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Written Answers — Home Office: UK Border Force: Recruitment (17 Mai 2023)

Nigel Adams: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many Border Force personnel have been recruited since April 2022.

Written Answers — Home Office: UK Border Force: Staff (17 Mai 2023)

Nigel Adams: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what the increase in the FTE establishment of Border Force has been since 2021.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: Topical Questions ( 2 Mai 2023)

Nigel Adams: The World Bank has suggested that the minimum amount of money needed for post-war reconstruction of Ukraine is £411 billion. While it is for the Ukrainian Government and people to decide whose money will be used and on what terms, what is the Foreign Secretary doing to ensure that the United Kingdom is on the front foot in planning how to fund the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine?

Powering Up Britain (30 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: There is much to be welcomed in the Minister’s statement, but excluding Drax from the track 1 CCS projects will come as a surprise to many and a blow to the company’s employees in my constituency and the wider region. I do not think there are any projects in the Humber region that have got through on track 1. The management at Drax will now have to urgently consider what to do with their...

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: I very much welcome the opportunity that this evening’s debate gives me to raise the matter of large-scale solar farms. There have been previous debates on the subject in Westminster Hall, and I know that many right hon. and hon. Members have raised concerns about the loss of food production and the planning process. I note that there are one or two colleagues in the Chamber this evening...

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: My right hon. Friend is correct. I know how seriously he takes solar energy in his own constituency, because we have talked about this before. The public must be on board, and it is important for there to be clarity for them in the planning process. I will say more about some of the points he has raised later in my speech.

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: My hon. Friend is right: we must do all those things and, especially given the conflicts that are taking place around the world, we must ensure that our food security is protected. In my constituency, there are a number of large breweries, which depend heavily on local growers for their supply chains. My hon. Friend has made a brilliant point. He also referred to farmland. As the size of...

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: It would be rude if I did not give way to my very hon. Friend the Member for Strangford (Jim Shannon).

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: My hon. Friend is absolutely spot on. As I said, as these solar farms increase in size, so will the amount of productive farmland being taken up by them. The description “best and most versatile” farmland is often included in these proposals. I understand that the National Farmers Union says that solar farms should avoid agricultural land of classification 1, 2 and 3A, which is the...

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: I agree with my right hon. Friend and neighbour. We need Ministers from, I suspect, several Departments to provide absolute clarity to right hon. and hon. Members on both sides of the House, and to local planning authorities, given the cumulative impact of these large-scale solar farms. My right hon. Friend has a village that, if all these planning applications go ahead, is likely to be...

Large Solar Farms (21 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: My hon. Friend makes a good point, as have most colleagues this evening. It would be interesting to know how many people who work at those colleges, which I guess are the developers, would be prepared to live in the middle of the site. I also note that there is a changing public response to solar farm proposals. There has definitely been an abrupt change in public opinion from support to...

Written Answers — Department for Culture, Media and Sport: Entertainers: USA ( 8 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, what recent discussions she has had with Cabinet colleagues on the potential merits of making representations to US counterparts on that country's proposals to increase the costs of short- and long-term visas for touring performers.

SEND and Alternative Provision ( 6 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: Like many right hon. and hon. Members, I have met and got to know families who have children with special educational needs and disabilities. The difficulties those families face in finding the right educational support in the right location can be frustrating and tortuous, as the Minister will know. For too long, the most vulnerable children in Selby have had to travel long distances to find...

Civil Service Impartiality ( 6 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: I start by saying that I have worked with many fantastic civil servants in my time as a Minister, and those relationships are built on trust. I have also had a very good working relationship with Sue Gray in the Cabinet Office. Does the Minister agree that this appointment by the Leader of the Opposition is politically naive? It is hard enough for Ministers not knowing which of their WhatsApp...

Written Answers — Department for Education: Special Educational Needs: North Yorkshire ( 3 Maw 2023)

Nigel Adams: To ask the Secretary of State for Education, what recent discussions she has had with North Yorkshire County Council in 2018 on plans for a new special educational needs and disability school.

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Flood Control: Tadcaster (22 Chw 2023)

Nigel Adams: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, when she expects construction work to commence on the Flood Alleviation Scheme for Tadcaster.

Prime Minister: Engagements (23 Tach 2022)

Nigel Adams: As a North Yorkshire MP, my right hon. Friend will know how crucial bus services are to our communities. Last month, Arriva stopped the only bus between Selby and Doncaster, meaning that 40 Selby College students had to find alternative transport at very short notice. Thankfully, the college itself stepped in to resolve the situation. Additionally, across North Yorkshire around 80 other bus...

Bus Manufacture in the UK (31 Hyd 2022)

Nigel Adams: On the point about not favouring particular manufacturers, is the Minister aware that in March, in its promotional material for announcing the new fund, DFT used a sparkly new electric bus as part of that marketing? The marketing geniuses in the DFT may or may not have been aware that it was a Chinese Yutong bus that was used to promote the scheme, but the idea that we are promoting Chinese...

Bus Manufacture in the UK (31 Hyd 2022)

Nigel Adams: I am pleased to have secured this debate on the importance of bus manufacturing, specifically electric bus manufacturing, in the United Kingdom. Electric buses play a vital role in helping us to reach net zero and reduce pollution in our congested cities. It is for that reason that the Government announced a £200 million boost to support the roll-out of zero-emission buses in March...

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