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Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: I am very sorry to have to follow such a speech, and I feel sympathy. It has been a real privilege for me to be here. Fourteen years have gone like a flash. In my 28 years in the Army, I never thought for a moment that I would come to this place. After all, most of the rank and file in the Army view politicians with deep suspicion. When, a few years after I had left the Army, I told my Army...

Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: I was driving through Harlow one day, and to my shock, I suddenly saw my right hon. Friend sitting by the dual carriageway under a bloody great big sign reading “Vote Halfon”. You could not miss him, and I thought, “My God, there’s someone who knows how to campaign.”

War Graves Week (14 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: In late June and early July 1943, the allies in north Africa were preparing to invade Sicily, which would be the first piece of territory in Europe to be taken back from Nazi Germany. In 2nd Battalion the Cheshire Regiment, in the 50th Infantry Division, there were two good friends: Lieutenant David Cox, an Oxbridge graduate aged 23; and Peter Martin, then a Captain commanding A Company. One...

Backbench Business: Security in the Western Balkans ( 2 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: “Warriors” was based on my infantry battalion, and it demonstrated how brilliant, well trained and decent our servicemen are in such situations. I am very proud that “Warriors” won the Montreux golden rose for its production.

Backbench Business: Security in the Western Balkans ( 2 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: If we deployed a British battalion in Bosnia under the very small NATO headquarters there, it would show that we meant real business, and aimed to stop things this time. It would, by its presence, demonstrate power, but hopefully it would not have to use force. Battalions from other countries could help, too. My goodness, Minister, this is a time when taking a little action would have a huge...

Backbench Business: Security in the Western Balkans ( 2 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: Some present will recall that I was the British battalion commander under UN command in Bosnia in 1992 and 1993. Since then, I have given evidence in four war crimes trials. I have visited Bosnia frequently over the last 31 years, and what happens there and to the people who live there matters to me and to all those people who have served there—whether in the military, for a charity or...

Backbench Business: Security in the Western Balkans ( 2 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: I thank my good and hon. Friend for saying that. I totally agree with the implication. The real problem is that Russia is encouraging this to happen. Republika Srpska, under Dodik, is pushing for it, and the Serbs will play both sides. If it were to happen, we could have an appalling situation like we had in the early 1990s. In fairness, the British are doing all we can to help, particularly...

Backbench Business: Security in the Western Balkans ( 2 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: I thank my right hon. Friend. There has been drift. We had the most wonderful high representative Paddy Ashdown, who really did wield the big stick—and it worked. His name is still revered and he was a friend of mine—he remains one, although he is gone. We need a high representative with more power, and we need the situation to be sorted out so that people do not get away with criminal...

Backbench Business: Security in the Western Balkans ( 2 Mai 2024)

Bob Stewart: I entirely endorse that point. A British battalion positioned in Bosnia would give a very strong signal. Frankly, a British battalion is probably the best battalion to send into such a peacekeeping situation.

UK Armed Forces in Middle East (29 Ebr 2024)

Bob Stewart: May I declare an interest? Members of my close family have been, and are, involved in military operations in the middle east. Bearing in mind my experience in Northern Ireland—seven tours—I am slightly worried that if our armed forces open fire in the middle east, which they have done, a foreign country will, at some future date, put them before an international court and charge them. I...

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Hayes Station (22 Ebr 2024)

Bob Stewart: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, if he will make an assessment of the potential merits of installing ticket barriers at Hayes railway station in the context of trends in fare evasion on the Mid-Kent line.

Written Answers — Department for Education: Schools: Bromley ( 6 Maw 2024)

Bob Stewart: To ask the Secretary of State for Education, what steps her Department is taking with Bromley Council to provide additional school places in the north-west of the borough.

Holocaust Memorial Day (25 Ion 2024)

Bob Stewart: What I struggle with is this: what is it that people hate about Jews? Is it about religion? What is it that has come across the ages? I just do not get it.

Holocaust Memorial Day (25 Ion 2024)

Bob Stewart: I am going to talk to the House about my own personal experience of genocide: Bosnia in 1992-93. I was in Germany commanding an infantry battalion in 1992 when I rang my mother. I said, “Mum, my camp is beside this ghastly place called Bergen-Belsen. Do you know, Mum, it has rectangular mounds with signs that say, ‘Here lie 3,000 bodies.’ It’s heathland. It’s a foul place.” She...

Rwanda Plan Cost and Asylum System ( 9 Ion 2024)

Bob Stewart: This is called a plan, but actually it is a strategy. The strategy is to dissuade and deter people from getting in boats and crossing the channel at huge risk. The plan may cost, but the implications are far bigger than just sending people to Rwanda.

Criminal Justice Bill (28 Tach 2023)

Bob Stewart: I totally agree with what the hon. Lady has said. Are we envisaging someone who refuses point blank to come into court to receive their sentence being forced into court by police officers and manacled to the dock? Personally I agree with that, but is that what we are envisaging?

Criminal Justice Bill (28 Tach 2023)

Bob Stewart: May I ask my hon. Friend what the reason is for a tenfold increase in cuckooing in Eastbourne?

Criminal Justice Bill (28 Tach 2023)

Bob Stewart: I have been listening very carefully to the hon. Lady. Can I ask her to explain why there is a sudden rash of prosecutions of women? It seems extraordinary. What is the catalyst that has caused it?

Importation and Sale of Foie Gras (24 Hyd 2023)

Bob Stewart: Ducks and geese are sentient animals; they have feelings. Imagine all of us stuck in a cage with someone opening our mouths and stuffing stuff down our throats—God, how awful that would be! We have to get rid of this stuff.

Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill: After Clause 70 - Local authorities: hybrid meetings (24 Hyd 2023)

Bob Stewart: What is the Government’s view on how effective such arrangements might be? Is remote working more effective or less effective? Do the Government have a view on that?

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