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Valedictory Debate ( 5 Tach 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: I might have guessed, Madam Deputy Speaker. I will, of course, abide by your strictures. It is an absolute pleasure to follow the hon. Member for City of Durham (Dr Blackman-Woods), who made a typically thoughtful speech. It is great to follow a Member with a double-barrelled name; I fear there will be too few of us after the forthcoming election. It is also a pleasure to follow my hon....

Written Answers — Treasury: Alpha Insurance (29 Hyd 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, what assessment he has made of the effect on Alpha insurance customers of the decision by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to award only premium insurance refunds to those people following the bankruptcy of that company.

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Topical Questions ( 7 Hyd 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: On Friday, I visited the new Barnstaple Work Club, a fantastic initiative giving support to those seeking employment, particularly those with disabilities. Will the Minister join me in welcoming this new initiative and in thanking the volunteers as well as Barnstaple library for hosting it?

Health Infrastructure Plan (30 Med 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: I thank the Minister and the Health Secretary for the announcement that North Devon is one of the areas that will benefit from investment. I thank the Minister and his predecessors for listening to all the lobbying and campaigning, which proves the truth, Mr Speaker, of your oft-repeated mantra that persistence pays. Will he accept an invitation to come and visit North Devon with me, to work...

Education: Topical Questions ( 9 Med 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: May I thank the Minister for listening to all our lobbying about the need for North Devon schools to have their funding equalised fairly? That investment will make a huge difference. Will he now come back to North Devon to see what a difference it will make, and to thank staff and students for all their hard work?

Written Answers — Home Office: Asylum (24 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many asylum-seekers crossed the Channel between November 2018 and January 2019 inclusive; and of those how many (a) were returned to France for processing of their asylum applications, (b) have been granted asylum in the UK and (c) have applications being processed in the UK.

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Tourism Sector Deal (16 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: What plans he has to establish a tourism sector deal under the Industrial Strategy.

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Tourism Sector Deal (16 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: As the Secretary of State will know, the best place to visit as a tourist is, of course, North Devon. I welcome the publication of the tourism sector deal, but will he look favourably on the granting of tourism zone status to my constituency? Will he also join me in thanking all those who work so hard at this time of year in the tourism and hospitality industries, especially the North Devon...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Topical Questions (16 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: Do Ministers agree that improving the whole A303, A30 and A358 corridor would remove a significant barrier to growth across the south-west and North Devon?

Business of the House: NHS Procurement and Subcontractor Exclusion ( 4 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: I take an interest in this matter because I have a large and very successful district hospital in my constituency. I listened with care to what the hon. Member for Bury South (Mr Lewis) said. It seems to me that what we want in public procurement—not just in the NHS, but across the public service—is for the best contractor to do the best job at the best price for the public purse, but...

Business of the House: NHS Procurement and Subcontractor Exclusion ( 4 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: Notwithstanding the note that the Minister might just have been passed—[Interruption.] This is an important point. I have mentioned already the fine hospital that I have in my constituency, but I also have many fine SMEs, which need to be on a level playing field when it comes to being able to tender for these sorts of procurement contracts. What I am looking for the Minister to give me...

Social Security Claimant Deaths ( 4 Gor 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: From my work in the Department, I know that Ministers take this issue extremely seriously, and they will be concerned to hear about the cases that were reasonably and sensitively raised by the hon. Member for Oldham East and Saddleworth (Debbie Abrahams). Will the Minister confirm that whenever a claimant dies, a thorough review is undertaken by the Department and that that is the right...

European Council (24 Meh 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: I turn to the issue of internet security, which was brought up at the Council. Does the Prime Minister agree that, yes, we want the UK to be the best place in the world to run an internet-based business—there is a high number of successful such businesses in North Devon—but also that it needs to be the safest place for people, especially young people, to go online?

Health and Social Care: Mental Health Services (18 Meh 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: What steps he is taking to ensure the long-term provision of adequate mental health services.

Health and Social Care: Mental Health Services (18 Meh 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: Across the country there is a real challenge in recruiting qualified mental health nurses. Will the Minister work with me and the Devon Partnership NHS Trust to encourage as many qualified professionals as we can to come to work at the excellent in-patient wards at North Devon District Hospital?

Free TV Licences: over-75S (11 Meh 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: I worked for the BBC on and off for 20 years and it is an organisation that I love. I am not now and will never be a Tory Beeb basher, but on this, it has got it wrong. The BBC gets a guaranteed income from licence fee payers of £4 billion a year in a deal that the BBC was eager and enthusiastic to accept, because that gave it a guaranteed cash income that commercial organisations can only...

Petition - Funding for Russell Hall Primary School: Farming Community: Suicide (22 Mai 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: My hon. Friend is making an excellent speech. This issue concerns us in North Devon, as a largely rural and farming community. Sadly, across Devon and the south-west, the number of suicides is higher than the national average. That is partly being tackled by the excellent work he describes. Does he agree that a lot of good work can also be done in the local community, by talking, listening...

TV Licences for over-75S ( 8 Mai 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for St Helens South and Whiston (Ms Rimmer), but I have to say that it is a shame this debate has descended into party politics. Actually, it should be about the future of the BBC—how the BBC’s funding can properly abide by the strictures by which it has to abide and how it is to deliver its services in the future—but we seem to be having a...

TV Licences for over-75S ( 8 Mai 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: I agree with the last part of what my hon. Friend has said. The BBC should absolutely be free to make this decision without political pressure and without the scaremongering that we have, sadly, heard from the Opposition. A point has been made about loneliness. Of course, older people rely very much on the BBC. I represent North Devon, a constituency with a higher than average proportion of...

Severe Disability Premium ( 7 Mai 2019)

Peter Heaton-Jones: Of course people with disabilities must be properly served by our benefits system; I know the Minister well, so I know that he will be working extraordinarily hard to ensure that that happens in his Department. Is it not a fact that universal credit is targeted far more effectively at ensuring that help is given to those who most need it?

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