Canlyniadau 1–20 o 118 ar gyfer speaker:Fiona Onasanya

Local Government and Social Care Funding (24 Ebr 2019)

Fiona Onasanya: It is an honour to participate in this debate and a pleasure to follow my hon. Friend the Member for York Central (Rachael Maskell). We were told last year by both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor that austerity is over. I beg to differ, because austerity is alive and well in Peterborough. Our revenue support grant is just £10 million this year, which means that it has been cut by more...

Written Answers — Home Office: Deportation: Human Trafficking (24 Ion 2019)

Fiona Onasanya: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what his policy is on police forces passing to his Department information on victims of trafficking offences who are in the UK unlawfully in order to facilitate their deportation.

Written Answers — Home Office: Asylum: Housing (21 Ion 2019)

Fiona Onasanya: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what are the minimum standards of (a) physical accommodation and (b) assistance G4S are required to provide to asylum seekers under the terms of their contract with the Home Office.

Housing, Communities and Local Government: Leasehold Reform (10 Rha 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: Will the Government back Labour by announcing an inquiry into the mis-selling of leaseholds?

European Union (Withdrawal) Act: 1st Allotted Day ( 4 Rha 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: At this time of year, we all recall the age-old saying that it is better to give than to receive. However, that should not have been the Prime Minister’s approach when negotiating the deal. In my humble opinion, we have given so much, yet received so little. The shambolic Brexit negotiations have gone on for too long. From an indefinite backstop and extended transition period to the lack of...

Budget Resolutions - Income Tax (Charge) (30 Hyd 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: It is a pleasure to follow my hon. Friend the Member for Sheffield Central (Paul Blomfield) in this important debate. It is important that we pay attention to the fact that the Prime Minister announced the end of austerity, yet yesterday it was announced that austerity is “coming to an end”. Which is it and when will this be? Austerity was a political choice, not an economic necessity....

Budget Resolutions - Income Tax (Charge) (30 Hyd 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: I thank the hon. Lady for her intervention. Yes, I know that very well about the PFI, which is why Labour is seeking to end PFIs. [Interruption.] Before she says that we signed it, I would like to talk about now and the fact that PFIs actually came in under John Major. Talking about now, Government are pursuing efficiency to the point of ineffectiveness. I end on this poignant note:...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Hyd 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: Given the £1.2 million-worth of cuts per year since 2014 to children’s services in my constituency, does the Prime Minister believe we have adequate resources for special educational needs and disabilities in Peterborough?

Employment and Support Allowance Underpayments (18 Hyd 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: For the record, as stats were published yesterday, this could not have been raised on Monday. The Secretary of State advised that the disabled would be better off under universal credit. Where can those calculations be found? Other statistics have shown that the disabled will be worse off—this affects 750,000 people. Furthermore, constituents have written to me regarding work capability...

Women and Equalities: Topical Questions (13 Med 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: My constituent came to the United Kingdom when she was 12, but her immigration status consistently made education, work and benefits inaccessible. She now faces being deported for being unable to contribute financially to the system. What steps is the Department taking to support black and minority ethnic women who are suffering at the hands of the Government’s immigration policy?

Delegated Legislation: Personal Independence Payments (11 Med 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: The fact that 69% of decisions that go to appeal are overturned surely shows that there is a significant flaw in the system. If decisions are being overturned 69% of the time, how can the Government say they are doing the right thing?

Housing, Communities and Local Government: New Homes for Social Rent (23 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: What recent assessment he has made of trends in the level of new homes available for social rent since 2010.

Housing, Communities and Local Government: New Homes for Social Rent (23 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: In the Housing Secretary’s council area of Bexley, 270 social rented homes were built in 2010, but not a single one was built last year. There is a housing crisis in his area, just as there is in Peterborough and across the country, so would it not be better for his constituents and mine if he reversed the huge funding cuts that this Government have made to social housing?

Points of Order (18 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: On a point of order, Mr Speaker.

Points of Order (18 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: Mr Speaker, I would be grateful for your guidance. I have written to the Prime Minister regarding a constituent of mine who fell afoul of the undercover policing inquiry. I wrote to her on 20 March setting out that, on 12 March 2016, when she was Home Secretary, she established an inquiry into undercover policing. I have not had the courtesy of a reply, and I do not know whether there is...

The Secretary of State’S Handling of Universal Credit (11 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: I am slightly concerned that the Secretary of State feels that highlighting the fact that it appears that the House has been misled is now turning into a personal attack, because that is certainly not my intention. My intention is to raise awareness of what is really going on in our constituencies and what people are coming up against. I understand that this is a censure motion, but that is...

The Secretary of State’S Handling of Universal Credit (11 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: I thank the hon. Gentleman for his intervention, but I do not accept his comments. I am seeking to convey my points in this tone because people are at the centre of this discussion. This is not about politics that are devoid of compassion. That would make this place just a debating chamber, and that is not what it is about. We are seeking to help the individuals who need this assistance....

The Secretary of State’S Handling of Universal Credit (11 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: I do not believe that that is what the system was meant to do. That is evidently a glitch that needs to be rectified. This goes back to what I was saying about test and learn. If we can see that there is a problem like that, why would we not pause and fix it before continuing the roll-out? It is almost like still driving a vehicle with a punctured tyre—we are running on the rim and the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Leaving the EU: Ports ( 5 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: The Government have moved from saying they want trade with the EU post-Brexit to be tariff-free to saying that they want it to be as tariff-free as possible. In which sectors of the economy and industry does the Secretary of State think it will be acceptable for there to be tariffs?

Speech, Language and Communication Support for Children — [Ms Nadine Dorries in the Chair] ( 4 Gor 2018)

Fiona Onasanya: I thank the hon. Lady for securing this important debate. She is eloquently explaining the factors that inhibit our children’s development of communication skills. It is more than 10 years since Mr Speaker produced his first report, so does the hon. Lady agree that it is now time to implement its recommendations? In my constituency there is a lady called Helena, who was diagnosed with...

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