Canlyniadau 1–20 o 1090 ar gyfer speaker:James Morris

Prime Minister: Engagements (15 Mai 2024)

James Morris: While I understand the need to upgrade our broadband infrastructure, it cannot be right that a company called BRSK is proposing to erect telegraph poles at the Squirrels estate in Hayley Green, in my constituency. The residents are 100% opposed to these proposals, which go against the guidance. Does the Prime Minister agree that BRSK should abandon its proposals, that there should be a review...

Work and Pensions: Employment Levels (13 Mai 2024)

James Morris: What plans he has to increase levels of employment.

Work and Pensions: Employment Levels (13 Mai 2024)

James Morris: The latest Office for National Statistics figures show that the number of claimants in my constituency fell over the past year. That is good news, but more needs to be done. Does the Secretary of State agree that we always need to make work pay, that we need to create incentives for people to get back into work and that local action such as my annual jobs fair, which I held recently in...

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Metro Mayors: Local Economies (22 Ebr 2024)

James Morris: What assessment he has made of the impact of Metro Mayors on their local economies.

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Metro Mayors: Local Economies (22 Ebr 2024)

James Morris: Since he was first elected in 2017, Andy Street has delivered £10 billion of new investment to the west midlands region, more housing—particularly on brownfield land—and much-needed investment in transport infrastructure across the region. Does the Secretary of State agree that, when voters go to the polls next week, they should support Andy Street to continue that track record of...

Iran-Israel Update (15 Ebr 2024)

James Morris: Notwithstanding the drones and missiles launched by Iran, which were rightly taken out by UK planes and our allies, the Iranians prefer to operate in the shadows, through proxies and through an increasingly sophisticated cyber operation. Does the Prime Minister agree that our priority should be working with international allies to go after Iran’s promotion of illicit finances and weapons...

Home Department: Neighbourhood Policing (15 Ebr 2024)

James Morris: What steps he has taken to increase police visibility in local communities.

Home Department: Neighbourhood Policing (15 Ebr 2024)

James Morris: Halesowen police station is under threat of closure thanks to decisions taken by the Labour west midlands police and crime commissioner. Tom Byrne, the Conservative candidate for PCC, says that he will stop that closure programme. Does the Minister agree with me and Tom Byrne that keeping Halesowen police station open is critical for community confidence and for the effectiveness of...

Written Answers — Department for Education: Special Educational Needs (14 Maw 2024)

James Morris: To ask the Secretary of State for Education, what steps her Department is taking to support local authorities to reduce the time taken to process special educational needs and disabilities applications for education, health and care plans.

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities: Topical Questions ( 4 Maw 2024)

James Morris: Haden Hill leisure centre in my constituency is to be part rebuilt and part refurbished by a £20 million investment from the levelling-up fund. Does the Minister agree that the Department needs to continue to be engaged with the local authority, which is appointing contractors, to make sure that this project gets delivered on time and on budget?

Situation in the Red Sea (26 Chw 2024)

James Morris: The Secretary of State is absolutely right to say that military action is necessary but not sufficient to deal with the long-term problem of the Houthis. He has mentioned the necessity of tackling financing and the illegal shipping of weapons, but global shipping is peculiarly vulnerable to cyber-attack. What is the Secretary of State doing to ensure that the UK’s cyber-capabilities are...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Pharmacy: Halesowen and Rowley Regis (12 Chw 2024)

James Morris: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, how many pharmacies in Halesowen & Rowley Regis constituency have signed up for Pharmacy First.

Pharmacy First (31 Ion 2024)

James Morris: I warmly welcome the statement. This initiative has the potential to transform primary care and access to treatment, but does the Minister agree that to realise its full potential, we need to invest in new technology—she mentioned digitalisation—to make sure that community pharmacies are set up to take advantage of these new opportunities? We also need to invest in the pharmacy workforce...

Action Against Houthi Maritime Attacks (23 Ion 2024)

James Morris: The threat to maritime shipping in the Red sea is from not just Houthi missiles, but the threat of cyber-attacks often coming from Iranian proxies. Does the Prime Minister agree that there is an urgent need to strengthen the cyber-resilience of our maritime partners, to ensure that they are not susceptible to the threat of cyber-attack, which may disable them and cause multiple problems?

Health and Social Care: Topical Questions (23 Ion 2024)

James Morris: Many of my constituents who use Regis Medical Centre have been left angry and frustrated by the botched implementation of an Anima booking system, leading to them being unable to get an appointment or the treatment they need. Will the Secretary of State meet me to discuss how we can learn the lessons from that botched implementation and make sure trust in that GP surgery is restored?

Culture, Media and Sport: Topical Questions (11 Ion 2024)

James Morris: One of the key recommendations of the Carney review into women’s football was the need for an improvement in mental health provision in elite women’s sport. I think the Government have accepted most of the recommendations of the Carney review, so can the Secretary of State give us an update on how she thinks mental health provision needs to be improved in women’s elite sport?

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Roads: Safety (14 Rha 2023)

James Morris: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what steps he is taking to help improve the safety of residential roads.

Prime Minister: Engagements (13 Rha 2023)

James Morris: The Prime Minister is rightly focused on taking long-term decisions to improve the lives of people in this country, so can I make a suggestion? Our mental health legislation is 40 years old, and we made a manifesto commitment in 2017 and 2019 to reform the Mental Health Act 1983 because people with learning disabilities and autism who are sectioned under the Act are being kept in...

Health and Social Care: Access to Mental Health Services ( 5 Rha 2023)

James Morris: The Minister mentioned the importance of parity of esteem, and she is quite right, but it is disappointing that the Government had a manifesto commitment in 2017 and 2019 to reform the Mental Health Act 1983, which they have not fulfilled, with no such Bill in the King’s Speech. Would the Minister agree with me that the issues that existed prior to 2017 in relation to the Mental Health Act...

Home Department: Illegal Migration: Small Boats (27 Tach 2023)

James Morris: What progress he has made on stopping small boats transporting migrants across the English channel.

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