Canlyniadau 41–60 o 1978 ar gyfer speaker:Glenda Jackson

Health Care (London) — [Mrs Anne Main in the Chair] ( 8 Ion 2014)

Glenda Jackson: Thank you very much, Mrs Main. I had intended to talk for slightly longer than two minutes, but the central thing I wish to say is about mental health. Other contributors to this very important debate have touched on that, but it seems to me that for us, as a nation, it is essentially a Cinderella service, and certainly has been all the time that I have been in the House. The hon. Member for...

Health Care (London) — [Mrs Anne Main in the Chair] ( 8 Ion 2014)

Glenda Jackson: rose—

Health Care (London) — [Mrs Anne Main in the Chair] ( 8 Ion 2014)

Glenda Jackson: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Universal Credit (10 Rha 2013)

Glenda Jackson: The Work and Pensions Committee, right from the beginning of the introduction of universal credit, has warned the Secretary of State that this is one of the most complex systems to be introduced. Consistently, the Secretary of State has reassured the Select Committee and this House that everything is fine. We now know that he has failed to meet every single one of the targets that he assured...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Helicopter Crash (Glasgow) ( 2 Rha 2013)

Glenda Jackson: As someone who has had the privilege of working and living in Glasgow, the humanity and heroism demonstrated by Glaswegians came as no surprise to me, but my constituents would want me to add their prayers and condolences to mine. It is a cliché but a none the less powerful one: Glasgow is a candle in the dark.

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Energy Bills ( 2 Rha 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Despite the Secretary of State’s ploughing, he has markedly failed to deliver a straight furrow. Despite his criticism of the big six—they were the big six for the three years of his coalition Government and Labour’s big six for a week—there is not one penny coming from those companies to help reduce costs now, and this delay in the implementation of the ECO scheme means that there...

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: Iran (25 Tach 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I congratulate the Foreign Secretary and all those engaged in the negotiations, not least the Iranians, on this major step forward in international diplomacy, and indeed thank them for it. However, to reiterate the comments of the right hon. Member for North East Bedfordshire (Alistair Burt), is now the time to urge Iran to do everything in her power to bring an end to the desperate civil...

Written Answers — Defence: Armed Forces: Complaints (18 Tach 2013)

Glenda Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) how many service complaints made in the (a) Royal Naval Reserve, (b) Royal Air Force Reserve and (c) Territorial Army in each of the last three years achieved resolution at each level of the process, by level; (2) how many service complaints made in the (a) Royal Naval Reserve, (b) Royal Air Force Reserve and (c) Territorial Army in each of the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Urgent and Emergency Care Review (12 Tach 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Will the Keogh review genuinely examine the lack of parity in respect of those who are physically ill and those who are mentally ill? We are already suffering from a crisis in emergency mental health beds in London and we are seeing an increasing use of A and E departments for those who are mentally ill. Surely we should be looking at an increase in walk-in centres for the mentally ill, which...

Business of the House: Annual Energy Statement (31 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: As the stick of competition, to which the Secretary of State referred, shattered at the first blow into less than matchwood, will he at least now attack the energy companies and dispel their canard that bills are rising so astronomically due to green taxes?

[Mr Andrew Turner in the Chair] — Greenpeace Activists in the Russian Federation (23 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I thank my hon. Friend the Member for Rhondda (Chris Bryant) for securing this debate and for the tone of his contribution. I share with him the view that Greenpeace activists are not innocents abroad. Their position is part and parcel of being Greenpeace activists. That is certainly the case of my constituent, Frank Hewetson. He has been a very active campaigner for many years. It is...

Blacklisting — [Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] (16 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Thank you, Sir Alan; it is a pleasure to work under your chairmanship. I am one of the few Members to have absolutely no legal training whatever, so the possibility of my uttering anything that could be deemed to be sub judice is fairly remote. I do wish, however, that I had selected a rather less bland title for this afternoon’s debate, because we are looking not so much at the practice of...

Blacklisting — [Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] (16 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I strongly concur. The stain of being blacklisted and accused of being in some way not committed, whether to the job, the company or the venture, can even spread to members of an individual’s family. I have heard stories of small children being called names by their contemporaries, because their mother or father had been deemed to be working against the industry or profession. I endorse...

Blacklisting — [Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] (16 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: My hon. Friend has developed the point very well indeed—she needs no help from me. As she so rightly says, and going back to my analogy with an infectious disease, people might not even know that they are suffering from such a disease. Only when we have a thoroughgoing inquiry, with all the evidence, and when the symptoms are brought into what we are told is the only effective disinfectant,...

Blacklisting — [Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] (16 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: Being partly Welsh, I always find it easy to commend the Welsh on practically anything. That example should be taken on board by other authorities to ensure that the best of all possible disinfectants—sunlight—is brought to bear on this egregious illegality. Let us not forget what we are talking about. Blacklisting is illegal.

Blacklisting — [Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] (16 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: I entirely agree with what my hon. Friend said. Sam Wanamaker worked extremely hard and was absolutely fundamental in ensuring that we now have one of the most critically and dramatically acclaimed theatres in the world—the Globe. He was essential in creating for a whole generation that had not thought it would find anything interesting in Shakespeare the extraordinary illumination of what...

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Benefit Cap (14 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: A new report by the New Policy Institute and Trust for London shows that 57% of working-age adults and children living in poverty in London are in households that work. That work is almost inevitably low paid and increasingly part time. Will the Secretary of State drop this mantra of making work pay and begin perhaps to discuss with his colleagues the possibility of encouraging a living wage?

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Middle East Peace Process/Syria and Iran ( 8 Hyd 2013)

Glenda Jackson: While congratulating the Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the right hon. Member for Faversham and Mid Kent (Hugh Robertson), I add my voice to the tributes that have justifiably been paid to the hon. Member for North East Bedfordshire (Alistair Burt). He brought the same commitment to an individual constituency case as he did to matters of great international moment, and...

Business of the House: Royal Mail (12 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: The Minister continues to refute the allegation that this is a fire sale, but as 70% of people in this country are totally opposed to such privatisation, will not the flotation occur in an atmosphere in which the basic share price will automatically be reduced, so the taxpayer will have been cheated?

Business of the House: Syria (12 Med 2013)

Glenda Jackson: We must all pray that there will be an international agreement ensuring the peaceful removal of these weapons from Syria. The Foreign Secretary has referred to practical difficulties, one of which is safe access and egress, not only for the inspectors, but for the weapons themselves. Will the British Government argue very strongly that if such safe routes are set in place they can be used for...

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