Canlyniadau 61–80 o 1978 ar gyfer speaker:Glenda Jackson

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: G20 ( 9 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Surely it is time to obtain unfettered access in Syria and for the international community to bite the bullet and start speaking positively with Iran? On humanitarian aid, with the honourable exception of Kuwait and Qatar, some of the richest countries in the world—the Gulf states—have markedly failed to step up to the plate. Given that the Government are continually saying that those...

Women and Equalities: Universal Credit ( 5 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Since the Secretary of State took personal responsibility for this failure, we have seen a delay in the time scale for the universal roll-out of universal credit, a reduction in the number of pathfinder programmes, which has gone way down, and claimants being reduced to the simplest to pass through the system. When he gives us the time and the budget, as he undoubtedly will again, could they...

Women and Equalities: Equal Pay ( 5 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I entirely agree with the right hon. Member for Bermondsey and Old Southwark (Simon Hughes) on part-time working, which makes things particularly difficult for women, but will the Minister also look at the problem of zero-hours contracts, which have a desperately difficult impact on women?

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill ( 3 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I am grateful to the Leader of the House, and I am quite delighted to have the opportunity to burst his bubble of confidence, because his Bill has created almost a fire-storm in my constituency. My constituents are appalled at what they regard as a gagging Bill. They wish to see a list of lobbyists that is transparent to ensure that Government cannot be bought—even though that is a...

Points of Order ( 3 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Further to that point of order, Mr Speaker. May I also thank the hon. Gentleman for informing my office that he was going to raise this issue today? I entirely endorse what you have said, Mr Speaker. As it is my understanding that the allegations are being examined by the police under the Representation of the People Act 2000, I have nothing further to say on this issue.

Syria and the Use of Chemical Weapons (29 Aws 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I am referring to the fourth paragraph of our road map. My right hon. Friend has already touched on the fact that any action must be legal, proportionate and time-limited, but the amendment goes on to say that it must have “precise and achievable objectives”. Will he detail what those objectives are?

Syria and the Use of Chemical Weapons (29 Aws 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I am most grateful to the Prime Minister. What has convinced him—where is the evidence?—that an action by the international community would cease the use of chemical weapons within Syria, a country where the combatants have accepted 100,000 dead, millions of refugees and the continuing action that is totally destroying that country? Where is the evidence that convinces the Prime Minister...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 3 Gor 2013)

Glenda Jackson: One of my constituents and her three-year-old child had become homeless fleeing the most heinous domestic violence; and now, despite legally living and working in this country for four years, an immigration technicality has made them destitute. Will the Prime Minister please examine this legislation and its possibly unintended consequences, so that in future no woman and her child may suffer...

G8 (19 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I thank the Prime Minister for highlighting his commitment to ending world hunger as such a central part of the G8, and for highlighting many of the underlying causes, but he will be aware that a third of the most malnourished children in the world live in just four countries—India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh—so will he continue to use his best offices to ensure that those countries...

Backbench Business — Iraq War (10th Anniversary) (13 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I apologise to you, Madam Deputy Speaker, both Front Benchers and all hon. and right hon. Members that I will not be able to be here for the winding-up speeches. I begin with a caveat over the word “anniversary.” In my lexicon an anniversary is something to be celebrated. There is nothing to be celebrated about the Iraq war, the most disastrous foreign policy certainly in my lifetime and...

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Food Banks (12 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will commission an independent review of the use of food banks in (a) Greater London and (b) the UK.

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Social Security Benefits (10 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will make it his policy to publish on a regular basis the (a) number and (b) type of households not receiving benefits for which they have been assessed as eligible because of (i) administrative delays, (ii) errors and (iii) application of sanctions.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Food Banks ( 6 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: To ask the Prime Minister if the Government will record and publish the number of referrals to food banks made by government agencies bi-annually in (a) Greater London and (b) the UK.

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Food Banks ( 5 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (1) how many benefit claimants were referred by jobcentres to food banks in (a) greater London and (b) the UK from (i) 2011-12 and (ii) 2012-13; (2) how many benefits claimants have requested referral to food banks through Jobcentre Plus more than three times in (a) Greater London and (b) the UK in (i) 2011-12, (ii) 2012-13 and (iii)...

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: EU Council and Woolwich ( 3 Meh 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Surely the primary concern of this House should not be with the combatants in Syria, but with those innocent civilians who are being slaughtered every day by either side. If there are additional funds to furnish yet more munitions into an area awash with weapons—in my view the equivalent of pouring oil on to an almost uncontrollable fire—surely that money would be infinitely better spent...

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Under-occupancy Penalty (Wales) (20 Mai 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Government changes already require the British taxpayer to find nearly £2 billion more to rehouse vulnerable families. How many families does the Minister think will need to be rehoused as a result of this punitive bedroom tax?

Tributes to Baroness Thatcher (10 Ebr 2013)

Glenda Jackson: It is hardly a surprise that Baroness Thatcher was careless over the soup being poured over Lord Howe, given that she was perfectly prepared to send him out to the wicket with a broken bat. When I made my maiden speech in this Chamber, a little over two decades ago, Margaret Thatcher had been elevated to the other place but Thatcherism was still wreaking, and had wrought for the previous...

Supplementary Estimates 2012-13 — Department for Work and Pensions — Universal Credit ( 6 Maw 2013)

Glenda Jackson: The hon. Member for Amber Valley (Nigel Mills) said that 92% of jobs advertised require some computer literacy. I do not know what the requirements are on that side of the House, but on this side computer literacy is not a requirement to be an MP, for which I am extremely grateful because I frankly admit to being an IT illiterate. Before I continue, I wish to apologise to you, Mr Deputy...

Supplementary Estimates 2012-13 — Department for Work and Pensions — Universal Credit ( 6 Maw 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I would like to be able to say yes, but I am old enough and cynical enough to be able to say categorically, “No, it never, ever works like that.” If 75% are sailing along on the crest of a wave, the 35% are always, in my experience, left paddling in the shadows, and nobody notices when they are waving. I am very concerned about this for the reasons that I have already elucidated. I am...

Supplementary Estimates 2012-13 — Department for Work and Pensions — Universal Credit ( 6 Maw 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Is it not the case that many of the people we discussed when we exercised our inquiries in the Select Committee have no access whatever to bank accounts, so that issue does not arise? Is it not also the case that social landlords are already extremely reluctant to accept housing benefit claimants, and that the idea that they will not be paid directly will reduce even further the already...

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