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Illegal Migration ( 5 Meh 2023)

Yvette Cooper: rose—

Illegal Migration ( 5 Meh 2023)

Yvette Cooper: On a point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker. This is specific to a sentence in the Home Secretary’s statement and her answer to my hon. Friend the Member for Bermondsey and Old Southwark (Neil Coyle). It is a factual issue. She said that “the asylum initial decision backlog is down by 17,000” whereas Home Office official statistics say that the asylum initial backlog is now over 170,000,...

Kosovo ( 5 Meh 2023)

Yvette Cooper: I received the statement only at half-past. If it is possible to have a further 10 minutes, that would be appreciated, but I do not want to inconvenience the House. Unfortunately, we have become used to late statements from the Home Office.

Net Migration Figures (25 Mai 2023)

Yvette Cooper: (Urgent Question): To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if she will make a statement on net migration figures.

Net Migration Figures (25 Mai 2023)

Yvette Cooper: Today’s extraordinary figures, including the doubling of the number of work visas since the pandemic, show that the Conservatives have no plan and no grip on immigration. They show the chaos in this Government. Work visas are up 119% since before the pandemic. The Conservatives have totally failed to tackle endemic skills shortages and get people back to work. Net migration is more than...

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: Report (22 Mai 2023)

Yvette Cooper: I thank the Home Secretary for advance sight of her statement, and join her in paying tribute to the victims and survivors of this hideous crime. Many of those victims and survivors have been crucial to establishing the inquiry in the first place and have been involved, working hard to make sure that voices are heard. Their strength should be recognised and their calls to action must be...

Home Department: Topical Questions (22 Mai 2023)

Yvette Cooper: On a difficult anniversary, I pay tribute to the brave soldier Lee Rigby and to the innocent children, women and men who lost their lives, and the many more who were injured, at the Manchester Arena, as well as to their families, who remind us of the commitment to never let hatred win. At the heart of the Home Secretary’s responsibility is to ensure that laws are fairly enforced for all....

Home Department: Topical Questions (22 Mai 2023)

Yvette Cooper: The trouble is that the Home Secretary is failing to deliver for the British people too, and everyone can see that she is not answering the basic factual questions on what she said to the civil service and to her special adviser. It matters because it is her job to show that she is abiding by the ministerial code, which she has broken before, on private and public interests, and to enforce...

Points of Order ( 3 Mai 2023)

Yvette Cooper: On a point of order, Mr Speaker. During Prime Minister’s questions, the Prime Minister used a figure for crime that did not include fraud, even though that is the fastest-increasing crime and has been one of the most prevalent and damaging crimes. He has been repeatedly challenged on this but again used the figure without fraud, and he did so on the day on which he is supposedly launching a...

Illegal Migration Bill: New Clause 17 - Serious Harm Suspensive Claims: Interpretation (26 Ebr 2023)

Yvette Cooper: The Minister has raised the awful case of Thomas Roberts. I have asked him repeatedly why it was not known that the murderer was wanted for murder in Serbia and why it was also not known that he had already been turned down for asylum in another European country. Why did the authorities and Border Force not know that information?

Police Uplift Programme (26 Ebr 2023)

Yvette Cooper: The Home Secretary has been out on the airwaves this morning but she is scared to defend her record in this House, and little wonder because that statement was a joke. Where are the Tories pretending to have been for the last 13 years? They cut 20,000 police officers. Belatedly, they set a target to patch up their own cuts and now they want us all to be grateful. They want the country to...

Chinese Police Stations in UK (19 Ebr 2023)

Yvette Cooper: (Urgent Question): To ask the Home Secretary if she will make a statement on secret police stations operated in the UK by the Chinese Communist party.

Chinese Police Stations in UK (19 Ebr 2023)

Yvette Cooper: It is reported in The Times this morning that a Chinese businessman linked to an alleged Chinese secret police station in London has attended Chinese Communist party political conferences, is linked to the united front work department and has organised Tory party fundraising dinners and attended events with Conservative Prime Ministers. Those very serious allegations raise vital national...

Illegal Migration Update (29 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: Today’s statement is an admission of failure—perhaps that is why the Home Secretary has asked the Immigration Minister to make it instead. Four years ago, the Cabinet said that they would halve channel crossings; they have gone up twentyfold since then. A year ago, they said they would end hotel use; they have opened more than ever. They keep making new announcements, but it just keeps...

Point of Order (27 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: Further to that point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker. Given that two of the relevant Ministers were sitting in the Chamber at the time, may I ask whether you have ever heard of a situation in which it is abundantly clear from evidence from the UK Statistics Authority that Ministers have given incorrect information to Parliament and they have chosen not to correct it straight away?

Antisocial Behaviour Action Plan (27 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: This plan is too weak, too little, too late. The Home Secretary says people are sick and tired of antisocial behaviour. Too right they are—because people have seen serious problems getting worse and nothing has been done. But who does she think has been in power for the last 13 years? It is a Tory Government who have decimated neighbourhood policing. There are 10,000 fewer neighbourhood...

Written Answers — Home Office: Homes for Ukraine Scheme: Visas (23 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what the average processing time for a Homes for Ukraine Scheme visa was in the latest period for which data is available.

Written Answers — Home Office: Homes for Ukraine Scheme: Visas (23 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many visa applications under the Homes for Ukraine scheme have currently been outstanding for more than (a) one month, (b) three months and (c) six months.

Metropolitan Police: Casey Review (21 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: The report published today by Louise Casey, commissioned by the Mayor of London, into standards and culture in the Metropolitan police service is thorough, forensic and truly damning. It finds that consent is broken, management of the force has failed and frontline policing,—especially neighbourhood policing—has been deprioritised and degraded after a decade of austerity in which the Met...

Home Department: Topical Questions (20 Maw 2023)

Yvette Cooper: We welcome the Home Secretary back from her expensive interior design tour. The Louise Casey review will be published tomorrow and is expected to be damning, with far-reaching findings. The Home Secretary has known about failures on standards and vetting in policing for a long time, so why has she repeatedly refused to bring in mandatory vetting standards and automatic suspension for...

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