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Leaving the EU: Workers’ Rights (29 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: Yesterday, I and a number of my colleagues signed early-day motion 57, in the name of my right hon. Friend the Member for Birkenhead (Frank Field), as a public indication of support for the withdrawal agreement Bill through which we would have been able to secure some amendments that would give peace of mind, hopefully to Labour colleagues, that workers’ rights would not be undermined...

Business of the House (28 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: I feel I cannot be alone in being completely and utterly confused, so perhaps the Leader of the House could just explain this to me. Did the Government pass the Second Reading of the withdrawal agreement Bill or not? Did the Government succeed in winning on their Queen’s Speech? I cannot understand why, after just two weeks, this Government seem to be throwing in the towel, rather than...

Environment Bill (28 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: Our environment is the most important resource that we have—no amount of money or social capital can replace the rivers on which we rely for irrigation and water, the soil that we need to grow food, and the air that gives us life. We need to get the Bill right if we want to look our children and grandchildren in the eye and truly say that we have left them with a better future through our...

Home Department: Place-based Crime Prevention (28 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: What assessment has been made of the effectiveness of place-based crime prevention strategies.

Home Department: Place-based Crime Prevention (28 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: Old Market Place and Rutland Street in Great Grimsby have both experienced incredibly violent knife crime, including the on-street killing of a homeless man. Will Operation Galaxy, launched by Humberside police today, look at what changes need to be made to the built environment so that my constituents can feel safe again? Can the Minister also say how much money Humberside police will be...

European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill (22 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: I am sorry to say that there is a difficulty and a fundamental issue of trust in the Prime Minister’s word. If he tells the House that he is committing to reviews of matters such as unfair dismissal protections, including reducing the qualifying period from two years to one year, and anomalies in employee terms and conditions in relation to TUPE regulations, will the Government write into...

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Offshore Wind Industry (22 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: Ørsted recently opened an east coast hub in my constituency. It is committed to providing local employment opportunities as part of its business, but sadly the extension of the non-EEA visa waiver to the offshore wind workers means that some companies can exploit underpaid and overworked foreign labour rather than developing local opportunities. Will the Government commit themselves to...

Business of the House (17 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: In the light of the growth in food banks, discretionary housing payments and reliance on high-rate payday lenders, does the Leader of the House agree that this House should debate the importance of continuing council tax support payments for those with disabilities or on low incomes with children under five?

Debate on the Address: Public Services (16 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: Is not the truth that the proof of this policy pudding is in the eating, and that comes down to the reality of what parents and children see in their schools? In many schools in my Grimsby constituency there is now a policy of non-replacement of support staff. That means there is not enough support to go around for children with special educational needs, those working in offices and those...

Government Plan for Net Zero Emissions — [James Gray in the Chair] ( 8 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: A net zero target is right, but we must be aware in our battle to tackle the climate emergency that time is fleeting. The greenhouse element of carbon dioxide is not a tap we can turn off. Approximately a fifth of the carbon dioxide emitted in the past year will remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years. The damage we cause now will not go away if we decide to start acting responsibly...

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Topical Questions ( 8 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: In June, a 15-year-old and an older accomplice broke into my house to steal my car. Thankfully, Humberside police force was excellent. It found those two and made sure they were imprisoned and put on remand. However, that 15-year-old was released on tag but apparently has removed the tag and stolen two further vehicles, which have been crashed into community buildings and people’s homes....

Written Answers — Home Office: Jon Wedger ( 8 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what steps her Department has taken to investigate allegations made by whistleblower Jon Wedger against the Metropolitan Police.

Written Answers — Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: Social Services: Finance ( 7 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: To ask the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Governement, whether he is consulting on permitting a further two per cent increase to local authority precepts in order to fund social care.

Brexit Negotiations ( 3 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: May I press the Prime Minister on exactly how he plans to ascertain the consent of the people of Northern Ireland? And it is not just about how; when is he going to do that?

Attorney General: Sexual Offences: Prosecution ( 3 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: What recent discussions he has had with the Director of Public Prosecutions on ensuring more effective prosecutions of cases involving rape and other sexual offences.

Attorney General: Sexual Offences: Prosecution ( 3 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: What reason did the Director of Public Prosecutions give for the dreadful 51% drop in CPS prosecutions in these cases since 2014?

Child Maintenance Service: Payment Recovery from Absent Parents ( 2 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: I congratulate the hon. Member for Glenrothes (Peter Grant) on securing this important debate. It is important that the adults on both sides recognise that the money that is reclaimed through the CMS is not for the parents; it is for the child or the children. The breakdown of a relationship can be incredibly difficult; it can be rather tempestuous and emotions can run high. However, it...

Domestic Abuse Bill ( 2 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: I take the opportunity to welcome the tone that is being struck this afternoon. That is incredibly important. On the point that the right hon. and learned Gentleman is making about DAPOs, we already have a system whereby if a person is convicted of a domestic abuse crime, there is a possibility that there will be a light sentence; they could end up with a suspended sentence. That is what...

Community Pharmacies — [Sir David Crausby in the Chair] ( 2 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Sir David, and I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Halifax (Holly Lynch) on securing this important and timely debate on community pharmacies. Those are critical resources at the heart of all the communities in our constituencies and the first port of call for many of us who experience common or low-level health complaints. In the...

Social Care Funding — [Sir Charles Walker in the Chair] ( 1 Hyd 2019)

Melanie Onn: My hon. Friend is making an excellent speech and paints a picture of social care in this country. On 15-minute visits, does she agree that the issue is not just the time limit but the ever-changing individual presence? With vulnerable people, consistency of care and the ability to build up a relationship are equally important.

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