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Disabled People: Social Care (14 Hyd 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, my daughter had a care package in Hull last year. She then lost both legs and moved to Staffordshire. She is still fighting to get as good a care package as she had in Hull. Will the Green Paper address that problem? Certainly, nobody who loses their legs should have a worse care package.

Health and Social Care Bill ( 1 Gor 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, not to be left out, as a retired radiographer I was amazed when, less than two years ago, I was contacted to find out if I would like to train for a proper job and take up my former profession.

Health and Social Care Bill (24 Meh 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I thank my noble friend for that clarification. I wish to speak to Amendment No. 54A, moved by the noble Earl, Lord Howe. This amendment is linked to a question that I raised in Committee regarding American doctors practising in this country. I asked whether they would be covered by the rules under which they practised in the United States or whether they would be subject only to...

Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy (23 Meh 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords—

Parliament Square (21 Ebr 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I declare an interest: I live on the corner of Great Peter Street, Great Smith Street and Marsham Street. Last year, when Parliament Square was closed, there was chaos. Does the Minister agree that the problem concerns not only Parliament Square but the surrounding area?

Kidney Transplant Bill [HL] (18 Ion 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I congratulate the noble Baroness on bringing forward the Bill. I understand her frustration when she thought that presumed full consent was not going to be available in the near future. However, I am sure that the Prime Minister's statement at the weekend has given her hope, as it has given me. As many noble Lords will know, my youngest daughter developed diabetes when she was four...

Schools: Boxing (17 Ion 2008)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I declare an interest as a member of the British Boxing Board of Control. In the past 18 months the number of competitive amateur boxers has doubled to 15,000 and four have already qualified for the Olympic Games. Can yet more money be put in through UK Sport so that we can qualify at all 11 weights when the Games come to London?

Political Parties: Funding ( 5 Rha 2007)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, is the Minister aware that more than a year ago I wrote to the Electoral Commission about an election agent being dismissed by a candidate without said agent having been informed and the election expenses having been submitted without the legal expenses incurred by said election agent being part of the return, which is totally against election law? Its reply stated: "I am afraid the...

Gambling: Sport (11 Hyd 2007)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I apologise for my husky voice, but with any luck it will last six minutes. I congratulate my noble friend for instigating this very important short debate. I have first of all to declare a number of interests. I am treasurer of the All-Party Racing and Bloodstock Group, treasurer of the All-Party Greyhound Group, chairman of the All-Party Betting and Gaming Group—and I am an...

Prisoners: Voting Rights (23 Gor 2007)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, what progress has been made to enable people who are admitted to hospital close to a polling date to have their voting rights?

Written Answers — House of Lords: Health: Kidney Disease ( 7 Meh 2007)

Baroness Golding: asked Her Majesty's Government: What steps are being taken to ensure that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines on the use of erythropoietin to treat pre-dialysis kidney patients with anaemia are being implemented.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Health: Kidney Disease ( 7 Meh 2007)

Baroness Golding: asked Her Majesty's Government: To what extent the large increase in patients being identified and treated for chronic kidney disease is a result of the general practitioner contract.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Health: Kidney Disease ( 7 Meh 2007)

Baroness Golding: asked Her Majesty's Government: Whether they intend to increase expenditure on research into kidney disease and its detection and treatment in its early stages given the number of people identified with chronic kidney disease under the kidney disease outcomes quality initiative guidelines.

Gambling (Geographical Distribution of Casino Premises Licences) Order 2007 (28 Maw 2007)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I agree with almost every word that the noble Lord, Lord Clement-Jones, has said. However, if he had been with me and with many other noble Lords in the past few weeks trying to negotiate something and get something out of the order, he would not be so certain that his amendment would achieve anything. I have always been a strong supporter of Blackpool. I can see no good reason why...

Gambling: Casino Advisory Panel Report (30 Ion 2007)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, it is very nice to hear people congratulating Professor Crow and his committee. However, I do not congratulate him on the regional casino: it should not be in Manchester. I spent a very long time on the pre-legislative Select Committee looking at different areas and all the things that I assumed Professor Crow was looking at. Blackpool would be a resort casino; the Dome would be a...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Firearms: Reloading Ammunition Presses (20 Ebr 2006)

Baroness Golding: asked Her Majesty's Government: To which United Kingdom authority purchasers of reloading ammunition presses and dies will be required to show their firearms certificate in respect of internet purchases from overseas under the proposals in the Violent Crime Reduction Bill; and What assessment has been made of the risk of loss of firearm certificates sent in the post to suppliers by purchasers...

Cancer Treatment (21 Gor 2005)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I thank my noble friend Lord Campbell-Savours for initiating this interesting and important debate. I must first declare an interest as a former radiographer. As far as I am aware, I am the only radiographer ever to have been a Member of Parliament or a Member of the House of Lords, which perhaps demonstrates what rare creatures we are. There is undoubtedly a need for more PET...

Organ Transplants (21 Gor 2005)

Baroness Golding: My Lords, I, too, congratulate my noble friend Lord Hughes on bringing forward this important debate. My youngest daughter has been a diabetic since she was four years old, and her experiences have hardened my belief that the only way in which we can cope in future with the number of people suffering from kidney failure is by a policy of organ donation in which people opt out rather than opt...

Gambling Bill (10 Maw 2005)

Baroness Golding: The noble Baroness may be under the impression that I did not want a proof of age if there was a challenge to the person's age, but I was not saying that. I chair CitizenCard, a proof of age scheme, and we have issued many hundreds of thousands of cards for proof of age. They are to protect people such as bookmakers, by preventing young children going into a bookmaker's. If there is a...

Gambling Bill (10 Maw 2005)

Baroness Golding: I am so sorry to interrupt again, but there will be provision for bookmaking areas within some of the destination areas. Is the noble Baroness saying that because casinos should have proof of age, or identification, the bookmakers that are in those destination leisure facilities should also have them, when they are all linked in together?

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