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National Grid: Pylons — [Mrs Pauline Latham in the Chair] ( 2 Mai 2024)

Mark Fletcher: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mrs Latham. I must apologise that the Minister responsible, my hon. Friend the Member for North Swindon (Justin Tomlinson), was unable to be here today, as he is otherwise engaged. I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Boston and Skegness (Matt Warman) on securing this debate. As I listened to some of the contributions, I did regret...

National Grid: Pylons — [Mrs Pauline Latham in the Chair] ( 2 Mai 2024)

Mark Fletcher: I thank my right hon. Friend for that intervention. I am not empowered to give that particular positive response, but he has already called on me throughout the debate to respect beauty, and I hear what he has said loud and clear. Elsewhere, overhead lines should be the strong starting presumption, but this remains flexible, and undergrounding may be used in other areas in certain...

National Grid: Pylons — [Mrs Pauline Latham in the Chair] ( 2 Mai 2024)

Mark Fletcher: I thank the hon. Gentleman for that contribution. I have to be incredibly careful when it comes to the specifics of individual projects. He will appreciate, as he mentioned in his own speech, that there is a quasi-judicial role for the Department and for the Secretary of State, so he will forgive me if I do not comment on a specific case. I recognise the concerns that communities have about...

Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill (23 Chw 2024)

Mark Fletcher: Resign!

Storm Babet: Flooding (23 Hyd 2023)

Mark Fletcher: I was grateful to the Environment Agency for a call earlier updating me on the situation in Derbyshire, which has been particularly badly affected by the flooding. We remain nervous about the impact of potential rainfall this evening, but generally we are moving to the recovery phase. I place on record my thanks to all the communities and authorities who have been so brilliant this weekend....

HMPPS Update ( 7 Med 2023)

Mark Fletcher: I echo the comments of the Chair of the Justice Committee about the tone and thoroughness of the Lord Chancellor’s statement, and particularly his commitment to leaving no stone unturned. However, the presence of strapping on the underside of the vehicle would seem to indicate that some planning was involved. As well as the Lord Chancellor’s questions about protocols and staffing...

Business of the House ( 7 Med 2023)

Mark Fletcher: Car insurance firms often increase premiums after a crash even if the accident is caused entirely by the negligence of another driver. For one of my constituents, Ageas increased her premium by 40% after filing a no-fault claim, despite the fact that the car was parked legally and my constituent was not even in the vehicle when the crash happened. This is because, statistically, those who...

Cabinet Office: Topical Questions ( 7 Med 2023)

Mark Fletcher: Over the summer I once again visited Rolls-Royce and met some of its brilliant apprentices, and last year, with the armed forces parliamentary scheme, I was shadowing our Royal Navy. It is clear that some of the challenges on nuclear skills are mirrored in the military and the private sector. What is the Cabinet Office doing to bring together extra work and extra career paths, so that those...

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 6 Med 2023)

Mark Fletcher: Two weeks ago the Government announced that the Bolsover School’s bid for a sixth form in my constituency has been successful. Across the country, some 52% of school leavers at 16 years old go on to a sixth form, but in Bolsover it is 23%, in Clowne it is 22%, and in Shirebrook it is 7%. Will the Prime Minister join me in thanking the Redhill Academy Trust, Matthew Hall, the headteacher...

Work and Pensions: Benefit Fraud ( 4 Med 2023)

Mark Fletcher: What recent progress his Department has made on tackling benefit fraud.

Work and Pensions: Benefit Fraud ( 4 Med 2023)

Mark Fletcher: During the pandemic, the Government rightly got support out to people as quickly as possible, but that inevitably meant that errors were made and some people took advantage of the situation. What is being done to clamp down on fraud and errors in universal credit?

Business of the House (13 Gor 2023)

Mark Fletcher: Some 11 months ago, a constituent received a parking charge notice from District Enforcement Limited, but he is having great difficulty getting in touch with the company to dispute it. I have since contacted the company nine times, including via email and in writing to its corporate address, but received just one response, which did not provide any support. It is entirely unacceptable that...

Energy Security and Net Zero: Topical Questions ( 4 Gor 2023)

Mark Fletcher: Our domestic nuclear sector and our military are struggling to recruit and retain enough nuclear engineers. What discussions is the Minister having with the sector and the Department for Education to create a long-term workforce plan to solve the issue?

Energy Security and Net Zero: Nuclear Fusion: Energy Provision (23 Mai 2023)

Mark Fletcher: What assessment he has made of the potential merits of developing nuclear fusion technology to provide energy.

Energy Security and Net Zero: Nuclear Fusion: Energy Provision (23 Mai 2023)

Mark Fletcher: With the West Burton spherical tokamak for energy production plan, we have the opportunity to further solidify the east midlands as the home of the UK nuclear sector. What assessment has my right hon. Friend made of the economic benefits to the east midlands of that plant?

Victims and Prisoners Bill (15 Mai 2023)

Mark Fletcher: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Rotherham (Sarah Champion) and indeed to follow my hon. Friend the Member for Burton (Kate Kniveton). We have heard some outstanding speeches in this debate on a huge range of issues, but for someone to speak of their own personal experiences of the criminal justice system, to try to empower others and to recreate that system so that it is...

Reforms to NHS Dentistry (27 Ebr 2023)

Mark Fletcher: I, too, extend my thanks to the Backbench Business Committee, the hon. Member for Bradford South (Judith Cummins) and my hon. Friend the Member for Waveney (Peter Aldous) for this debate. A number of speakers have covered the general points around dentistry and the issues many of our constituencies are facing and have outlined many of the things that need to happen and need to be in the...

Business of the House (27 Ebr 2023)

Mark Fletcher: A number of constituents have written to me in recent weeks pointing out that fuel prices at forecourts in my constituency seem to be higher than others of the same brands nearby, and that the prices in my constituency seem to drop at a slower rate. I have previously written to Tesco about its forecourt in Clowne; it said that it determines the cost of fuel with reference to the prices set by...

Gambling Act Review White Paper (27 Ebr 2023)

Mark Fletcher: I welcome today’s statement and look forward to reading the measures in the White Paper. However, there is a sense of déjà vu in that every time we look to clamp down on an area in which vulnerable people are being exploited and the gambling industry profits from that vulnerability, the sector moves on to find a new platform or new method by which it can exploit. What confidence does the...

Ukraine (27 Ebr 2023)

Mark Fletcher: I, too, am surprised at the tone taken by the shadow Secretary of State in this urgent question. The support we have continued to give Ukraine is a great source of pride. Will the Minister say what efforts we are making to replenish our own stocks of weapons? Our generosity has come at a cost, and it is important that Britain continues to keep its own arms ready for any eventuality.

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