Canlyniadau 1–20 o 238 ar gyfer speaker:Viscount Hanworth

Universities: Financial Sustainability - Question (21 Mai 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: The Minister is doubtless aware that the pension fund of university lecturers is mainly invested in Thames Water. Traditionally, the munificence of the university pension scheme was regarded as a compensation for penurious academic salaries. Is the Minister aware of how difficult it will now be to attract people of talent into the profession, given the collapse of the pension scheme?

Leaseholders: Management Companies - Question (20 Mai 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, is the Minister aware of the extent of a stratagem whereby companies have acquired freeholds with the intention of removing the leaseholder occupants by undertaking works on the properties that the leaseholders cannot possibly afford to pay for? By these means the freeholder expects to compel the occupants to sell up. What redress is there against this stratagem?

High Streets (Designation, Review and Improvement Plan) Bill - Second Reading (17 Mai 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, I should begin by mentioning that I am a current member of the Built Environment Committee, which is engaged in considering the state of Britain’s high streets. The Bill that we are discussing today has excellent intentions and I strongly support it. It proposes that local authorities should have a watching brief over the health and development of a high street in their area and...

High Streets (Designation, Review and Improvement Plan) Bill - Second Reading (17 Mai 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: It is advisory, presumably, but not mandatory.

Transport System: Failings - Motion to Take Note (25 Ebr 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, Britain was once a great innovator in transport. It was the first of the European nations to create a modern transport network. In the late 18th century, John McAdam and Thomas Telford, known to his contemporaries as the Colossus of Roads, were at the forefront of an endeavour to construct a serviceable network of highways that expedited travel in an unprecedented way. At the same...

Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill - Second Reading (27 Maw 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, rent is income derived from the ownership of land or other property. It is an income derived without effort on the part of the owner. The owner would have acquired a title to the property at some time in the past. This may have been achieved by means of their labours or by inheritance, or the title may have been acquired by nefarious means that are nominally legitimate. The British...

Advanced Modular Reactors: Criticality Tests - Question (19 Maw 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assistance they provide to the developers of advanced modular reactors to enable them to conduct criticality tests.

Advanced Modular Reactors: Criticality Tests - Question (19 Maw 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: I thank the Minister for that Answer. Several projects aimed at developing advanced fourth-generation modular reactors are under way in the UK, but they are wilting through a lack of the support that should be forthcoming from the Government. They require licences and test facilities in order to prove their designs. All the leading projects are seeking foreign affiliations and may be lost to...

Higher Education - Motion to Take Note ( 7 Maw 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, it is a familiar aspersion that the scientific and technological innovations that occur in our universities are too slow in giving rise to practical industrial applications that might sustain our economic growth and prosperity. It has been suggested that much of the fault lies with the universities: the academics appear unwilling to become engaged in promoting the fruits of their...

Industrial Strategy - Motion to Take Note ( 1 Chw 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, Britain is in decline. To avert that decline, we need a comprehensive and sustained strategy for encouraging investment in our publicly owned social infrastructure and in our economic infrastructure, which is predominantly in private and corporate ownership. We need to spend money to revive the social infrastructure and the services that it sustains. This raises the question of...

Civil Nuclear Road Map - Statement (15 Ion 2024)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, the road map makes frequent reference to high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. An indigenous project to build such a reactor, called U-Battery, was shelved due to a lack of government support. From whom do the Government propose to import such technology—which, by the way, was pioneered in Great Britain? When will the Government give sufficient support to our native industry,...

Universities: Nuclear Energy Sector Skills - Question ( 7 Rha 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords—

Universities: Nuclear Energy Sector Skills - Question ( 7 Rha 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, I understand that a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the United Arab Emirates to provide it with nuclear technology; if we do not provide it with that technology, the Russians most certainly will. The technology will be of no use unless there are trained personnel to mediate it. Do we intend to train those UAE personnel? If so, where and when should the training begin?

Autumn Statement 2023 - Motion to Take Note (29 Tach 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, I was deeply perplexed when I listened to the monarch’s speech at the opening of Parliament and, equally, to the budgetary speech of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The question I ask is: to what extent do these speeches represent an attempt at bamboozling the public, and to what extent do they represent acts of self-deception on the part of the Government? I have not reached any...

King’s Speech - Debate (5th Day) (14 Tach 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: My Lords, I will talk about nuclear technology. The Government must sustain the nuclear industry by ensuring that a sufficient number of nuclear power plants are built to maintain the supply of our electricity. They must also support the development of innovative nuclear technologies to assist in the decarbonisation of our industries. The privatisation of the electricity industry appeared to...

Nuclear Energy - Motion to Take Note ( 7 Med 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: Britain is experiencing an energy crisis. Despite its commitment to staunch the emissions of carbon dioxide, it remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels to power its industries and, more significantly, to power its transport and its electricity generation. The electricity generation is increasingly dependent on renewable sources of wind and solar energy. These sources are intermittent and...

Leasehold Properties: Managing Agents - Question (17 Gor 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: Is the Minister not aware that freeholders are frequently motivated to consolidate the ownership of their properties by driving the leaseholders into unsustainable debt, by dint of exorbitant service charges?

UK Economy: Growth, Inflation and Productivity - Motion to Take Note (29 Meh 2023)

Viscount Hanworth: Britain has a lower rate of economic growth than—and its per capita income compares poorly with—many of its European neighbours and others further afield. Questions must be asked about the causes of these deficiencies and what can be done to overcome them. People of different political persuasions give quite different answers. Prime Minister Liz Truss and her close colleagues had answers...

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