Canlyniadau 81–100 o 5054 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Lilley

Windsor Framework (Democratic Scrutiny) Regulations 2023 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion (29 Maw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, it is a great privilege to follow the noble Lord, Lord Dodds, in what has been a fascinating debate. I have agreed with a lot of what every speaker has said but not the entirety of what any speaker has said. But what has surprised me most is what I have not heard. Over recent months, I have sat through many debates in this Chamber and listened, often with sympathy, to noble Lords...

Written Answers — Department for Energy Security and Net Zero: Committee on Climate Change: Public Appointments (17 Maw 2023)

Lord Lilley: To ask His Majesty's Government what is the (1) timetable, and (2) process, for appointing a new Chair of the Climate Change Committee; and how many applications were received for this post when it was advertised in July 2022.

Cleaner Energy Technologies - Question (14 Maw 2023)

Lord Lilley: Could my noble friend tell the House what the Government’s estimate is of the social cost of carbon?

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill - Committee (5th Day): Amendment 126 ( 8 Maw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, it is a pleasure to follow the noble Baroness, Lady Young, with whom I share the honour of serving on the Environment and Climate Change Committee, under the excellent chairmanship of the noble Baroness, Lady Parminter, whose amendment I wish to address. However, before I do, I say that I do not think that anybody in this Chamber wants to tear up necessary environmental protections...

Northern Ireland Protocol - Statement (28 Chw 2023)

Lord Lilley: Would my noble friend agree that the unionists in Northern Ireland are sensible to want a full analysis from the lawyers before they decide whether this is something they can implement? However, all of us can agree that the Prime Minister has achieved a major step forward. This is infinitely superior to what was in the protocol and validates his decision to ignore those who wanted to make a...

Northern Ireland Protocol - Statement (28 Chw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords—

Northern Ireland Protocol - Statement (28 Chw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords—

Northern Ireland Protocol - Statement (28 Chw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords—

Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland: Supreme Court Judgment - Private Notice Question ( 9 Chw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, up to half of all goods and produce exported across the border from Northern Ireland to the Republic are produced in Northern Ireland, and therefore cannot be validated as to whether they meet EU conditions at the border between GB and Northern Ireland. Should we not remove the border between GB and Northern Ireland and rely on export controls and the SPIRE system, which I used to...

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill - Second Reading: Amendment to the Motion ( 6 Chw 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, it is a great pleasure to follow the very witty speech from the noble and learned Lord, Lord Judge. Whenever I negotiated laws in Brussels, my ministerial brief usually began, “We don’t want this measure, Minister, but we cannot stop it. The best we can hope is to negotiate one or two amendments from the long list we have proposed to you”. I therefore fully support the need to...

Financial Services and Markets Bill - Second Reading (10 Ion 2023)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, I begin by paying tribute to my noble friend Lord Lawson. As his researcher in my spare time before I entered Parliament, then his PPS for four years, then his Economic Secretary to the Treasury for two more, I learned my politics at his feet. I also learned to admire his immense intellect, his sound judgment, and—what may be less well known to others—his incredible, uncanny...

UK Asylum and Refugee Policy - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Rha 2022)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, I congratulate the most reverend Primate the Archbishop on introducing this debate and the powerful way he did so. It is good to hear from the Bishops’ Benches a statement of Christian principles applied to the issues of the day, rather than the normal aspects of political debate. This issue raises very difficult dilemmas for Christians. Being a very inadequate Christian myself, I...

UK Asylum and Refugee Policy - Motion to Take Note ( 9 Rha 2022)

Lord Lilley: I am coming to an end. If it is morally and legally right for the French to try to prevent people leaving their shores, and for us to pay and support the French in so doing, it should be morally and legally right for us to return them. If they cannot be returned, it is reasonable to try to deter them by saying, “If you come here, you will go to Rwanda. You always have the opportunity to...

Called-in Planning Decision: West Cumbria - Statement ( 8 Rha 2022)

Lord Lilley: Does my noble friend agree that the sensible path to net zero, the path we have always adopted, is to steadily reduce and phase out demand for fossil fuels, not supply of fossil fuels? If businesses choose to invest in producing coking coal or any other fossil fuel in excess of the demand—because it is declining, as my noble friend Lord Deben has predicted—they will lose money. However,...

X-Rays: Child Refugees - Question ( 6 Rha 2022)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, the British Dental Association has written to all of us saying that X-rays carry a small risk of possible long-term physical harm and that the risk is cumulative and successive exposures increase the risk, which means that each exposure over a lifetime must be clinically justified. Over my lifetime I have had more than 20 X-rays from dentists and have never been warned of this...

Net Migration - Question (29 Tach 2022)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, will my noble friend bear in mind that, over the last decade, total immigration —which ran at half the level of the last 12 months—was equal to the combined populations of Southampton, Portsmouth, Oxford, Nottingham, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Exeter, Derby and Carlisle? We wonder why we have a housing shortage. Has my noble friend the Minister ever heard those who oppose any...

Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill - Second Reading (21 Tach 2022)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, it is a pleasure to follow the noble Baroness, Lady Bennett of Manor Castle. Since my wife is always accusing me of verbal pedantry, I suppose I should feel some sympathy for the noble Baroness’s opening argument, which seems semantic in essence—that the words “precision breeding” in the title of the Bill do not accurately describe genetic editing. However imprecise the...

Housing Market - Motion to Take Note (17 Tach 2022)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, I congratulate the noble Baroness, Lady Warwick, on securing this debate and on her introduction to it. It is strange how rarely we discuss the housing crisis in this country, since I believe it is the root of most of our social problems and many of our economic ones. I have tried to raise it from time to time and have found that there has been a tendency to ignore the issue. I once...

Stock Markets - Question (17 Tach 2022)

Lord Lilley: My Lords, having lived and worshipped for nearly 40 years in the diocese of the right reverend Prelate the Bishop of St Albans, I have benefited greatly over the years from the spiritual advice that I have received from his predecessors and my local clergy. But is my noble friend aware that this is the first time I have ever heard a bishop of the Church of England complain that the stock...

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill - Committee (4th Day): Amendment 36 ( 7 Tach 2022)

Lord Lilley: Would the noble Lord deal with the Article 50 point? If it is intrinsically temporary and transitional, can it last for ever?

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