Inside Syria—which, as he knows very well, contains an immensely complex ethnic and religious group of people—there has lived for many generations a large Christian community, now estimated to number over 350,000. Its archbishop has publicly said that...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (25 Ion 2012)

Peter Tapsell: May I put it to the Prime Minister that for Britain to commit still more funds to the IMF would, in effect, be providing a subsidy to Germany, because it is still not fully supporting its own currency, while benefiting from its depreciation?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Topical Questions (17 Ion 2012)

Peter Tapsell: While my right hon. Friend strives to halt the tragic loss of life in Syria, will he also be mindful of Harold Macmillan’s advice that one should never underestimate the capacity of a middle eastern state to replace a bad Government by an even worse one—or, may I add, by no effective Government at all, which could create even greater bloodshed?

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: EU Council (12 Rha 2011)

Peter Tapsell: May I declare my admiration and full-hearted support for my right hon. Friend at this definitive moment in his first premiership, and query whether this Brussels summit achieved anything of strategic value to protect the threatened European banking system? Without the long-delayed and still unpromised massive support of the European Central Bank and the Bundesbank, the euro is doomed—[Hon....

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 7 Rha 2011)

Peter Tapsell: May I hark back a month to 7 November, when, as is recorded at column 28 of that day’s Hansard, I put three suggestions to my right hon. Friend for containing the euro crisis, with which he appeared to agree? None of them, as he will have noticed, has been acted upon by the European Central Bank, so may I now express to him my belief that the alternative policy of a fiscal union will, as...

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Topical Questions ( 6 Rha 2011)

Peter Tapsell: What percentage of our foreign exchange reserves are in the euro?

Oral Answers to Questions — Attorney-General: Bribery and Corruption (15 Tach 2011)

Peter Tapsell: Following the two questions that I put to the Prime Minister on this subject, will the Attorney-General liaise with the Chancellor of the Exchequer to widen the scope of liability for criminal action against financial institutions, as in the recently passed Dodd-Frank Act in the United States, so that the concept of the presiding mind can be introduced into British law, thus greatly...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: G20 ( 7 Tach 2011)

Peter Tapsell: Did Chancellor Merkel tell my right hon. Friend why the European Central Bank is not fully discharging its duties as the euro’s lender of last resort? It is not providing massive quantitative easing, not moving towards near-zero interest rates and not urging President Sarkozy to renationalise the leading French banks before the credit crunch closes on France. Chancellor Merkel knows very...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 2 Tach 2011)

Peter Tapsell: Notwithstanding the increasingly maniacal gesticulations of the shadow Chancellor, is it not remarkable that in the middle of the world’s biggest crisis, Britain is able to borrow at lower rates of interest than almost any other country in the world?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (26 Hyd 2011)

Peter Tapsell: “Pas trop de zèle” was Talleyrand’s advice to Leaders of the Opposition, which meant that he thought that they should not exist in a permanent state of hysteria.

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Afghanistan (18 Hyd 2011)

Peter Tapsell: I welcome my right hon. Friend to his vitally important post and wish him every success in it, but may I commiserate with him, as I have with his six predecessors, on bearing responsibility for what, despite the tremendous bravery of our troops, I have always predicted since 2002 future historians will regard as a fiasco as great as the first two Anglo-Afghan wars? The wisest thing the...

Opposition Day — (Un-allotted Day): Jobs and Growth (12 Hyd 2011)

Peter Tapsell: Will the right hon. Gentleman give way?

Opposition Day — (Un-allotted Day): Jobs and Growth (12 Hyd 2011)

Peter Tapsell: As a lifelong Keynesian, I fully understand that growth can be achieved only by increased demand. Every Finance Minister in the western world is grappling with that problem. What are the right hon. Gentleman’s proposals for increasing demand without causing damaging side-effects for the rest of the economy?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (12 Hyd 2011)

Peter Tapsell: Has my right hon. Friend noticed that since I put the point to him last month, the head of our Serious Fraud Office, Mr Richard Alderman, has publicly deplored the fact that no senior British bankers have been prosecuted for their irresponsibility, and has urged that legislation be introduced as soon as possible to empower his office to prosecute such offenders?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (14 Med 2011)

Peter Tapsell: Was my right hon. Friend taught, at whatever school he happened to attend, that one of the key functions of Parliament over the centuries has been to diminish what the historians have called the overmighty subject. In the 18th century—[ Interruption. ]

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (14 Med 2011)

Peter Tapsell: In the 18th century, it was the Indian nabobs, denounced by Edmund Burke. In the 19th century, it was the ruthless industrialists, humanised by Shaftesbury. In the 20th century, it was the trade union leaders, tamed by Lady Thatcher. Today, the overmighty subject is the bankers. In the United States, the federal authorities are prosecuting a wide swathe of the top banks. When will that happen...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Independent Banking Commission Report (12 Med 2011)

Peter Tapsell: After that uncharacteristically guilt-racked contribution by the shadow Chancellor, may I, by contrast, applaud the Chancellor for appointing this Banking Commission and for withstanding the intensive lobbying against it by the very same universal banks that very nearly destroyed the world economy? May I thank him also for accepting the recommendations of the Vickers commission? Finally, may...

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