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Criteria, processes and decision-making used in allocating funding for NHS Continuing Healthcare – Baroness Wheeler. Oral questions

Homecare Medicines Services (Public Services Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note ( 2 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: I too congratulate my noble friend Lady Morris on her usual thoughtful, thorough and robust introduction to this excellent report. I commend the whole committee for shining a laser-like spotlight on such a vital service, upon which half a million people with chronic health conditions living at home depend. Homecare medicines services are some of many services provided to NHS patients that are...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Strokes: Rehabilitation ( 1 Mai 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: To ask His Majesty's Government how they plan to ensure the sustainability of the stroke rehabilitation innovations developed through the Stroke Quality Improvement in Rehabilitation (SQuIRe) projects to ensure that every stroke survivor has the best chance of recovery.

Pandemic Preparedness - Question (15 Ebr 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, it is now two years since the UK Health Security Agency replaced Public Health England. As we await the Science and Technology Committee’s report on the threat caused by zoonotic diseases such as Covid, avian flu and Ebola, can the Minister update the House on the progress the agency is making in building resilience in these areas? It reported last year on global work on...

Stroke Treatment - Question (27 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: To ask His Majesty’s Government what steps they are taking to improve treatment and care for those of working age who are affected by stroke.

Stroke Treatment - Question (27 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: I thank the Minister. We know that one in four strokes happen to working-age people, and that it is also a leading cause of disability. Speech and physiotherapy support after stroke is therefore vital, because it helps recover key skills such as motor functions and cognitive ability, and it can be the difference between returning to work and not returning, or giving up altogether. With...

Sodium Valproate and Pelvic Mesh - Question (25 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, the Patient Safety Commissioner’s report is all the more valuable because it is drawn from patients’ experiences, including physical, psychological and emotional impacts and their daily struggle with accessing health and other key services such as social security benefits and special educational needs support for the valproate-harmed children they are raising. What is being done...

Carers: National Strategy - Question (12 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, on International Women’s Day last week, Carers UK stressed that older women aged 75 to 79 are providing the most unpaid care—50 hours per week—and that there has been an alarming increase since 2011 in women aged over 85 providing unpaid care. These are not the women who come under the Government’s award of one week’s unpaid carer’s leave from work, and neither will they...

Carers: National Strategy - Question (12 Maw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: It was over-85s.

NHS: Dementia Commission Report - Question (22 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: To ask His Majesty’s Government what actions they are taking in response to the NHS Innovation and Life Sciences Commission’s Dementia Commission: 2023 Report.

NHS: Dementia Commission Report - Question (22 Chw 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, the commission’s wide-ranging and comprehensive report is very welcome, but it heavily reinforces the urgent need for radical change in the way we diagnose, treat and care for dementia patients and support their families and carers. To ensure timely, speeded-up diagnosis, the training of primary care practitioners in dementia-specific symptoms and diagnostic methods is crucial....

Care of Critically Ill Children - Question (29 Ion 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, I emphasise that the task force recommended by Nuffield to oversee its key recommendations needs to get to work urgently. The family-focused research work with parents, including parent carers, about their experiences of shared decision-making with healthcare professionals on care and treatment, is vital, as is the comprehensive information and guidance for parents and staff that is...

Care Home Staffing - Question (18 Ion 2024)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, the Minister told the House on Tuesday that hospital discharges have recently been reduced by 10%. However, he knows that this figure goes up and down as some people leave hospital while more come in at the other end, and it depends on which period of time is measured. From July to November last year there was in fact a steady rise, so we need to be specific about dates when we talk...

Adult Social Care: Staffing - Question (12 Rha 2023)

Baroness Wheeler: The Nuffield Trust has called the NAO findings a “damning indictment of the Government’s progress towards delivering social care change”. To follow on from my noble friend’s question, the NAO points out that only 7.5% of the much vaunted £265 million allocated by the Government to addressing social care staff shortages and recruitment for 2023-35 has actually been spent, heavily...

Learning Disabilities and Autism: Solitary Confinement in Hospital - Question for Short Debate (23 Tach 2023)

Baroness Wheeler: I too congratulate the noble Baroness, Lady Hollins, on securing this debate, which is a welcome opportunity to listen to the detail of her excellent report, following on from this morning’s wider mental health discussions, and to the hear the Minister’s full response to the report itself. It is also a good opportunity to focus on the long-term segregation of autistic people and people...

Mental Health: Children and Young People - Motion to Take Note (23 Tach 2023)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, this has been an excellent debate, with the knowledge and expertise we expect from across the House and from the very moving and comprehensive introduction from the noble Earl, Lord Russell, in particular on the consequences of family poverty for children’s and young people’s mental health. I too I congratulate the noble and learned Baroness, Lady Hale, on her powerful maiden...

Adult Social Care - Question (22 Tach 2023)

Baroness Wheeler: My Lords, the NAO’s recent figures show that so far, only 7.5% of the much-vaunted £265 million allocated by government to addressing social care staffing shortages and recruitment for 2023-25 has been spent due to the DHSC staff recruitment freeze; and the training workforce development programme has also stalled because the department has not managed to set up the necessary systems to...

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