Canlyniadau 61–80 o 1672 ar gyfer speaker:Peter Tapsell

Oral Answers to Questions — Deputy Prime Minister: Royal Succession (20 Tach 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Will the Deputy Prime Minister—and the Prime Minister of New Zealand—bear in mind that, but for our law of male primogeniture, the German Kaiser would also have become King of England, which would have produced almost as interesting a coalition as the present one?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Syria (30 Hyd 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Does my right hon. Friend agree that, as I suggested at the time, it was really a mistake for the west to encourage a civilian rebellion against the dictatorship in Syria? That rebellion has been joined by the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the jihadists and al-Qaeda, among others, while the Alawite regime is being supported by the Christians, the Kurds, the Druze and Russia. As I predicted, this...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Hyd 2012)

Peter Tapsell: May I ask my right hon. Friend why, as he told me on Monday, he thinks that the single currency needs a banking union, as the crisis in the euro has been caused not by the absence of a banking union, but by the absence of a single fiscal policy? Yet, if a fiscal union were introduced, it would certainly be dominated by Germany, and that would lead to the death of democracy throughout most of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: European Council (22 Hyd 2012)

Peter Tapsell: When the Prime Minister made it admirably clear to Chancellor Merkel that Britain would not permit the European Banking Authority or the European Central Bank to have any control or oversight of the Bank of England, what was her response?

Business of the House (13 Med 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Although many tributes were paid to him last week when I was in my constituency, may I, as Father of the House, thank the previous Leader of the House, my right hon. Friend the Member for North West Hampshire (Sir George Young), for his service to the House? I have known every Leader of the House since Harry Crookshank in the 1950s, and to my mind my right hon. Friend ranks high among the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Syria ( 4 Med 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Did Kofi Annan resign because he recognised that the civil war in Syria is a focal point of the ancient war between Sunni and Shi’a, that even locally it is beyond the power of the great powers to resolve unless Russia is prepared to help and that Russia is determined not to allow its Alawite allies to be overthrown by a western-backed Sunni rebellion?

Business of the House: Army 2020 ( 5 Gor 2012)

Peter Tapsell: My right hon. Friend’s statement is an echo of the Geddes axe statement of the 1920s, for which the country, Europe and the rest of the world ultimately paid a very heavy price. One of the main reasons national service was abandoned was that it was decided that too many non-commissioned officers and too many of the best young officers of the Army had to be withdrawn from the fighting ranks...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 4 Gor 2012)

Peter Tapsell: If, as a result of this shameful banking crisis, bank executives are dismissed or forced to resign, and the boards of their banks fail to act appropriately, will the Government do their best to ensure that the delinquents are not able to walk away with their bonuses and severance payments?

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: LIBOR (FSA Investigation) ( 2 Gor 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Unlike the shadow Chancellor, I strongly opposed the tripartite regulation of the banks when that was brought forward by the then Labour Chancellor, as I said in a speech I made in the House in 1997. May I now revert to questions that I put to both the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General—who is still with us in the Chamber—suggesting we should urgently consider introducing the concept...

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: G20 Summit (25 Meh 2012)

Peter Tapsell: On Syria: last week, in answer to a parliamentary question, the Foreign Secretary agreed that there was some resemblance between Syria and Bosnia. If that is so, will the Prime Minister do his utmost to make sure that the Damascus of 2012 does not become the Sarajevo of 1914?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Syria (19 Meh 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Does the United Nations understand that the Syrian tragedy is essentially a sectarian civil war, with Saudi Arabia and Iran supplying arms and money to their rival surrogates inside Syria, and that Russia, for well understood reasons, is determined to prevent the Sunni from overthrowing the Alawites?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Syria (11 Meh 2012)

Peter Tapsell: May I suggest to my right hon. Friend that if any British joint military intervention is ever contemplated into the sectarian civil war in Syria—essentially a war between Alawites and Sunnis, each with foreign backers urging them on to greater ferocity—he will reflect on the British experience in Mandated Palestine, which demonstrated that the ultimate folly for an intruder into another...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: G8 and NATO Summits (23 Mai 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Did anyone at the G8 summit emphasise that the basic cause of the economic and political crisis in Europe was not the Greek debt but the single European currency and its lack of a lender of last resort, which is now a threat to the global stability of the banks? May I put it to the Prime Minister that, until the leaders of the great nations grasp that fact and act upon it, the turmoil in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (16 Mai 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Does my right hon. Friend suppose that Chancellor Merkel now regrets that she did not take the advice he gave her last October about the big bazooka? If she had fired it then, that would have spared the European Union from its present crisis.

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Foreign Affairs and International Development (15 Mai 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Does not the sad overflow of the civil war between the Sunni and the Alawis into Lebanon, which does not have a tyrannical Government, indicate that the real basis of what is going on in Syria is precisely that: a civil war between the Alawis and the Sunni? The Sunni countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are backing the Sunni, who are deeply anti-Israel, and the 350,000-strong Christian...

Debate on the Address: Business and the Economy (14 Mai 2012)

Peter Tapsell: My right hon. Friend the Member for Wokingham (Mr Redwood) mentioned the Vickers report. I very much welcome the announcement in the Queen’s Speech that its proposals will be implemented, but in the light of the recent massive losses in the derivatives market by no less a firm than J.P. Morgan, is not it clear that Vickers does not go far enough and that we really must go back to the basic...

Imf (23 Ebr 2012)

Peter Tapsell: I had rather changed my mind about asking a question because of the extremely unappealing way in which the shadow Chancellor put his case; but in order to be consistent with everything that I said in October and November, I am bound to say now that I regard it as the prime duty of Germany to solve the European problem, and that I hope that this further support from the IMF will not weaken the...

Women and Equalities: Abu Qatada (19 Ebr 2012)

Peter Tapsell: Does my right hon. Friend agree that the conclusion of the great majority of people in this country who have been listening to this argument over the months is that Britain should withdraw its legal processes from the jurisdiction of the European Court?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Syria (17 Ebr 2012)

Peter Tapsell: In the judgment of my right hon. Friend, are the tragic events in Syria a genuine national uprising against a tyrannical regime or a power struggle between the Sunni and the Shi’a and their foreign backers, which, if it results in the overthrow of the Alawite regime, could lead to tragic results for some of the other minorities in that country, including the 350,000 Christian Syrians?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Diamond Jubilee ( 7 Maw 2012)

Peter Tapsell: At the time of the last diamond jubilee, the Father of the House was Charles Villiers. He had started his distinguished political career in the Parliament of King William IV, had sat in this House continuously for 63 years, and was aged 95. By comparison with him, I am a mere parliamentary debutante. However, I vividly remember the fireworks that celebrated the silver jubilee of Her...

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