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Oil Supplies (24 Hyd 1973)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the size of the stocks which he has announced is impressive and, indeed, compares favourably even with those which we built up against the outbreak of war in 1939? Is he aware that the care and forethought involved in arranging for these satisfactory stocks deserves the appreciation of the House and the country?

Schedule 1: Counties and Metropolitan Districts in England ( 6 Gor 1972)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: In my Amendments I intended to provide a constructive alternative to the proposal to merge Sutton Coldfield with Birmingham which has provoked a sense of overwhelming grievance and outrage among my constituents, but I thank my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State and the Minister for the care which they have given to receiving many deputations from Sutton Coldfield. The divisions into...

Orders of the Day — European Communities (27 Hyd 1971)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: The right hon. Member for Bristol, South-East (Mr. Wedgwood Benn) has made a speech of great ingenuity and extreme complexity. Obviously, he attaches the very greatest importance to our constitutional procedures, but his speech, in my view, suffered from the fundamental defect that, for a man who believes in the British constitutional procedures, he vastly over-exaggerated the importance of...

Orders of the Day — Education (Handicapped Children) Bill (13 Gor 1970)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: I wish to support this Bill, particularly from the point of view of autistic children and their parents. As hon. Members may know, this is a recently diagnosed condition and our methods of dealing with it are only in the early stages of development. It is believed that there are about 7,000 of these children afflicted in this way in this country. I confess that I did not know about this...

National Libraries Committee (Report) ( 7 Ebr 1970)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Does the right hon. Gentleman's reference to taking advantage of the latest technical developments mean that consideration will be given to the computerisation of the indices in separate libraries which may be linked, on the lines of the system being developed in the United States at present? Would he even consider possible computer links between the libraries of this country and those of the...

Orders of the Day — Motor Industry (11 Chw 1970)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: At the risk of not carrying my hon. Friends with me this afternoon, I must tell the House that I have in the past been something of an admirer of the work of the Minister. Of course he has made many mistakes and brought in too many Socialist policies, but what I have admired is the spirit of determination with which he has attacked his job and the fact that he is obviously dedicated to the...

Orders of the Day — Motor Industry (11 Chw 1970)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: I am talking about the period from 1964 to 1969. With regard to all our big European competitors what I have said is correct. The Minister of Technology said that exports have improved—we are pleased about that—and that home sales have declined. Actual production has declined, which makes the situation more difficult from the point of view of volume in relation to unit sales. The point...

Orders of the Day — Motor Industry (11 Chw 1970)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: There is a worldwide tendency for motor car imports to increase in all countries, as they have very much in the United States. There is a certain prestige in having a motor car made by certain firms. But is the hon. Gentleman really being fair to the industry when he says that it shows a lack of aggression—first of all, because this is a world-wide tendency and second because the industry...

Orders of the Day — Motor Industry (11 Chw 1970)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: The Minister of State said that I did not attack Government policies. I would remind him that I started my speech by charging the Government specifically with sacrificing the important interests of the industry to their own electoral preparations. If he does not regard that as an attack, I wonder what he does regard as such?

Oral Answers to Questions — Board of Trade: National Exhibition Centre (26 Tach 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: In reaching his decision, will the right hon. Gentleman bear in mind the great and increasing congestion in the London area, and the availability in the Midlands of a site at the heart of a national communications system by road, rail and air?

Dividend Restraint ( 6 Tach 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Is it not a fact that for once the Government are doing something sensible. but are frightened that their supporters will not like it?

Government Publications (Supply) ( 3 Tach 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Following the unworthy evasion by the right hon. Gentleman in reply to my hon. Friend the Member for Manchester, Withington (Sir R. Cary), could he now tell the House the nature of the complaint which is causing the men to indulge in a go-slow, or whatever description the right hon. Gentleman wishes to place upon it?

Import Deposits and Travel Allowance (21 Hyd 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Will the Chancellor explain the logic of a policy which allows anyone who can afford it to spend £10,000 worth of foreign exchange on anything he likes, who can afford, for example, to import a luxury foreign motor car or dresses for his wife or girl friend from Paris, whereas he must be careful not to spend more than £100 to get there and back?

Orders of the Day — HOUSE OF COMMONS (REDISTRIBUTION OF SEATS) (No. 2) BILL: Suspension of Redistributions Till Next General Reports of Bound Ary Commissions, and Accelera Tion of Those Reports ( 8 Gor 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: The reply of the Under-Secretary of State was very disappointing. He failed entirely to appreciate the tremendous importance in principle of the point made by my right hon. and learned Friend the Member for St. Marylebone (Mr. Hogg), namely, that the purpose of the Amendment is to force the carrying out of an annual review. The matter should come before the Government, the House of Commons...

Orders of the Day — HOUSE OF COMMONS (REDISTRIBUTION OF SEATS) (No. 2) BILL: Suspension of Redistributions Till Next General Reports of Bound Ary Commissions, and Accelera Tion of Those Reports ( 8 Gor 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: I appreciate your point, Sir Harry. These contradictions may become more and more intolerable to the population. 8.45 p.m. I invite the Committee's attention to the other side of the question. The Government have said that they intend to implement the Redcliffe-Maud Report. To what extent should we attach real credibility to a statement by the Government on such a subject? It used to be the...

Intermediate Areas (Hunt Report) (25 Meh 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: To reduce damaging uncertainty, will the right hon. Gentleman carry out the recommendation in paragraph 484 of the Hunt Committee Report, that the widest possible publicity should be given to the considerations determining I.D.C. control in individual areas, with subsequent alterations?

British Steel Corporation (Prices) (21 Mai 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Does the Minister's supplementary answer a few moments ago mean that the motor industry, as a big user, will not have to pay more than 1 per cent. more for its steel?

Hunt Committee (Report) (24 Ebr 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the Hunt Committee very closely argued its proposal for what it called a relatively modest change to increase the exemption limit for I.D.C.s? In the light of that, and the abrupt and summary dismissal of this policy by the Government, it will be felt in the West Midlands that the Government have sacrificed a strong economic case to the political...

Adult Education, England and Wales (Committee of Inquiry) ( 4 Chw 1969)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Will the Under-Secretary note that the fact that Sir Lionel Russell is to be Chairman of the Committee will give great satisfaction?

Oral Answers to Questions — Economic Affairs: Birmingham (14 Hyd 1968)

Mr Geoffrey Lloyd: Has the hon. Gentleman taken note of the increasing anxiety expressed by the responsible industrial leaders in the Midlands, including the Regional Economic Council, upon this very point, that the Midlands is now being deprived of its characteristic vitality in the attraction of firms?

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