Canlyniadau 1–20 o 623 ar gyfer speaker:Aaron Bell

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Tobacco and Vapes Bill: Examination of Witness (30 Ebr 2024)

Aaron Bell: We apologise to the remaining witnesses, who we will try to squeeze in tomorrow.

Speaker’s Statement (21 Chw 2024)

Aaron Bell: That’s not true.

Post Office (Horizon System) Compensation Bill (19 Rha 2023)

Aaron Bell: Nige?

Prime Minister: Engagements (25 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: In the matter of Walleys Quarry, my constituents have been utterly let down and failed by the Environment Agency. Not only has it failed to prosecute a rogue operator for the repeated breaches of its permit; we now learn that for the past seven years, all of its monitoring equipment—including in your constituency, Mr Speaker—has been grossly under-recording levels of hydrogen sulphide by...

Education: Topical Questions (23 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: Further to the question asked by my hon. Friend the Member for Harrow East (Bob Blackman), since Hamas’s attack, Jewish students on campus report that they have had a year’s worth of antisemitic incidents in only two weeks. Some have been targeted, the attack itself was celebrated, and some have received death threats. As such, does the Minister agree that universities should work with...

Core School Budget Allocations (17 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: I welcome my right hon. Friend’s answers today, and I thank him for his leadership and his ownership of this issue, which is not his fault. He has approached it in exactly the right manner, as my right hon. Friend the Member for New Forest East (Sir Julian Lewis) said. I welcome that we are continuing to deliver the core schools budget in full, not just for mainstream schools, but for high...

Health and Social Care: Topical Questions (17 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: If he will make a statement on his departmental responsibilities.

Health and Social Care: Topical Questions (17 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: I thank the Secretary of State for his statement, particularly what he said about tech. On dental provision, I recently met with Dr Khan of Westbury Park dental practice in my constituency to discuss access to NHS dentistry, which is becoming more difficult for many of my constituents. I welcome the plans we have to increase the number of dentists and I reiterate my support for a dental...

Zero-emission Vehicles, Drivers and HS2 (16 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: The cancellation of HS2 is a triple win for Newcastle-under-Lyme. First, we will get faster trains to London. Secondly, we will get improvements to junction 50 and the things that my hon. Friend the Member for Stoke-on-Trent South (Jack Brereton) talked about. Thirdly and most importantly, HS2 will not cut a swathe through the south of Newcastle-under-Lyme. On that point, the people who will...

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Green Spaces: Protection (16 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: What steps his Department is taking to protect green spaces.

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Green Spaces: Protection (16 Hyd 2023)

Aaron Bell: Newcastle-under-Lyme is going through its local plan process at the moment. I welcome the fact that the Conservative-led administration has reduced the overall number of new homes to 7,000, from the 11,500 in the previous, Labour-led local plan, which would have carpeted over our green spaces, as the Leader of the Opposition seemingly wants to do everywhere. Nevertheless, some people are...

Conference Adjournment (19 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Brent North (Barry Gardiner), and it is always a pleasure to contribute to debates that raise matters before an Adjournment, because they are so eclectic and we can learn so much about the constituencies of other Members. Like other Members, I pay particular tribute to the hon. Member for Mitcham and Morden (Siobhain McDonagh) for her very...

UK Export Performance (18 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for giving way. I very much enjoyed our trip to the United States earlier this summer as part of the British-American Parliamentary Group exchange. He will know that the reason there is not a trade deal with America is because of the state of American politics and the protectionism we have seen from the Democratic Administration through the Inflation...

UK Export Performance (18 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: It is a pleasure to follow the shadow Minister. I can assure him that I am quite capable of highlighting Labour’s flip-flops and U-turns by myself, but I thank him for the insinuation, and for the suggestion that I might be up to writing questions for the Whips one day. I start by thanking both Ministers on the Government Front Bench for their engagement with Newcastle-under-Lyme businesses...

UK Export Performance (18 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: I am interested to hear what the shadow Minister has to say about the Brexit situation and renegotiating with the EU, because in the Financial Times at the weekend, we see that “Keir Starmer pledges to seek major rewrite of Brexit deal”, when in 2020, The Guardian’s headline was, “Labour will not seek major changes to UK’s relationship with the EU”. Which is it? Why is the Leader...

UK Export Performance (18 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: The Minister mentioned the UK’s performance in services. We are the third largest country in the world for artificial intelligence, behind only the US and China. Does he agree that investing in our services and exporting them will become only more important as we move towards the AI revolution?

Safety of School Buildings ( 6 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Salford and Eccles (Rebecca Long Bailey), my fellow Science, Innovation and Technology Committee member. We began this debate with a bit of a lecture from the shadow Education Secretary, who presumed to tell us what the nature of government was. Government involves difficult decisions; it involves responding to events, but it also involves...

Northern Ireland: Public Finances ( 6 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: What steps his Department is taking to ensure the sustainability of Northern Ireland’s public finances.

Northern Ireland: Public Finances ( 6 Med 2023)

Aaron Bell: I thank my hon. Friend for his answer. I congratulate him and the Secretary of State on their anniversaries and pay tribute to them for all they have done in the past year. Some have suggested that we could reform the Barnett formula to address the sustainability of public finances in Northern Ireland, but does my hon. Friend agree that that is not a silver bullet, and that trade-offs will...

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