Canlyniadau 1–20 o 771 ar gyfer speaker:Mike Wood

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Football Governance Bill (23 Mai 2024)

Mike Wood: Before I move the Adjournment, I would like to express my thanks to you, Ms Nokes, to Sir Mark, Sir Christopher and Mr Sharma, to the Clerks of the Committee and to all its members. I wish all those who are standing for re-election the best of luck—but not too much luck, in some cases. I beg to move, That further consideration of the Bill be now adjourned.

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill ( 4 Gor 2023)

Mike Wood: Yes, Chair, either this morning or at the start of the afternoon—whichever is appropriate.

Avanti West Coast Contract Renewal (25 Hyd 2022)

Mike Wood: Many of my constituents in Dudley South have been let down badly by the inability of Avanti West Coast to operate an acceptable level of service. How many more chances will Avanti have before its faces the consequences of its failings?

Crisis in Iran (25 Hyd 2022)

Mike Wood: The brutal regime in Iran is being financed by up to $100 billion a year of sanctions relief, despite delivering almost no concrete action on nuclear non-proliferation. Will my hon. Friend press our international partners to ensure that such sanctions relief is tied to Iran’s delivering on its international obligations?

Economic Update (17 Hyd 2022)

Mike Wood: I know the Chancellor will not have taken the decisions that he has today easily, but he will recognise that the planned increases in alcohol duties will have a devastating impact on many small pubs, small brewers and hospitality businesses. Will he look at how the changes he is making to beer duty in particular can be structured to help rather than harm small hospitality businesses, and...

Written Answers — Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Hospitality Industry: Vacancies (17 Hyd 2022)

Mike Wood: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, what assessment her Department has made of trends in the level of staff shortages in the hospitality sector, and if he will have discussions with representatives from the Hospitality Rising campaign in helping to addressing these shortages.

Prayers - [Mr Speaker in the Chair] : The Growth Plan (23 Med 2022)

Mike Wood: Investment zones have the potential to make a massive contribution to levelling up in areas such as Dudley South. Will the Chancellor reassure my constituents that the more liberalised planning regulations will not mean that communities have to sacrifice precious green belt as the price of an enterprise zone?

Tributes to Her Late Majesty the Queen (10 Med 2022)

Mike Wood: It is a privilege to pay tribute, on behalf of people in Dudley South, to our much-loved late monarch, Queen Elizabeth, and to offer our condolences to His Majesty the King, and to the royal family. There is a poem popular at funerals that begins, “Do not weep that I have gone, but rejoice that I have been.” It seems appropriate, for while we grieve for the loss of a beloved sovereign, we...

UK Energy Costs ( 8 Med 2022)

Mike Wood: The speed and scale of the support announced by the Prime Minister is hugely welcome and, obviously, hugely necessary for the many households that simply could not have afforded energy bills of £3,500. Together with the £400 payments to each household, the £650 to those on low incomes and the £300 to pensioner households, it will make a real difference. I hope that we can have some...

Energy Update ( 5 Med 2022)

Mike Wood: I thank my right hon. Friend for visiting my constituency to meet industrial energy users. It is good that the energy-intensive industries compensation scheme is being extended, but firms in many sectors, such as engineering, glassmaking, ceramics or hospitality, do not qualify for the scheme despite relying on large amounts of energy for their core business, with many facing bill increases...

Home Department: UK and Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership ( 5 Med 2022)

Mike Wood: There are various reports—not all of them accurate—about the limit on the number of people who can be processed under the partnership agreement with Rwanda. What action is being taken to increase capacity in Rwanda to accept more asylum seekers so that the full benefits of the partnership can be realised?

Sir David Amess Summer Adjournment (21 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: While the media’s focus may be on the comings and goings in Westminster, local community groups make a huge difference to the lives of people in Dudley South week in, week out. The last recess covered the platinum jubilee celebrations, and it was a real pleasure to join the events at Oakfield community centre in Brierley Hill, St Mary’s church in Kingswinford and the Dudley Hindu Cultural...

Sir David Amess Summer Adjournment (21 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: My hon. Friend is proud of her local area and flies her flag proudly. As we look at the ongoing Conservative leadership contest, I shall be pressing whoever wins to keep levelling up right at the centre of their agenda, and to make sure that my constituents in Dudley South can have opportunities every bit as good as those enjoyed in other parts of the country. Finally, Mr Deputy Speaker, I...

Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government (18 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: Yes, this House can have confidence in Her Majesty’s Government, because faced with unprecedented challenges over the past three years, it has got far more of the important decisions right than wrong. Have there been mistakes? Of course. I am not aware of any Government, of any nation, even in the most benign times, who could claim to have made none. Of course, these have not been benign...

Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government (18 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: I really do not have time. It was the Prime Minister’s personal intervention—he sent back early drafts of the roll-out strategy—that brought together the NHS, the armed forces and the private sector to get vaccines out quicker than other large countries did. We can be proud that when Russian troops invaded one of our European partners, our Prime Minister did so much to lead...

Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government (18 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: I will tell the right hon. Gentleman what the right response was: it was to co-ordinate the biggest diplomatic response since the end of the cold war. The Prime Minister, then Foreign Secretary, got more diplomatic responses than have been seen in decades. The Prime Minister has many achievements of which he should be proud. His successor will have a strong foundation to build on, thanks to...

Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government (18 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: I really should not. It is for that reason, and many others, that the House should continue to have confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.

Alcohol Taxation ( 7 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: On a point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. I should have drawn the House’s attention to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests relating to the hospitality I have received from, appropriately, the hospitality sector. Can you advise on how I may put that on the record?

Alcohol Taxation ( 7 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: It is a real pleasure to speak in the debate. I congratulate my right hon. Friend the Member for Vale of Glamorgan (Alun Cairns) on securing it at such a vital time for so much in the sector. It is a particular pleasure to speak as chair of the all-party parliamentary beer group, which is the largest APPG in Parliament. A lot of public focus is given to the very real harm that can be caused...

Alcohol Taxation ( 7 Gor 2022)

Mike Wood: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. PubAid estimates that pubs up and down the country contribute more than £100 million every year to charitable activities and community causes, and a further £40 million for grassroots sports in our constituencies, so they really are forces for good in our communities. As my hon. Friends have said, our pubs, brewers and many other parts of the sector have...

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