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Knife Crime Awareness Week (21 Mai 2024)

Kate Kniveton: In my constituency, the Streetwise Young People’s Project has had significant success in raising awareness among young people of the dangers of carrying knives. Does the hon. Lady agree that education plays a critical role in preventing knife crime? It is vital that we do all we can to support community-led initiatives that deliver vital education and mentoring to our children.

Presumption of Parental Involvement in Child Arrangements (13 Maw 2024)

Kate Kniveton: I am grateful to have the chance to speak in the Chamber on the presumption of parental involvement in child arrangements. When I was elected, I made a promise to be an advocate for victims of domestic abuse. At that time, I had no idea that the court proceedings between my ex-husband and me would continue for another four years, restricting my ability to raise publicly the horrors of the...

Presumption of Parental Involvement in Child Arrangements (13 Maw 2024)

Kate Kniveton: I thank my right hon. Friend. Despite the landmark ruling that I achieved, my time within the family court system was far from over. Despite the Court confirming that my child’s father was abusive and a rapist, it was decided that contact should continue through a contact centre and that I should pay for 50% of the cost of that contact. I could not believe that anyone felt my child, whom I...

Presumption of Parental Involvement in Child Arrangements (13 Maw 2024)

Kate Kniveton: I thank my hon. Friend, and I absolutely agree with his point. Domestic abuse is something that happens behind closed doors. If people do not speak out about it, perpetrators will know that it is going to stay behind closed doors. That is why I agreed to the publication of my judgment, in the hope that it will encourage more people to speak out and that it will help future victims and...

Financial Risk Checks for Gambling — [Sir Edward Leigh in the Chair] (26 Chw 2024)

Kate Kniveton: Many of my constituents enjoy the time-honoured tradition of having a bet at the races at the fantastic Uttoxeter racecourse in my patch. They are concerned that the proposals for an annual £500 net loss threshold, which, as the hon. Lady has already said, equates to just £1.37 a day, will lead to intrusive checks, limiting their freedom to spend their money on an activity of their...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Dentistry: Burton ( 1 Chw 2024)

Kate Kniveton: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, how many dentists have been recruited in Burton and Uttoxeter since the launch of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Dentistry: Burton (30 Ion 2024)

Kate Kniveton: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what steps her Department is taking to increase the capacity of NHS dentists in Burton and Uttoxeter.

Economic Growth (14 Tach 2023)

Kate Kniveton: I refer Members to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. It is an honour to speak in the first King’s Speech debate in over 70 years, and I pay tribute to His Majesty the King for the grace and dignity with which he has taken up his duties and delivered his first Gracious Speech. There is much to welcome in this Gracious Speech, which sets out long-term measures to...

Prime Minister: Engagements (25 Hyd 2023)

Kate Kniveton: I support the Government’s plans to build more homes and ease housing shortages. However, I have significant concerns about the impacts of developments on our ageing drainage systems and the potential flooding risk this poses, as we are seeing in places such as the Hazelwalls development in Uttoxeter. What steps will the Government take to ensure that, as more houses are built, existing...

Education: Topical Questions (23 Hyd 2023)

Kate Kniveton: Like all county councils, Staffordshire County Council is struggling with the rising demand for special educational needs and disabilities support in schools, and with lengthy delays in issuing education, health and care plans. That is leaving children and families with a lack of vital support and appropriate education for their needs. What steps are the Government taking to tackle the...

Rape and Sexual Violence: Criminal Justice Response (10 Gor 2023)

Kate Kniveton: Does my hon. Friend agree that, in order to rid victims of the feeling of shame associated with rape and to encourage more victims to speak out, the investigation of rape must focus on the suspect, rather than the undermining and digital strip searching of the victim?

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: House Building (10 Gor 2023)

Kate Kniveton: What steps his Department is taking to support house building.

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: House Building (10 Gor 2023)

Kate Kniveton: With the growth in development of new housing across my constituency, we must ensure that adequate provisions are in place to meet the essential needs of residents, such as at the Bramshall Meadows development, where residents are waiting for the play space they were promised, and at Branston Locks, where new healthcare services are needed to support that development. Can the Minister provide...

Prime Minister: Engagements (21 Meh 2023)

Kate Kniveton: I welcome the steps the Prime Minister is taking to stop illegal, dangerous and unnecessary small boast crossings, which are overwhelming our asylum system, but I have to raise significant concerns about a recent decision to stand up a third hotel in Burton, as well as increase capacity at another hotel by 64%. That will have a serious knock-on effect on our response to homelessness and rough...

Written Answers — Department for Science, Innovation and Technology: Online Safety Bill: Women (20 Meh 2023)

Kate Kniveton: To ask the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, whether her Department has made an assessment of the potential merits of including a Violence Against Women and Girls Code of Practice in the Online Safety Bill.

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Recycling: Public Consultation (13 Meh 2023)

Kate Kniveton: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, when the Government plans to publish its response to the Consistency in Household and business recycling in England consultation.

Victims and Prisoners Bill (15 Mai 2023)

Kate Kniveton: I rise to speak in support of the Bill. I welcome the Government’s commitment to improving support and services for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. I want to speak in relation to part 1, and specifically how it affects those who have been victims of those crimes. The impact of domestic abuse is staggering. I know what affect it had on my own life. Nationally, in the last year...

Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - Income Tax (Charge) (20 Maw 2023)

Kate Kniveton: I rise in support of the Chancellor’s spring Budget and today’s debate, focused on technology and science. On this topic, I am delighted to represent a constituency that offers huge potential to help us harness British ingenuity and make us a science and technology superpower. This Budget takes important steps towards achieving that goal, and my constituency of Burton and Uttoxeter in the...

Home Department: Violence against Women and Girls: Charge Rates (20 Maw 2023)

Kate Kniveton: I welcome last week’s announcement by the Government which will lead to tougher sentences for domestic abusers who kill their partners or ex-partners. Can my hon. Friend confirm that this Government will always do everything possible to protect vulnerable women and girls and deliver justice to those who attack or threaten them?

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