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Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Ministry of Defence: Harrow East ( 4 Tach 2019)

Kirstene Hair: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what assessment his Department has made of the effect on the local economy in Angus constituency of (a) spending and (b) investment by (i) his Department and (ii) the armed forces since 2015.

Written Answers — Scotland Office: Whisky: Scotland (31 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland, what assessment he has made of (a) trends in the level of investment in the Scotch Whisky industry and (b) the effect of that investment on the UK economy in the last five years.

Written Answers — Scotland Office: Whisky: Scotland (31 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland, what assessment he has made of the contribution of the Scotch Whisky industry to tourism in the UK.

Shared Rural Network (28 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: May I thank my right hon. Friend and the Prime Minister for the breakneck speed at which they have turned this around following my PMQ last Wednesday on this very subject? This is obviously very welcome news to my constituents and businesses and a real boost to the local economy, and it is great to see the UK Government working with the mobile providers. It is good news for everyone in Angus....

The Economy (24 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Is it not because of the hard work of this UK Government to balance the economy that we are spending more in the devolved nations, with an extra £1.2 billion for Scotland in the latest spending review? Does he agree that that is in stark contrast to the shadow Chancellor, who would enable a second independence referendum in Scotland on a whim, despite the will of the Scottish people, who do...

Prime Minister: Engagements (23 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Connectivity across Angus is one of the most urgent issues in my constituency and I want to see full coverage: mobile roll-out throughout my constituency. I therefore wholeheartedly support the shared rural network initiative, which is a joint initiative between the Government and the four main mobile providers ensuring that we have masts in “not spot” areas and reciprocal agreements...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Topical Questions (22 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: I was delighted to hear that Seagreen wind farm off the coast of Angus was successful in its bid in the UK Government contract for difference auction. It will be the most powerful wind farm throughout the United Kingdom and will have the ability to power up to 40% of Scottish homes. Would the Minister like to come to Angus and see the impact it is already having on our local economy? The...

Prime Minister’s Statement (19 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: I think it important that other voices from Scotland are asking Scottish MPs to vote for this deal, such as the National Farmers Union of Scotland, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, the Federation of Small Businesses, the Scottish Chambers of Commerce and the Scotch Whisky Association. They all believe that it is best for industry, the economy and jobs. Scottish Conservatives will vote...

Women and Equalities: Gender Pay Gap (17 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Flexible working gives many parents with young children an equal chance to work, and they would therefore support the narrowing of the gender pay gap. Does my hon. Friend agree that all job advertisements should specify whether the jobs are flexible, and that employees should have the right to request that flexibility?

Debate on the Address: Public Services (16 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Slough (Mr Dhesi), although I am not sure that many Members on the Government Benches will agree with his assessment of the Queen’s Speech. The Queen’s Speech presented to Parliament this week was an opportunity for the Government to get on with their domestic agenda, focusing on public services and aiming to deliver what the people want us...

Debate on the Address: Public Services (16 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Hopefully, when the legislation comes back to the House, we will be able to fast-track it through this place. We will have even better legislation because we will have had that debate before. A positive immigration scheme is exactly what we want and exactly what Scottish Conservatives have been standing up for. We must never forget that migrants are absolutely welcome to our country and add...

Debate on the Address: Public Services (16 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Will the hon. Lady give way?

Debate on the Address: Public Services (16 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: I very much thank the hon. Lady for eventually giving way. [Interruption.] Well, it seems to be a reoccurring incident, where Scottish Conservatives are not allowed to intervene in debates when the Scottish nationalists are leading on them. She is talking about immigration and she is inevitably going to suggest that immigration should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, but does she...

Preparations for Leaving the EU ( 8 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Without access to tens of thousands of seasonal workers, our soft fruit industry in Angus and across the UK will suffer. Will my right hon. Friend confirm that he recognises the importance of having a mechanism in place to ensure a smooth route for businesses to continue to function by having access to labour in a no-deal situation?

Us Tariffs: Scotch Whisky ( 7 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: I welcome the Minister’s commitment to trying to protect the industries that could be affected if these tariffs come into place. I also welcome the UK Government’s commitment—specifically, when there are an additional 12 Scottish Conservative MPs—on support for the spirits industry across Scotland and in Angus. I ask him for reassurances that in an upcoming Budget, he will look...

Domestic Abuse Bill ( 2 Hyd 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Let me say how powerful it is in this place to have such strong consensus on this important Bill, which focuses on England and Wales. Research shows that domestic abuse can last up to 25% longer in rural areas, as there are more complex obstacles to people exiting these situations and the police resources are spread over a vaster geographical area. Will the Minister therefore confirm that the...

Brexit Readiness: Operation Yellowhammer (25 Med 2019)

Kirstene Hair: While Scottish Conservative Members actively want a deal, Scottish nationalist Members are actively pursuing no deal, because they have no desire to support any deal put to this House. Does my right hon. Friend agree that it is better that the two Governments of Scotland work together? Will he explain what conversations he has had with the Scottish Government? Does he know how much of the...

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Biodegradability ( 9 Med 2019)

Kirstene Hair: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, whether he has had discussions with the Scottish Government on the Scottish Government's targets relating to the ending of biodegradable municipal waste being sent to landfill by 2021.

Uk Shared Prosperity Fund ( 5 Med 2019)

Kirstene Hair: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?

Spending Round 2019 ( 4 Med 2019)

Kirstene Hair: I warmly welcome the spending review. I welcome the extra £1.2 billion for Scotland and the extra £160 million for our farmers, and I was delighted to note the increase in Ministry of Defence spending. I urge the SNP Scottish Government to spend that money on education, health, policing, and connectivity in my constituency. Does the Chancellor agree that what we should be doing—what the...

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