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Roaccutane ( 3 Rha 2013)

Nick Harvey: I am not entirely sure that I agree. Other treatments for acne are available. I readily acknowledge that they may not be as effective, but they include antibiotics and a variety of other treatments. Unless and until we have some way to predict which people are most likely to suffer catastrophic side effects, I would prefer on the precautionary principle that no one at all took the drug. If we...

Roaccutane ( 3 Rha 2013)

Nick Harvey: My hon. Friend makes an interesting point, and I am sure that he is absolutely right in his belief that if it were mentioned in the warning notes, the use of the drug would undoubtedly be greatly reduced, as we would want in the interim. Let us look at the available scientific and anecdotal evidence that establishes a link between the drug and the effects that I have described. Roaccutane is...

Roaccutane ( 3 Rha 2013)

Nick Harvey: My hon. Friend undoubtedly raises a logical loop, but there is the question of time scales, because even a very brief usage of the drug could have—as other hon. Members have suggested—quite a lasting impact. I simply do not accept that the horribly sudden onset of mood swings, paranoia and episodes of psychosis can be remotely compared with any feelings of lowered self-esteem that might...

Roaccutane ( 3 Rha 2013)

Nick Harvey: I have an eye on the clock, but I will give way briefly to my hon. Friend.

Roaccutane ( 3 Rha 2013)

Nick Harvey: Indeed, Mr Streeter. What my hon. Friend says should be the case, but there seems to be some evidence from some medics that Roaccutaine is being used rather too quickly. Young people full of potential and leading happy lives have been crippled by their use of this drug. On the face of it, perhaps the proportion of users of the drug who become victims does not appear to necessitate any action...

Business of the House: Sexual Violence in Conflict (28 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: May I commend the Foreign Secretary on his personal commitment to this important work and welcome the international response to the Government’s initiative? It is certainly a good start. The Foreign Secretary rightly described a comprehensive approach to this subject and spoke about the work of the Home Office and DFID. Will he confirm that the Ministry of Defence is also completely...

Energy and Climate Change: Decarbonisation (28 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: My right hon. Friend will have noted that progress towards the decarbonisation goal was interrupted this week by the withdrawal of the Atlantic Array offshore wind project off the north Devon coast. Is he concerned that if that were to be followed by other decisions by utility companies to withdraw from such schemes, we could lose control of those critical national infrastructure decisions?...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (27 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: The Prime Minister will be aware that MPs from rural areas and across party lines have for many years campaigned for a fair funding formula for schools, ably led by David Kidney, the former Labour MP in the previous Parliament, and by the hon. Member for Worcester (Mr Walker) in this Parliament. The issue has been brought to a head again and we have been led to expect news shortly. Is the...

Regulation of Refractive Eye Surgery: New Clause 1 — Annual report by scrutiny group of reserve forces and cadets associations (20 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: I admire the hon. Gentleman’s enthusiasm for the proceedings of the Liberal Democrat conference—I only wish I shared it. I confirm my party’s support for the idea of two weeks’ military training and, although I do not purport to speak for them, I am sure many Conservative Members take the same view. The difficulty with legislating for that now in the manner the hon. Gentleman is...

Oral Answers to Questions — Deputy Prime Minister: Topical Questions (19 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: Will my right hon. Friend explain why it is a higher priority to provide a free school meal to a six-year-old from an affluent family than to a 12-year-old living in childhood poverty?

Written Answers — Defence: Armed Forces: Young People (18 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence with reference to the Government's response to paragraph 24 of the Defence Committee's report on the Armed Forces Covenant in Action? Part 4: Education of Service Personnel, HC185, when the cost-benefit analysis of the recruitment of personnel under the age of 18 will take place; and what the terms of reference will be.

Written Answers — Energy and Climate Change: Biofuels (18 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (1) with reference to his Department's publication, Use of UK Biomass for Electricity and CHP, published on 2 October 2013, what assessment he has made of the data presented in that document; and if he will make a statement; (2) what assessment he has made of the subsidised use of domestic virgin wood for biomass electricity...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Topical Questions (11 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: Some 1.2 million children living within the Government’s own definition of childhood poverty do not get a free school meal. Why do the Government consider it a higher priority to give free school meals to all five, six and seven-year-olds, 1.3 million of whom can perfectly well afford to pay?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Aircraft Carriers and UK Shipbuilding ( 6 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: This is a sad day for Portsmouth, given its proud heritage of supporting the Navy, and the decision has been a bitter pill for the workers there and elsewhere to swallow. We owe them all our thanks. However, was there not a certain inevitability about the coming of a day on which these painful judgments would have to be made? Oversupply of naval shipbuilding capacity is a problem with which...

Petitions: Rural Fair Share Campaign ( 4 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: I rise to present a petition in the same terms on behalf of 1,671 of my constituents, who are heartily sickened by this injustice and believe that a 10% improvement by 2020 is the very least that could be done. The Petition of the residents of North Devon [P001236]

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Topical Questions ( 4 Tach 2013)

Nick Harvey: I agreed with much of the Minister’s reply about the European Defence Council meeting in December. However, when do the Government expect to announce the review of Britain’s membership of the European Defence Agency? Given that we have rightly criticised other European nations for a lack of defence effort, would it not be perverse to turn our back on one of the few practical ways of doing...

[Jim Dobbin in the Chair] — Hepatitis C (Haemophiliacs) (29 Hyd 2013)

Nick Harvey: It is good, Mr Dobbin, to have the opportunity to contribute to this debate, and I applaud the right hon. Member for Wythenshawe and Sale East (Paul Goggins) for initiating it. It is also good to see the breadth of support from across the Chamber. I represent my constituent, Sue Threakall, who has campaigned for many years with the Tainted Blood campaign and is currently the chair of that...

[Jim Dobbin in the Chair] — Hepatitis C (Haemophiliacs) (29 Hyd 2013)

Nick Harvey: The hon. Gentleman makes an interesting point, and there will be anxiety on that front in many quarters. We have to hope desperately that what he is suggesting does not come to pass, because we are going to have to learn the lessons of the past. It is essential that we have proper controls over this sector for the future. A number of hon. Members have referred to the means by which support is...

Adult Literacy and Numeracy: Funding for Local Authorities (10 Hyd 2013)

Nick Harvey: It is a pleasure to support my neighbour, the hon. Member for Tiverton and Honiton (Neil Parish), who secured the debate, and to echo some of his points. I also want to pay tribute to the hon. Member for Sheffield South East (Mr Betts), who is not in his seat at the moment but who made a powerful speech, drawing on his many years in local government. It was completely impartial in being...

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