Canlyniadau 101–120 o 7613 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Robathan

Military Personnel: Strike Action Cover - Question (19 Rha 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, it is the role of the Armed Forces to defend and support this country and its people in difficult times, including times like this. Many of us will remember the serried ranks of Green Goddesses parked up in 1977-78 under the Callahan Government, when they were fighting the firemen’s strike. That is absolutely fine. However, while the Government praise the Armed Forces so often,...

NHS Industrial Action: Government Preparations - Commons Urgent Question (13 Rha 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, if the military personnel are going to drive ambulances, for which they are paid less than the ambulance drivers and paramedics, will my noble friend ensure that all military personnel get paid a bonus for the work they do?

UK Asylum and Refugee Policy - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Rha 2022)

Lord Robathan: Why, what is going on?

UK Asylum and Refugee Policy - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Rha 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, I am delighted to follow the right reverend Prelate the Bishop of Leicester, in whose diocese I live and worship. He made an excellent speech. I have never heard him give a sermon; perhaps we can put that right at a later date. I agreed with quite a lot of what he said—surprisingly. I regard his predecessor, Tim Stevens, as a friend; I hope Tim Stevens regards me as a friend as...

UK Asylum and Refugee Policy - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Rha 2022)

Lord Robathan: Some 100 years ago, every parish had a resident priest—and no bishops, because the diocese was founded only in 1927. I will sit down, but I have to say that, as a loyal member of the Church of England, I frankly hope that the most reverend Primate might commend the people and Governments of this country and his flock nationally and in Kent for the generosity and hospitality that we have...

Scottish Independence - Question ( 7 Rha 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, my noble friend the Minister will recall that in 1997, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said that devolution and giving the Scottish Parliament greater powers would kill nationalism stone dead. Does he think that the recent idea—floated, I think, on Monday—to give the Scottish Parliament more powers would kill the idea of an independent Scotland stone dead again?

Childhood Obesity - Question (17 Tach 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, is it not the case that we have had strategy after strategy, all well intentioned—we all agree on what we want to do—but it is not working? The Government pussyfoot around this. As my noble friend Lord McColl said, we need to tell people that it is not acceptable to be obese. If you are obese, guess what, your children think that it is acceptable to be obese. Might not we have...

Royal Navy: Conduct towards Women - Commons Urgent Question ( 2 Tach 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, when I was working at the Ministry of Defence in 2011, the First Sea Lord came to see me, wanting to lift the ban on women serving in submarines. I said that I was not sure it was a totally good idea to put men and women in the very confined space of a submarine, but he explained that the problem was that they could not get enough male volunteers. It was as simple as that. Most men...

Ukraine - Statement ( 1 Tach 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, in the light of what is an existential threat not just to Ukraine but to the long-term peace, security and future of the European continent and, I suggest, the world, the Government are to be congratulated on what they have done in giving support and material to the Ukrainians. However—I will choose my words carefully—does my noble friend the Minister not agree that it is...

Out-of-work Benefits - Question (17 Hyd 2022)

Lord Robathan: To ask His Majesty’s Government what steps they are planning to take to reduce the number of people in receipt of out-of-work benefits.

Out-of-work Benefits - Question (17 Hyd 2022)

Lord Robathan: That is helpful, but there is a severe labour shortage in this country. I hope that my noble friend will be able to tell me the exact number of people who are on out-of-work benefits within the working age population. Estimates vary but in some areas it is one in five people; in some cases one in four people is on out-of-work benefits. Of course, many people are disabled and need support,...

Russia: Tactical Nuclear Weapon Deployment - Question (11 Hyd 2022)

Lord Robathan: Does my noble friend think that the situation in Ukraine and Russia underlines the need for, and the value of having, an independent continuously at sea nuclear deterrent?

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Cars: Tyres (10 Hyd 2022)

Lord Robathan: To ask His Majesty's Government what consideration they have given, if any, to making the provision of a spare wheel in all new cars obligatory.

Royal Navy: F35B - Question ( 8 Med 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, given that this hot war has been going on for six months in Ukraine, can my noble friend reassure the House that we have sufficient land forces, as well as naval and air forces, to sustain an operation such as this for six months? Most people say that we do not.

Ukraine Update - Statement ( 5 Med 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, sanctions, as we know, are a very blunt instrument and, indeed, a double-edged sword—they harm those imposing the sanctions as well as those subject to them—but, as my noble friend said, they appear to be working in Russia; they are certainly reducing economic activity and, God willing, they will have a significant effect on the Russian economy. However, we hear from some of...

Northern Ireland: Operation Kenova - Question (14 Gor 2022)

Lord Robathan: My Lords, does the Minister agree that there can never be any moral equivalence between those who were sent by this Parliament to defend the rule of law—they sometimes made mistakes but they were under a huge amount of pressure—and those who went illegally, with weapons, to murder and cause mayhem?

Australia Free Trade Agreement - Motion to Take Note (11 Gor 2022)

Lord Robathan: I sense a peroration coming, but does my noble friend have the figures for the amount of beef and lamb given as a quota through the European Union, and how much has actually been imported into the UK from the Antipodes?

Australia Free Trade Agreement - Motion to Take Note (11 Gor 2022)

Lord Robathan: As a farmer, I definitely do not want to do harm to farmers. But I have seen the harm done by the common agricultural policy, which I am sure the noble Lord thinks is marvellous.

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