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Business of the House: International Women’s Day ( 5 Maw 2015)

Jessica Lee: I, too, thank the Backbench Business Committee for its support for this debate. I particularly thank my right hon. Friends the Members for Basingstoke (Maria Miller) and for Meriden (Mrs Spelman) and others for leading the application, holding the fort before the Committee, and securing a debate in the main Chamber. I join my right hon. Friend the Member for Meriden in saying how important it...

Business of the House: International Women’s Day ( 5 Maw 2015)

Jessica Lee: I entirely agree. We must ensure that, from an early age, girls are interested and motivated, that they are aware of the variety of jobs that they can obtain through science and engineering, and that they understand why those important subjects are relevant and can create a fascinating career path.

Business of the House: International Women’s Day ( 5 Maw 2015)

Jessica Lee: I am all for that. As a child, I was never happier than when I was playing with Lego. [Interruption.] No, I do not still play with Lego. I focus entirely on my work. As I was saying, more women are taking managerial and other senior roles in companies in my constituency. In many households, they are the main breadwinners. I grew up near my constituency, and I need look no further than my own...

Business of the House: International Women’s Day ( 5 Maw 2015)

Jessica Lee: I entirely agree. One of my earliest memories of watching current affairs programmes is of watching programmes about the miners’ strike and, before that, the Falklands war. I remember asking at home, “Who is this person?”, and being amazed and impressed that we had a woman Prime Minister. As for the message that we should convey, it is true that we need longevity in the House, but I...

Business of the House: International Women’s Day ( 5 Maw 2015)

Jessica Lee: I thank the hon. Gentleman for his kind comments. There has been progress. This is not a party political speech, and we have made huge steps in this Parliament towards having more women in the workplace and closing that gap, and taking more women out of tax entirely. A high proportion of the millions of people who are now out of tax are women. These things are important in giving women...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (21 Ion 2015)

Jessica Lee: This year marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. Will the Prime Minister support the Magna Carta roadshow, a project that I am running in schools in Erewash to make all children aware of this important document and, more importantly, of the constitutional history of our great country and the rights and freedoms that we hold so dear?

[Sir Edward Leigh in the Chair] — Surrogacy (14 Hyd 2014)

Jessica Lee: It is a great pleasure to speak in front of you during this important debate, Sir Edward. I am grateful for the opportunity to raise the matter in Westminster Hall today. Of the many functions of Parliament, one of the most important is to respond to changes in society and, when appropriate, to legislate accordingly. The law on surrogacy is outdated, limited and in places illogical. It is...

[Sir Edward Leigh in the Chair] — Surrogacy (14 Hyd 2014)

Jessica Lee: My hon. Friend makes a good point. The way to avoid such exploitation is clearly to have a clear and transparent structure. That is what is missing in domestic law, where there are arrangements, although they are not working properly, and internationally. Far fewer UK couples would consider going abroad if the domestic arrangements for them in England and Wales were completely...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Help to Buy Scheme (24 Meh 2014)

Jessica Lee: Does my hon. Friend agree that Help to Buy is a key component in helping families and first-time buyers take the important step on the property ladder, as evidenced by my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Ilkeston in Erewash to see the very successful scheme at Briars Chase?

Bill Presented — Modern Slavery Bill: Home Affairs (10 Meh 2014)

Jessica Lee: Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker, for calling me in this important debate. Often in this House we debate matters that self-evidently divide us, but I wish to focus my remarks on two aspects of Her Majesty’s Gracious Speech that are likely to unite us. The Modern Slavery Bill represents the first of its kind across Europe and it sends a strong message internationally that the UK is leading...

Bill Presented — Modern Slavery Bill: Home Affairs (10 Meh 2014)

Jessica Lee: I am grateful for that intervention. What we have before us is the means to change things and at last bring criminal law into line with civil law—a change that is due and that will be effective, and I have no doubt that prosecution rates will reflect that. The proposed changes do two important things. First, as I said in response to the hon. Lady, it allows the criminal law to catch up, if...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Challenge Fund (10 Meh 2014)

Jessica Lee: I thank my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for his recent visit to Erewash. He has kindly offered to come back another time. We welcome the Prime Minister’s challenge fund being allocated to Erewash. May I reassure my right hon. Friend that our excellent GPs are working very hard to make sure that services and support are appropriately allocated in our community?

[Mr Andrew Turner in the Chair] — Rolling Stock (North of England) (12 Maw 2014)

Jessica Lee: All today’s contributions have been about assisting people and about social and economic mobility. There is the new station fund, and I led the campaign for Ilkeston station, which will transform the town and enable people to get out and about and take opportunities. That should always be the focus of what we politicians are trying to achieve for constituents.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Vocational Qualifications ( 5 Maw 2014)

Jessica Lee: I very much welcome my hon. Friend’s statement. I would like to assure the House that in Erewash this week I am busy meeting a number of apprentices from a range of sectors to mark national apprenticeship week. Does he agree that the two key points are, first, to remind employers of the support available and encourage them to appreciate the value of apprenticeships, and secondly, to tell...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (26 Chw 2014)

Jessica Lee: Does the Prime Minister agree that the increase in jobs—or, as has been said, the “stonking” increase—in the private sector is leading the UK’s economic recovery and is helped, if I may say so, by the range of engineers, manufacturers and retailers in Erewash, who are employing people and sending their exports round the world?

Children and Families Bill (Programme No. 3): Protection of Children’s Health: Offence of Smoking in a Private Vehicle (10 Chw 2014)

Jessica Lee: It is a pleasure to be called to speak in this important debate on this important Bill. I will start by declaring an interest as a family law barrister. Over many years, I have represented parents, guardians, grandparents, children, guardians, social workers and many other people. I have no doubt that the Bill will improve the prospects of some of the most vulnerable children in our society,...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 5 Chw 2014)

Jessica Lee: In Erewash, we have a proud and strong history of supporting apprenticeships across a range of sectors. With national apprenticeship week taking place next month, does my right hon. Friend agree that the emphasis and drive of this Government on increasing apprenticeships—for men and women—is exactly what is needed to support people getting back into work and training?

Manorial Rights (England and Wales) (15 Ion 2014)

Jessica Lee: I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for giving way and for securing this debate this afternoon. Moving away from his constituency to Derbyshire and my constituency of Erewash, an issue has been raised about land owned by the Duke of Rutland. Regarding the issue of language, however, our local newspaper has come into its own, airing the grievances and concerns of local residents but also...

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Transport Infrastructure (17 Rha 2013)

Jessica Lee: Does my right hon. Friend agree that within these important considerations about aviation expansion fits the complementary issue of supporting nationwide infrastructure? With that in mind, will he assure the House that Ilkeston train station is on target for opening at the end of 2014? Such news will perhaps bring a bit of extra festive cheer to the good people of Erewash.

Bill Presented — High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill: Water Bill (25 Tach 2013)

Jessica Lee: I thank my hon. Friend for all the work he has done in this area and for his expertise. I hesitate to interrupt his flow—to use a water analogy—but he just mentioned the social aspect. Does he agree that volunteers play an important part in managing all this country’s waterways, particularly through the Canal & River Trust? In my constituency, where the waterways play a hugely important...

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