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Science, Innovation and Technology: Topical Questions (22 Mai 2024)

Marco Longhi: Does the Minister agree that the large sums of taxpayers’ money channelled to organisations such as the Arts and Humanities Research Council for woke-driven projects should be spent on other high-tech projects such as, for example, the tagging of illegal migrants in this country so that we can quickly locate and deport them, starting in Dudley?

Women’s State Pension Age: Ombudsman Report (16 Mai 2024)

Marco Longhi: The right hon. Member is giving an incredibly well-informed speech on this matter. I have met Angela Madden and various WASPI women in Dudley, and it is clearly a highly complicated and difficult issue to resolve, especially if it is necessary for the Government to look at appropriate and proportionate remedies, having first identified the women who have come to harm. Does the right hon....

Business of the House (16 Mai 2024)

Marco Longhi: This week Care4Calais, a pro-asylum seeker British charity, contacted me to ask for my support for its legal efforts to prevent the deportation to Rwanda of asylum seekers in Dudley whom the Government have assessed for deportation. I do not think the charity got the memo. As a result, I have written to the Home Secretary, asking him to speed up the deportations. Can we have a debate on how...

Work and Pensions: State Pension Age Changes: Compensation (13 Mai 2024)

Marco Longhi: Two things cannot be disputed. The first is that some women came to harm because of what happened. The second is that the report, and the assessments that came to pass prior to it, were a long time in the making. I encourage the Secretary of State to look into this matter not just carefully, as he says and I know he will, but at great pace.

Business of the House ( 9 Mai 2024)

Marco Longhi: I have stopped the large number of so-called asylum seekers from attending my surgeries, and I have instructed my office not to deal with asylum cases, for two reasons: as MPs we have zero authority, mandate or influence over Home Office decisions; and I want to dedicate my very limited resources to putting Dudley people first. Can we have a debate on the pressure that asylum seekers are...

Passport e-Gates Network Outage ( 8 Mai 2024)

Marco Longhi: The British are world-renowned for their patience in queueing, but I thank the Minister for his statement, and for his apology, especially for my Dudley constituents. I think the part that my constituents would struggle with more is his saying that it is a No. 1 priority to make sure that our borders are 100% secure, when the same constituents can see hundreds of people, if not 1,000 a day,...

Heritage Public Houses (24 Ebr 2024)

Marco Longhi: I beg to move, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require local authorities to maintain a register of heritage public houses in their area and to make provision in connection with the compilation and maintenance of such registers; to make provision relating to planning applications in respect of public houses on such a register; to place restrictions on the sale of heritage public...

Defence Spending (24 Ebr 2024)

Marco Longhi: It is great to hear the Secretary of State’s announcement about the £75 billion investment. Does he agree that it sends a clear signal to our brave armed forces that the party in government backs them, to the country that we back defence of the realm, and to companies in our supply chain up and down the country, including those in my constituency, that we back job security? It also exposes...

Women and Equalities: Workplace Inclusivity and Accessibility (20 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: What steps she is taking to help increase inclusivity and accessibility at work for disabled people.

Women and Equalities: Workplace Inclusivity and Accessibility (20 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: The Beacon Centre for the Blind in Sedgley does amazing work. Meeting Kaydee and Nathan, who are partially sighted employees, was an inspiring experience. My visit to the centre served as a strong reminder of the significant day-to-day challenges that vulnerable people experience in doing things that able people take for granted. What more can the Minister and her Department do to raise...

Business of the House (14 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: Dudley hospital workers contracted by Mitie have been striking because they did not receive a lump-sum covid payment that was given to some staff directly employed by the NHS for doing the same job. Mitie wants the taxpayer to cover those payments, despite being directly responsible for its employees. Will the Leader of the House join me in thanking Mitie workers for their work during the...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: High Streets (Designation, Review and Improvement Plan) Bill: Clause 1 - Designation of High Streets (13 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: Thank you, Sir Charles. I had not indicated that I wished to speak, but I want to add a couple of things. I very much welcome the Bill and I thank my hon. Friend the Member for Stoke-on-Trent South for bringing it forward. Dudley high street and those in a couple of peripheral areas in my constituency, Sedgley and Gornal, suffer from what most high streets have suffered from since the advent...

Wales: Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales (13 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: What discussions he has had with the Welsh Government on the Independent Commission’s final report on the constitutional future of Wales.

Wales: Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales (13 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: It is deeply concerning that a so-called “independent” commission described Welsh independence as “viable”, despite the fact that the vast majority of people in Wales support remaining part of the Union. Of course, there is a difference between something that might be viable and something that is best. Does my right hon. Friend agree that independence for Wales would be hugely...

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Topical Questions ( 4 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: Will the Minister join me in congratulating South Staffordshire Council on serving an enforcement notice to rebuild the Crooked House pub? Will he also look favourably at measures I will be bringing forward to ensure that heritage pubs are better protected, because, as he will know, the Crooked House and many others have had no protections at all?

Written Answers — Home Office: Deportation ( 4 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, if he will make an assessment of the impact of Operation Nexus on tackling offending by foreign nationals; and how many people were arrested for immigration offences as part of Operation Nexus in each of the last ten years.

Written Answers — Home Office: Police: Assessments ( 4 Maw 2024)

Marco Longhi: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many serving police officers failed their first attempt at the Police Written Exercise.

Northern Ireland: Economic Growth (28 Chw 2024)

Marco Longhi: What steps his Department is taking to help grow the Northern Ireland economy.

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