Canlyniadau 161–180 o 5654 ar gyfer speaker:Nick Harvey

Written Answers — Defence: Defence: Procurement (20 Mai 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how much his Department has contributed towards expenditure on urgent operational requirements since May 2010.

Petitions: Access to Eculizumab (14 Mai 2013)

Nick Harvey: I rise to present a petition on behalf of the sufferers of atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome, known as aHUS, a rare disease that causes irreversible kidney failure. Until recently there was no effective treatment for this condition, which has 139 known patients in England, of whom 20 live in Devon. I am presenting the petition to press for aHUS sufferers’ access to Eculizumab, a new drug...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Operation Herrick (14 Mai 2013)

Nick Harvey: May I thank the Secretary of State for his statement, the logic of which is straightforward? Having spoken socially to some of those who will deploy this October, I think it was widely anticipated that they would serve longer. Perhaps they were warned off, to use the Secretary of State’s expression. Getting out of Afghanistan safely and steadily requires a great deal of meticulous planning....

Pupil Premium (16 Ebr 2013)

Nick Harvey: The Minister’s point is that there are many different measures that could be used, and that the relative poverty figure is a percentage of the whole and thus prone to fluctuation from time to time. Nevertheless, can he not see the point made by the Children’s Society that, if the Government have an accepted measure of children living in poverty, it is strange to have free school meals...

Pupil Premium (16 Ebr 2013)

Nick Harvey: The dilution I was talking about was spreading the premium to a larger number of entitled children, not taking it to a lower age.

Pupil Premium (16 Ebr 2013)

Nick Harvey: An estimated 3.6 million children in the UK live in poverty according to the Government’s own measure, but recent figures from the Children’s Society have uncovered that 1.2 million of those children who are of school age do not receive free school meals. Notwithstanding the nutritional benefits that children receive from free school meals, the problem is that free school meals are used...

Pupil Premium (16 Ebr 2013)

Nick Harvey: I strongly agree, and I welcome the suggestion from Ministers that they are working towards that objective. I also appreciate that, particularly in the current financial climate, it cannot be achieved overnight, but it would be a great pity if, during the five years in which the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats form a Government together, we do not see at least some tangible progress...

Pupil Premium (16 Ebr 2013)

Nick Harvey: My hon. Friend makes an interesting point. In a minute or two I will address the reforms that I think are necessary. Happily, the coming of universal credit gives the Government an opportunity to reform the system. Of course, universal credit has great potential for considering household income holistically, and I would like to believe that, at the end of the process, where a student is...

Written Answers — Treasury: Poverty: Children (15 Ebr 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer (1) how many school-aged children were living in households in relative income poverty, measured after housing costs, that had household earnings after tax of between (a) £5,000 and £5,999, (b) £6,000 and £6,999, (c) £7,000 and £7,999, (d) £8,000 and £8,999 and (e) £10,000 and £16,190 in the most recent period for which figures are available;...

Written Answers — Communities and Local Government: Council Tax Benefits (26 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government which local authorities applied for additional funds to supplement their new council tax support schemes by 31 January 2013; and how much has been allocated to each such local authority.

Business of the House: Afghanistan (21 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: Afghanistan has been of great security and strategic significance for centuries. May I echo the Foreign Secretary’s tribute to the work done by British and international personnel, both military and civilian, in recent years to try to ensure the stability of Afghanistan? I broadly share his optimistic view of the future, but some commentators do not. What discussions has he had with his...

Energy and Climate Change: Biomass Conversion (14 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: What recent assessment he has made of the long-term environmental effects of Government support for large-scale biomass conversion.

Energy and Climate Change: Biomass Conversion (14 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: I welcome the commitment to reforestry targets, but how do Ministers stand up the rather curious proposition that wood burning is carbon neutral? They support the conversion of coal-fired stations to wood burning, but that is only carbon neutral if emission at the point of burn is ignored, and it takes up to 98 years for tree growth to neutralise that. Will the Minister confirm that this...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Scottish Referendum (Trident) ( 7 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: I was making the point before the Division that Faslane is ideally suited to its purpose. Back in the 1950s, alternative sites were investigated, including Falmouth, which has one of the largest harbours in the world, and Milford Haven, but we cannot turn back the clock and consider how Falmouth and Milford Haven were 50 years ago. The fact is that a great deal of development has happened in...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Scottish Referendum (Trident) ( 7 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: I am certain that the defence budget would be much smaller, given the other aspirations articulated for an independent Scotland, but I am absolutely clear that a force proportionate to the size of the population and the economy would not have fast jets; what on earth would it do with them? That will leave questions in a lot of mouths. It would not have warships. It would not have submarines....

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Scottish Referendum (Trident) ( 7 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: I congratulate the Committee, both on its inquiry and its report and on the manner in which its Chairman introduced its report, in which the prospects of relocating the nuclear deterrent to another base somewhere else in the UK are referred to as “highly problematic, very expensive, and fraught with political difficulties.” If memory serves me correctly, that phrase was part of my brief...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Scottish Referendum (Trident) ( 7 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: Surely serving members of the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force or the Army are committed to the Crown and would remain members of the UK armed forces. A Scottish army, navy or air force might be offering them a job, but it should not be assumed that the British Army, Navy or Air Force would automatically be ready to let them all go.

Written Answers — Defence: Depleted Uranium ( 5 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence pursuant to the answer of 6 February 2013, Official Report, column 234W, on depleted uranium, whether the life extension programme for the CHARM-3 propellant charge is a one-off process or whether regular testing of the charge will be required in the future.

Written Answers — Health: Pancreatic Cancer ( 5 Maw 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) how many patients with pancreatic cancer have been offered access to clinical trials in each of the last five years; (2) what steps he is taking to increase the level of research funding aimed at (a) pancreatic cancer and (b) other cancers.

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