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Northern Ireland Appropriation ( 5 Maw 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: This appropriation order probably provides my last opportunity to contribute to a debate on expenditure in Northern Ireland. I want to make three points; but first let me say that I recognise that it is about 13 years since I had the honour to serve as a Northern Ireland Minister with responsibility for the environment, and things should have changed since then. They have changed in terms of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Social Security: Child Support Agency (25 Chw 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: Would my hon. and filial Friend look into the case of my constituent Mr. Flint? He remarried, had twins, received a pay increase of £31 a month and, on reassessment by the CSA, had his maintenance payments increased by £41 a month. Would my hon. and filial Friend investigate that case further and see what he can do to put it right?

Oral Answers to Questions — Social Security: Child Support Agency (25 Chw 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: I do not accept the hon. Gentleman's first point. He is wrong to say that most parents and children do not receive maintenance. Recent published figures show that 78 per cent. of the mothers who have come within the remit of the CSA receive maintenance in part or in full. On the hon. Gentleman's second point, the Government have introduced a welfare-into-work strategy. My right hon. Friend...

Companies (Payment Practice) (13 Chw 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: Does my right hon. Friend accept that, in terms of late payment, one small business is as guilty as another, and very often small business customers are late in paying, not just large ones? If one were to make early payment a legal requirement, many small businesses would be in severe financial difficulty as a result of having to pay more frequently. What is to be done with this new...

St. Helena (22 Ion 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: Will my hon. Friend give way?

St. Helena (22 Ion 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: I know that time is short, but there is a problem. If some potential tourist traffic is creamed off on to air landing, the viability of RMS St. Helena will be reduced and the demand for subsidy of its operation will be increased.

St. Helena (22 Ion 1997)

Mr David Mitchell: I speak as secretary of the all-party group on St. Helena and dependencies. I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Sevenoaks (Mr. Wolfson) on securing the debate. St. Helena is a British dependent territory; its culture is British and its only language is English. There are fewer than 6,000 people on the island. Those people are our responsibility and it is right that we should debate...

Fransware Nursing Home (18 Tach 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: I am grateful to the Under-Secretary of State for Health, my hon. Friend the Member for Chelmsford (Mr. Bunts), for being here to reply to my plea. The subject is the appeals procedure relating to the closure of the Fransware nursing home, and it focuses on the actions of Hampshire county council social services department and of the local government ombudsman, who could not bring himself to...

Orders of the Day — Central Railway Order (24 Gor 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: As we are dealing with a new procedure, at what stage will there be an examination of the financial viability of the process?

Orders of the Day — Code of Conduct (24 Gor 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: I declare an interest, having served on the Committee. I should like to join others in paying tribute to the Chairman of the Committee, the Leader of the House. He has had a pell-mell round of meetings, coming from one and going to another. He has always seemed to be on top of the agenda, and has had an extraordinary ability to carry the whole Committee with him with a bluff common sense. In...

Deer (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill [Lords]: Members' Salaries (10 Gor 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: As many hon. Members have said, it is very difficult for Members of Parliament to be in the position of having to decide their own salaries. There is a genuine difficulty, in that I—like many other hon. Members who have spoken in the debate—do not know exactly what should be the right level of pay. However, I suppose that one criterion might be comparison with the status and salary of...

Orders of the Day — Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill: Traffic Flow (25 Ebr 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: If the line will potentially carry freight—it will certainly be used for passengers—a far heavier infrastructure will have to be built to enable it to take the weight of freight trains than would be required for either high-speed passenger trains or local passenger trains. Is my hon. Friend really telling the House that he will incur those substantial costs without knowing whether the...

Clause 5: Marital Breakdown (24 Ebr 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: Can my right hon. Friend confirm that there is no relationship between the question of fault or no fault and the form of the financial settlement that may follow?

Clause 5: Marital Breakdown (24 Ebr 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: Surely, by the time a decree nisi has been granted, a person is effectively divorced, because the whole thing has broken up. The fact that one shortens the time between decree nisi and decree absolute does not affect the fact that the family has come to an end in terms of the operation of normal family life.

Clause 5: Marital Breakdown (24 Ebr 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: Does my hon. Friend agree that part of the problem with the existing system is that, as soon as a case gets into the hands of solicitors, clients get into a confrontational situation? It is that situation which poisons the atmosphere and makes it worse for the children and harder to reach a settlement. Would it not be much better to avoid confrontation and see where a reconciliation process...

Opposition Day: Post Office Privatisation ( 7 Chw 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: Will my right hon. Friend comment on the suggestion that the ability to service all addresses, including many in rural areas that cost the Post Office a great deal to reach, is best safeguarded by the continuation of an expanding and profitable Post Office business which in turn can best be achieved in the private sector?

Business of the House ( 1 Chw 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: Is my right hon. Friend aware that more than 35 Ministers are paid less than senior Officers of the House? In view of that, will he lend some urgency to decisions on the matter?

Orders of the Day — British Time (Extra Daylight) Bill (19 Ion 1996)

Mr David Mitchell: Before my hon. Friend leaves the accidents issue, will he deal with the question of postal and construction workers and others who work outdoors? They travel to work and work in the dark, thereby increasing the risk of accident.

Orders of the Day — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation ( 4 Rha 1995)

Mr David Mitchell: The hon. Member for Peckham (Ms Harman) appears to be unable to see the benefits of the Government's reforms of the national health service. For patients these have meant that the average waiting time for non-urgent operations has come down from nine months to five months. There have been substantial benefits for my constituents and those of other hon. Members. Front-Bench spokesmen have...

Orders of the Day — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation ( 4 Rha 1995)

Mr David Mitchell: Is the hon. Lady not aware that fundholding doctors can choose where to send their patients, so if certain services are restricted in one region and available in another, fundholding doctors can make use of that to send their patients to such regions for their benefit?

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