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The National Health Service (23 Hyd 2019)

Phillip Lee: Will the Secretary of State help me by pointing me towards an online resource that provides the evidence base for his decisions on the locations of A&E departments and the like? Any medical professional will say that we need a regional and, dare I say, national plan in order to make sure that access to emergency care is equal for every citizen in England and Wales.

British Children: Syria (22 Hyd 2019)

Phillip Lee: When one looks at the bigger picture, the position of these British children and our national security have been adversely impacted by the invasion of north-east Syria by a NATO country following the exit of north-east Syria by a NATO country. Does the Minister agree that it behoves all political generations to review how supranational organisations work, so that they continue to work in...

Legal Advice: Prorogation (25 Med 2019)

Phillip Lee: May I say to the right hon. and learned Gentleman that his approach today should probably have been to show more humility and less levity, because there is widespread sympathy for the difficulty of his position offering legal advice in such challenging circumstances? To build on previous questions, in view of his advice on Prorogation having been found to be unlawful, will he tell the House...

Female Offender Strategy: One Year On — [Joan Ryan in the Chair] (24 Gor 2019)

Phillip Lee: Scotland is down the road on this. Can the hon. and learned Lady assure me that the Government in Scotland are auditing everything and building an evidence base for doing this? If one thing might move the dial south of the border, it is if the Ministry of Justice reads the evidence. I looked at this issue in Scotland when I was a Minister, and I was deeply impressed. Is it possible to...

Female Offender Strategy: One Year On — [Joan Ryan in the Chair] (24 Gor 2019)

Phillip Lee: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Ms Ryan. It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Stretford and Urmston (Kate Green), who has long had a passionate interest in the area of women’s justice. I lost count of the number of times that I sat in the Minister’s position listening to her make as good a contribution as she has just made. For those who do not know, I was...

Female Offender Strategy: One Year On — [Joan Ryan in the Chair] (24 Gor 2019)

Phillip Lee: Okay. Forgive me; I was not aware of that fact. My point is that a hell of a lot of thought went into the strategy, most of which made it to publication. If we could make progress in this space with women—reducing the prison population by half by 2030 was my internal private target—and if we could make a success of it, we could move into the male estate and apply exactly the same approach...

Leaving the Eu: Business of the House (12 Meh 2019)

Phillip Lee: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?

Leaving the Eu: Business of the House (12 Meh 2019)

Phillip Lee: On that small point.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (22 Mai 2019)

Phillip Lee: If polling is to be believed, the winning party in tomorrow’s Euro elections will be the Brexit party. This party, in contrast to the Vote Leave campaign in 2016, has clearly stated that a no-deal Brexit is its policy. On the basis of normal turnout, that means between 6 million and 7 million people will have voted for a no deal, which begs the question: what of the other 10 million Brexit...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 3 Ebr 2019)

Phillip Lee: According to polling that has just been published, over 58% of the British public have expressed a wish to have a final say on the Brexit process. Does the Prime Minister acknowledge that, with the ongoing impasse here in Westminster, and despite her best endeavours to pass her deal, and indeed the ongoing endeavours of the House to find a compromise, the British public are right increasingly...

Uk’S Withdrawal from the European Union (13 Maw 2019)

Phillip Lee: Further to the intervention by my right hon. Friend the Member for Broxtowe (Anna Soubry), and with a view to trying to avoid the no deal that the majority of this House want to avoid, when the Government enter into discussions about the extension of article 50, the other side will want to seek a purpose. Does the right hon. and learned Gentleman agree that it would be helpful if this House...

Shamima Begum and Other Cases (11 Maw 2019)

Phillip Lee: Sadly, there is plenty I could disagree with on the justification for this decision, which I do not think was the right one. As we all realise, this baby was British. The papers were not served on the mother until after the baby was born. Did the Home Secretary seek any guidance on infant mortality rates in that refugee camp or, indeed, in any other refugee camp in northern Syria? Did he...

Business of the House (Today): UK’s Withdrawal from the EU (14 Chw 2019)

Phillip Lee: I have listened carefully today. In defence of the Secretary of State, he has made it quite clear that the Government’s policy, if it comes to it and the deal does not pass in the week beginning 25 March, is to leave with no deal. Is the right hon. and learned Gentleman clear in his mind what his party’s position will be in the same circumstances?

Social Security: Sport in the UK ( 4 Chw 2019)

Phillip Lee: In the spirit of the sporting values of keeping to time, being efficient and delivering on goals, I will try to keep to my five minutes. It was originally going to be a 10-minute oration, of which I was terribly proud, as the new chairman of the all-party group on sport, but that has now obviously bitten the dust. We are a great sporting nation. We all remember the super Saturday of the 2012...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (16 Ion 2019)

Phillip Lee: Does my right hon. Friend recognise, particularly since last night, that in these complex circumstances, her role as Prime Minister is now to create the political environment in which solutions to the Brexit conundrum can be found and not to continue with a plan expecting a different outcome? Does she also accept, then, that if she cannot get what she wants, she will need to change her mind...

Leaving the EU: European Union (Withdrawal) Act (14 Ion 2019)

Phillip Lee: The task before Members of this House is simple: we must deal with reality not fantasy; we must be honest with ourselves and our constituents; we must decide to lead, not be led; and, above all, we must each make judgments about what is in the best interests of our constituencies and our country without fear or favour. The issue at hand is too important to do otherwise. I cannot vote for this...

Leaving the EU: European Union (Withdrawal) Act (14 Ion 2019)

Phillip Lee: No, I do not, to be blunt. There is only one way out of our mess: ask the people to decide and have the final say, and, unlike in 2016, give a choice between two legally and practically deliverable options. It is to say, “We know you wanted to leave and we respect that. However, leaving means this—is that okay?” This time, there should be no tortuous process of subsequently trying to...

European Council (17 Rha 2018)

Phillip Lee: Judging by the tone and content of today’s statement, it would appear that the Prime Minister is still implacably opposed to what I think is the only democratic solution to this impasse. For the sake of clarity, will she confirm that she is so opposed that she would prefer no deal?

2019 Loan Charge — [Mr Charles Walker in the Chair] (20 Tach 2018)

Phillip Lee: On treating individuals fairly, it is pretty evident that the people who have been selling these questionable products are not being pursued in the way that they should be. In view of that, does my hon. Friend agree that the Government should start looking at mitigation, so that certain individuals—I know of a couple in my constituency—are not bankrupted by this whole sorry affair?

EU Exit Negotiations (15 Tach 2018)

Phillip Lee: When I resigned from the Government in June, I called for the suspension of article 50 because I feared this likely parliamentary impasse. The Prime Minister is a thoroughly decent person who has public service running through her veins. With that in mind, and with an eye on the importance of the responsibility of government, will she outline the legal, legislative and political requirements...

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