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Home Insulation - Question (14 Mai 2024)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, there is a growing need for this sort of endeavour. I am not sure whether the Minister is aware that, over in the United States, ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence is currently consuming 4% of America’s electricity generation. It is forecast that, by the end of this decade, six years away, it will be 20% to 25%. Are the Government making any plans to prepare for greater...

HMRC Self-assessment Helpline - Commons Urgent Question (26 Maw 2024)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, I pay tribute to my noble friend Lord Cormack. What a privilege it was, along with others from your Lordships’ House and the other place, to be at his funeral yesterday in Lincoln Cathedral. Is my noble friend the Minister satisfied and content with the advice given by the current board of HMRC? I declare my interest of having worked on a private sector board with a current member...

Business of the House - Announcement (17 Gor 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, when the House sits as late as it may tonight and tomorrow morning, expenses are provided to certain House staff. I understand that, following a recent late sitting, after 6 am—when it is not impossible we will be sitting at again—some staff were not allowed to claim expenses for travel. Can my noble friend please have a look at that?

Missing Asylum Seeking Unaccompanied Children - Question (10 Gor 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, frankly, I am ashamed of the Minister’s previous answer. I think people in this House and the wider community would have preferred his answer to be that it was a mistake to paint over those murals and that a contract will be commissioned to repaint them. We are a welcoming country. While I accept that the Government’s Bill is needed to deter people, it is time we showed some...

Income Tax Threshold - Question ( 4 Gor 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, yesterday the Competition and Markets Authority showed that consumers were charged 6p a litre more than wholesale prices justified. Obviously, those excess profits will be taxed. Do the Government think they should be taxed at more than the current rate?

Public Order Act 1986 (Serious Disruption to the Life of the Community) Regulations 2023 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion (13 Meh 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: I have been here for only four years, and I am still learning. The noble Lord said earlier that if this statutory instrument is voted down, the other House could be asked to think again and it could bring it back. My understanding is that a statutory instrument cannot be brought back.

Archbishops’ Commission on Families and Households: Love Matters Report - Question (13 Meh 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, I declare my interest as a patron of Dingley’s Promise and thank my noble friend the Minister for her comments on investment and funding. I particularly congratulate the Government on their investment through the safety valve fund and acknowledge that £6.9 million has just been given to Wokingham Borough Council, which is the next-but-one authority to where I live.

Business of the House ( 8 Meh 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: I agree with everything my noble friend said. I was one of the Peers here—there were about 80 of us for the majority of the time. I put on record my sincere thanks to all the House staff who supported us, such as the doorkeepers and so on.

Residential Leasehold - Question (17 Mai 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, earlier my noble friend Lord Young of Cookham presented a choice for leaseholders today. I think the Minister has just indicated that leaseholders should wait. Maybe she meant they should continue to weigh up their options until things become clearer.

Ukraine - Statement (15 Mai 2023)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, despite the subject, it is a rare pleasure to see such unity across your Lordships’ House and in the other place on a goal. I thank the Minister for her ongoing transparency, to the best of her abilities, and for answering the questions from all sides of the House on this initiative. I urge the Government to do as much as they can to maintain information and transparency to the...

Liaison Committee - Motion to Agree (15 Rha 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, very briefly, I have sat on the Children and Families Act post-legislative scrutiny committee this year, and one of our findings was that the committee taking eight years to sit was rather too long. I concur with my noble friends that we should try as often as possible to have a post-legislative scrutiny committee every year.

NHS: Agency Doctors and Nurses - Question (14 Rha 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, the Opposition target the abolition of a particular tax to raise funds to put into the NHS, but does my noble friend believe that is the silver bullet they purport it to be?

Voter Identification Regulations 2022 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion (13 Rha 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, I will be brief. Like the noble Baroness, Lady Blower, who was in her place a moment ago, and others, this year I sat on a Select Committee of post-legislative scrutiny for the Children and Families Act 2014. One of our findings was that it was quite inadequate to be doing that review eight years after the legislation was implemented. While I support the SIs today—and I have some...

NHS: Waiting Lists and Increased Spending - Question (22 Tach 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, with the increasing conflict between inputs and outputs that the noble Lord, Lord Reid, mentioned earlier, does my noble friend the Minister agree that the need and time for a royal commission on the NHS is fast approaching?

Nursing: Recruitment - Question (26 Hyd 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, I raised the subject of agency nurses in my maiden speech. In the private sector, it is quite common that if you receive training by an employer and leave within a certain period of time, you repay the cost of that training. If nurses qualify and then transfer to become an agency nurse and rip off hospital trusts, as we heard earlier from the noble Baroness opposite, should they...

Ukraine - Commons Urgent Question (12 Hyd 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, I welcome everything that my noble friend has said. With this awful illegal war dragging on and potential escalation, have the Government made an assessment of Ukraine fatigue setting in in the public mood and mainstream media in this country?

Schools: Financial Education - Question (12 Gor 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, when the Financial Services Authority—the precursor to the Financial Conduct Authority—was established, one of its key objectives was to provide education to children in this country. Would my noble friend agree that it is more than just for government policy to provide widespread financial education to children?

Civil Servants: Reduction of Numbers - Question (24 Maw 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, as we strive to get value for money for the taxpayer and we move on from the pandemic and exiting the European Union, can my noble friend indicate to the House if there is a cost differential between the peak and the target?

Green Skills - Question ( 9 Maw 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, I join the Minister in paying tribute to Lord Tebbit, who was inspirational to me, as an 18 year old, to get involved in politics, and I thank him for all his service. I have a background in recruitment: can the Minister tell me how many individuals he estimates would be needed in, say, the next five years to join a green skills workforce?

Global Refugee Forum - Question ( 7 Maw 2022)

Lord Brownlow of Shurlock Row: My Lords, there was a moving interview on the television this morning of a 25 year-old who has bought a bus and is going to Ukraine to bring orphans back and move people around. Could the Minister tell me what support the Government will give to such people, who are going into this danger zone of their own accord?

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