Canlyniadau 1–20 o 451 ar gyfer speaker:Baroness Wheatcroft

Craftspeople: European Union Travel and Trade - Question (13 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, craftspeople, like all other travellers to the EU from the UK, face increasing delays again in the autumn when new strictures come in, with new requirements for fingerprinting, et cetera. Can the Minister bring the House up to date with what is happening on that front? Will there be yet more postponements?

Lower Thames Crossing: Development Consent - Question (29 Ebr 2024)

Baroness Wheatcroft: Can the Minister tell the House how many people in his department are currently working on this important project and how many of them he fears might lose their jobs to pay for the increased defence spending?

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Committee (3rd Day): Amendment 39 (19 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, the monitoring committee consists of four people, two of whom are apparently in the pay of the Rwandan Government. Can the Minister reassure us that he thinks it will be completely unbiased?

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Committee (2nd Day): Amendment 18 (14 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wheatcroft: The noble Lord referred to Human Rights Watch. I assume that he has read its report on 2022, which stated of Rwanda: “Arbitrary detention and ill-treatment in unofficial detention facilities were common”. That may not fit with financial services thriving, but it does not point to a safe country.

NHS Eating Disorder Services - Question for Short Debate (29 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, I thank the noble Baroness, Lady Parminter, for securing this important debate. I welcome the Minister to his position and hope that he finds this a congenial setting in which to make his maiden speech. I start on a positive note. My daughter, like Rose, suffered from anorexia for a long time. She was in a secure unit for nearly a year, and I shall be for ever indebted to Professor...

Illegal Migration Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 19 (28 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: On that point, can the Minister tell the House whether we should take any notice of guidance from the Foreign Office on whether countries are safe to visit?

Illegal Migration Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 12 (28 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: I am sorry to interrupt the Minister but he referred again to the 500-plus days involved in the NRM process. Earlier, in response to the noble and learned Baroness, Lady Butler-Sloss, he said that one of the reasons for that was examining the evidence. However, since he cites this as a reason for going ahead with these appalling proposals, can he explain to the House why it is not possible to...

Emergency Communications - Private Notice Question (26 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, what protocols are in place to test the resilience of such systems before they go down?

Families with Children: Accommodation - Question (19 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, houses that were affordable to buy when mortgage rates were at rock bottom will not be affordable now that those rates are rocketing. Can the Minister tell the House what forecast the Government have made of how many families may be rendered homeless by rising mortgage rates?

Electronic Passport Control Systems - Question ( 7 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, can the Minister tell the House how he intends to control British borders in the case of people coming from Northern Ireland via the Republic?

Financial Services and Markets Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 4 ( 6 Meh 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, I thank the Minister for her introduction of Amendment 4 and her willingness to engage with Peers on the topic of sustainable disclosure requirements. However, while a government amendment on this important topic is welcome, what we have heard is yet more delay. A cynic might judge the amendment to have a whiff of green- washing about it. It does not do enough and does not do what...

Tourist Spending: VAT - Question (24 Mai 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, it is not the number of tourists that is important but the type of tourist. The higher-spending tourists are being deterred from coming to this country because of the lack of VAT-free shopping, as the figures quoted by the noble Baroness, Lady Doocey, made clear. Those tourists are heading to Spain and France and spending their money there. I declare an interest as chairman of the...

Immigration (Electronic Travel Authorisations) (Consequential Amendment) Regulations 2023 - Motion to Regret (23 Mai 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, I thank the noble Baroness, Lady Ritchie, for reintroducing this issue to the Chamber. I declare an interest as chairman of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. I hear from members how concerned they are about the effect that this could have on their industry, when it is just recovering from Covid. As we have heard, 70% of tourism to Northern Ireland comes from the...

Redcar Steelworks - Private Notice Question (17 Mai 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, can the Minister confirm that it was always part of the plan that public sector investment on a massive scale should be used to hugely enrich two private sector developers?

Carers: Financial Support - Question (16 Mai 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, there are many young carers between 16 and 25 in full-time education—around 375,000—but they seem to get a particularly raw deal, in that they are not eligible for any state financial support and have to look to charities. Will the Minister take a look at their predicament?

Post Office Executives: Bonuses - Commons Urgent Question (11 Mai 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, every member of that board should have been aware of the bonuses paid and the reasons why they were. If they were not aware, they were failing to do their duty, but, if they were, they showed appalling judgment. Is the Minister content that they should stay in office for even two more weeks?

Life Expectancy: Pensions, Health and Insurance - Question (26 Ebr 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, the Minister’s ambition to increase life expectancy is not being helped by the current wave of doctors strikes, with extended waiting lists certainly bringing down life expectancy rates in some quarters. Can he tell the House why he and other Ministers will not get round the table now, with no preconditions, to discuss how this might be brought to a speedy end?

CPTPP: Conclusion of Negotiations - Statement (19 Ebr 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, I share the enthusiasm of the Minister for trying to replace some of the exports lost through Brexit, and I listened to what he said about static targets. However, the Minister for Trade, Kemi Badenoch, said she could not stand the estimate of 0.08% because it was based on “stale” figures from 2014. If that is true, could the Minister explain why his department is using figures...

BBC: Government Role in Impartiality - Commons Urgent Question (15 Maw 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, in many organisations, the chairman’s role includes that of being the chief brand ambassador. This week, the BBC has found itself under siege, but the chairman has been totally absent and has not said a word. If it looks like a lame duck and fails to quack, it appears to be a lame duck chairman—and, at the moment, a lame duck chairman who is under investigation on two counts,...

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill - Committee (4th Day): Amendment 68 ( 6 Maw 2023)

Baroness Wheatcroft: My Lords, I will speak briefly to both Amendments 68 and 69. This Bill, as others have said, creates huge uncertainty for business at a time when business is struggling to cope with so many uncertainties that are outside the control of the Government. But the Government do have control of this. Both amendments require the Government to report on the likely advantages and disadvantages of...

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