Canlyniadau 141–160 o 458 ar gyfer speaker:Mr John Hume

Opposition Day: Northern Ireland Economy (13 Mai 1996)

Mr John Hume: I should like to express my deep appreciation to the right hon. Member for Lagan Valley (Sir J. Molyneaux) for putting this matter on the agenda as it deserves a great deal of discussion at this particular time, given that there is substantial common ground among the various parties in Northern Ireland. I wish to deal first with a subject which the right hon. Gentleman mentioned and which is...

Orders of the Day — Northern Ireland (Entry to Negotiations, etc) Bill: The Elections (23 Ebr 1996)

Mr John Hume: Are you telling me, Minister, that we cannot call ourselves the SDLP on the ballot paper? Is that what you are telling me? You are asking me to believe that this is a serious election. Given that the Democratic Unionist party is DUP, the Progressive Unionist party is PUP, the Ulster Unionist party is UUP and the Ulster Democratic party is UDP, I am sure that none of the other parties would...

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Peace Process (22 Chw 1996)

Mr John Hume: Does the Secretary of State agree that everybody in the House wants to see lasting stability in Northern Ireland; that the only way to bring that about—without threat to any section of our people—is by agreement; and that the way to do that is to get all parties to the table? Does he further agree that it should be the urgent priority of the Government to get all parties to the table as...

Northern Ireland Peace Process (12 Chw 1996)

Mr John Hume: May I say that I am absolutely confident in standing here that I speak for the vast mass of the people of both parts of our island, in utterly condemning the terrible atrocity that took place on Friday in London and in expressing the deep sympathy to the families who suffered? No one understands more—especially not more than the people of the north of Ireland—what those people have...

Northern Ireland Peace Process (12 Chw 1996)

Mr John Hume: indicated assent.

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Peace Process (25 Ion 1996)

Mr John Hume: Will the Secretary of State tell the House whether the Government are still committed to their agreement with the Irish Government that the target date for all-party talks is the end of February? In order to achieve that, will the Secretary of State implement the only major proposal of the Mitchell report, which is that all parties be invited to such talks provided that they accept and commit...

Northern Ireland (Mitchell Report) (24 Ion 1996)

Mr John Hume: May I agree with the Prime Minister's comment that we are dealing with the lives of innocent men, women and children in Northern Ireland? Does he agree that it would be utterly irresponsible for any party to play politics with the lives of those people? It would be particularly irresponsible for a Government to try to buy votes to keep themselves in power. Does he also agree that the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Peace Process (27 Ebr 1995)

Mr John Hume: Does the Secretary of State agree that the basis of order, which is the basis of stability in any society, has never existed in Northern Ireland since its foundation, that that is based on agreement on how people are governed and that its absence has created the terrible symptoms, such as 50 years of discrimination, violence and killing in every decade, and the terrible 25 years that we have...

Northern Ireland (Framework Documents) (22 Chw 1995)

Mr John Hume: Could I begin by placing on record on behalf of myself, my party and the people we represent our deepest appreciation to the Prime Minister and the Government for the enormous effort they have made, and for putting this problem at centre stage and at the top of their agenda, because this is the greatest human problem facing the Government and the peoples of these islands? May I also pay...

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Ceasefire (19 Ion 1995)

Mr John Hume: Does the Secretary of State agree that we now have the best opportunity for lasting peace and stability that we have ever had? Will he confirm that, at the end of the day, the only way to achieve that lasting stability is by an agreement among our divided people which threatens no section of that people? Will he also confirm that private agreements or promises for the internal politics of...

Orders of the Day — Northern Ireland Act (Extension) (30 Meh 1994)

Mr John Hume: I will not indulge in the ranting to which we have just listened and which we are fed up with listening to in Northern Ireland. We have heard in today's rant, once again, everything that the hon. Member for Antrim, North (Rev. Ian Paisley) is against and, once again, we have not heard what he is for in dealing with the problem. As the Secretary of State has pointed out, the order is a...

Orders of the Day — Northern Ireland Act (Extension) (30 Meh 1994)

Mr John Hume: Not true.

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Downing Street Declaration (16 Meh 1994)

Mr John Hume: I express my appreciation to the Secretary of State for the written clarification which he gave in keeping with his wish to leave no stone unturned and to bring a total end to violence in our streets. May I repeat my view that the recent democratic expression of the people was a strong expression of support for the peace process, which is about a total cessation of violence followed by an...

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Security (28 Ebr 1994)

Mr John Hume: Will the Secretary of State take clear steps totally to dispel the prejudice of people such as his own Back Bencher the hon. Member for Blaby (Mr. Robathan) in relation to what is happening in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? Will he confirm that over the last 25 years 99.9 per cent. of all of those who have been arrested and convicted of acts of violence in Northern Ireland were...

Business of the House (29 Maw 1994)

Mr John Hume: No one is interested in solving problems around here. [Interruption.]

European Union (Qualified Majority Voting) (29 Maw 1994)

Mr John Hume: When all the waffle on this subject has died down, would the Prime Minister please tell me what has changed? Would he agree that, under 12 member states, 23 was 30 per cent. of the total vote, and would he agree that, under 16 member states, 27 is now 30 per cent. of the total vote? What has changed?

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: European Regional Funding (17 Chw 1994)

Mr John Hume: Does the Minister agree that it was a serious injustice and a serious error by the Government that Northern Ireland was excluded from the new cohesion fund? Given that that fund is committed to both transport and environment, does he agree that Northern Ireland has exactly the same problems in both those areas as has the Republic, as we are both part of the same offshore island? What has he...

Prayers: Northern Ireland (21 Ion 1994)

Mr John Hume: Is the hon. Gentleman telling me and the House that people who represent less than 2 per cent. of the United Kingdom should be able to dictate to Government what their policy is on everything?

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