Canlyniadau 141–160 o 7613 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Robathan

Ukraine - Statement (30 Maw 2022)

Lord Robathan: First, I commend the Government for their speedy and effective reaction to this crisis, praised by President Zelensky over and above many of our allies, including our European ones. Secondly, the Statement says: “Strength is the only thing Putin understands.” Unfortunately, that is incorrect: he also understands weakness, which is why he had the Germans and others over a barrel over their...

Spring Statement Affordability Test - Private Notice Question (23 Maw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, nobody pretends that the Chancellor has an easy job, and I commend him for many of his policies. However, there has been a geopolitical shift in the past two months which should worry us all. This is the most dangerous period the Minister has ever lived in—indeed, that most of the population of Britain have ever lived in—yet she has completely ignored the fact that we are...

Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) Bill - Second Reading (18 Maw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I thank my noble friend the Minister for her detailed explanation of the Government’s position, which was most useful. I also thank the noble Lord, Lord Rosser, from the Opposition Front Bench, for what I thought were very sensible questions. I think it has all been said, so I feel no requirement to detain the House any further. On that note, I commend the Bill to the House. Bill...

Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) Bill - Second Reading (18 Maw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, this is a very straightforward Bill and I trust that it will be uncontroversial. It was introduced in the other place by my honourable friend for Wellingborough, Peter Bone, but there was, before that, an excellent debate—which I commend to anyone who wishes to read it—in Westminster Hall on 22 September last year, which was led by my right honourable friend for Chipping...

Ukraine - Motion to Take Note (25 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, it is a pleasure to follow the noble Lord, Lord Campbell. I particularly agree with what he has just said about NATO. It is also a pleasure to congratulate the noble Lord, Lord Sedwill, on his excellent and extremely thoughtful speech. War in Europe is something my parents and grandparents knew. How would they have felt now? We have been a lucky generation: no war—or no war like...

Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) Regulations 2022 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion (24 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I rise briefly. I take comfort from what my noble friend the Minister has said and pay tribute to the resolve being shown by the Prime Minister and the Government—but they need to do more, as the noble Lord, Lord Foulkes, has said. This is not new. Litvinenko was poisoned in 2006 not a mile from here; Salisbury, Skripal, et cetera, took place in 2018; the invasion of Georgia,...

Ukraine Update - Statement (22 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I first applaud both the Prime Minister and the Government in their resolve. Putin has tested the resolve and unity of the West and he has found it wanting. Like all bullies, he senses weakness. I am afraid that the Government’s reduction of our Armed Forces—the Army by 11%, and the number of our Royal Navy ships and RAF airplanes—will also be seen by him as weakness. Will my...

Living with Covid-19 - Statement (22 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: Unusually, I congratulate the Government—first on the outstanding success of the vaccine programme, which really has been world leading, and secondly on this policy of living with Covid. It is extremely important that we rely on personal responsibility and common sense, and do not listen to the siren voices from SAGE and others who say that we must stay locked down for ever. Can my noble...

Covid-19: Lockdowns - Question ( 9 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the paper A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality, published in January; and in particular, the conclusions that (1) lockdown measures during the pandemic reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2 per cent on average, and (2) the public health benefits of such measures were outweighed...

Covid-19: Lockdowns - Question ( 9 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I am grateful to my noble friend for that reasoned Answer. I have absolutely no idea whether these conclusions are correct, but does my noble friend think that the formulation of government medical policy should be influenced by a wider range of scientific advice, such as that from the authors of this paper, rather than by the narrow focus of SAGE? This is epitomised by the...

Bird Control Licences - Question ( 3 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, three years ago I spent some days walking on the Pennine Way, west of Leeds. I was so thrilled to see clouds of lapwings and a great number of curlews on large parts of it. Suddenly one would get almost to a desert, where all one saw were crows. The difference, of course, was that where the lapwings and curlews were, there were keepers, whereas where the crows were, there were not....

Russia: Sanctions - Statement ( 1 Chw 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, following on from what the noble Lord, Lord Browne, said, when the Soviet Union collapsed just over 30 years ago, people had very little private property. Within a decade, some people had riches beyond the dreams of avarice. Some of that was made legitimately, but a great deal was assets of the Russian state looted by gangsters. A lot of that money then came here. Why are we not...

Ukraine: Minsk II Protocol - Question (26 Ion 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I have just been to a meeting with the Ukrainian ambassador, where we discussed the Budapest memorandum. These were assurances given by the Russian Federation in 1994 that it would respect the sovereignty of Ukraine, which, of course, included the borders with Crimea. Putin has reneged on this. Should the international community not come together and condemn this bad faith from...

Downing Street Parties: Police Investigation - Commons Urgent Question (25 Ion 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I am not, contrary to what people might think, a cheerleader for the Prime Minister. Indeed, when I had the opportunity, I did not vote for him, for a number of reasons. However, I think we should get things in perspective. It seems to me that the great British public are not terribly concerned about—

Downing Street Parties: Police Investigation - Commons Urgent Question (25 Ion 2022)

Lord Robathan: I am not talking about Members of the House of Lords sitting opposite, I am talking about the British public. I do not think they are very concerned. I care very much whether the Prime Minister lies, as it happens, because I think Prime Ministers should have integrity. However, the instability at the top that has been caused by this furore is deeply worrying when we have geopolitical events...

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