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Validation of Elections' Bill (25 Gor 1955)

Mr Charles Williams: I wish briefly to make two points. First, as far as the remarks of the hon. and gallant Member for Brixton (Lieut.-Colonel Lipton) are concerned, I wish to say that everyone in this House knows that if we appoint a Select Committee, it is open to any Members of Parliament to criticise its work, and it is also open to Parliament as a whole to accept or reject its recommendations. I accept the...

Orders of the Day — Validation of Elections Bill (22 Gor 1955)

Mr Charles Williams: I should be discourteous were I not to say a word at this point. I wish to thank the right hon. Member for South Shields (Mr. Ede) for the extremely nice things which he said about myself and my fellow members of the Committee over which I had the honour to preside. I wish to confirm what has been said by hon. Members. We did, in our Report, in paragraphs 11 and 12, express two strong...

Oral Answers to Questions — National Finance: Cost of Living (14 Meh 1955)

Mr Charles Williams: Did my right hon. Friend read a very interesting article by one of the Scottish Lady Members in "The Star" two nights ago, in which she said that this line of argument had failed completely at the Election?

Oral Answers to Questions — Roads: Cromwell Road and Piccadilly (Land Acquisition Costs) (23 Maw 1955)

Mr Charles Williams: Is my right hon. Friend aware that the late Socialist Government allowed these things to go on?

Expanded Road Programme (Government's Proposals) ( 2 Chw 1955)

Mr Charles Williams: While congratulating my right hon. Friend on what he has said, may I ask whether he is aware that there is one grave omission? He has mentioned minor bridges but surely he has ignored the most important bridge, the Tamar Bridge. Can he assure the House that that bridge will come before any other?

Orders of the Day — Estimates (Select Committee) (31 Ion 1955)

Mr Charles Williams: I hope that the right hon. Member for Blyth (Mr. Robens) will excuse me if I do not follow his arguments in detail. For many years I have had a secret desire to be able to listen to a Socialist Party meeting. I think that everybody will agree that in the last 10 minutes we have probably been given a fairly good idea of what goes on. In this Amendment there are really only two points which...

Representation of the People (Parliamentary Constituencies) (16 Rha 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: As I had a great deal to do with the discussion on Plymouth which took place some years ago, and endeavoured to save the three Plymouth seats, and as also I have had the honour of representing a West Country constituency for longer than most people in this House, perhaps I might say a word on this Order. When first we heard that the name "Devonport" was to be taken out by the Commission, I...

Oral Answers to Questions — Roads: Forth and Tay Bridges (10 Tach 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: Will my right hon. Friend remember that the Tamar bridge would be far more useful and important than the bridge which has just been mentioned?

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Catering Training Facilities, South-West Region (29 Gor 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: Will my right hon. Friend, now that the Government's policy has progressed so much, use her influence with other Ministers who are in favour of amending this circular so that there can be better training for this great dollar-earning industry in future?

Clerk of the House (Retirement) (29 Gor 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: May I put a point of view which I think very few others in the House can put—certainly one or two can—with regard to the immense value which Sir Frederic has been to those of us who had the honour of serving the House in the Chair? No one can know how difficult is the work of the Chair and how utterly impossible that work would be except for the services of the Clerk. Sir Frederic was an...

Orders of the Day — Mines and Quarries Bill ( 2 Gor 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: For many years I have had the very great privilege of listening to people who have taken part in mining debates in this House. I have learnt a very great deal from them, including much of the practical side of mining. I have had the privilege of seeing, hearing and knowing people who are thoroughly practical in every way. I should like to pay them a tribute—because they have made a great...

Oral Answers to Questions — Telephone Service: Midlothian and Peebles (30 Meh 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: Is my hon. Friend aware that under a Socialist Government it would take 250 years?

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: New Clause. — (Relief from First Assessments on Trade, &C., in Isles of Scilly.) (29 Meh 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: As one who has probably had as much experience of the West Country as most, I should like to thank the Chancellor for his courtesy and for the consideration which he has given to the Scilly Isles which, after all, contribute no inconsiderable part to our production. I should also like to congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for St. Ives (Mr. G. R. Howard) for the fine, persistent fight he...

Orders of the Day — Second Schedule. — (Rules as to Advertisements.) (22 Meh 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: I hope that the Government will not accept the Amendment. We are already tying up the Authority very considerably in many ways. I do not take the view that ordinary British industry will be responsible for bad advertisements, and if we cut down the advertisement time to a very small limit we shall make it almost impossible for good advertisers to act proper time. Three minutes to the hour is...

Orders of the Day — Second Schedule. — (Rules as to Advertisements.) (22 Meh 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: I will not follow the hon. Member for Ealing, North (Mr. J. Hudson) along the lines of liquor, about which he has been speaking; quite frankly, I have little knowledge of that subject. I took part earlier in the debate, when I appealed to the Government to "keep advertisement wide," but there is a very distinct division between religion and what refers to ordinary everyday life. I draw a...

Orders of the Day — Budget Proposals ( 7 Ebr 1954)

Mr Charles Williams: Will the investment allowance apply to new fishing vessels'? That is an important matter.

Foreign Affairs (17 Rha 1953)

Mr Charles Williams: As my name was put down among others signing that Motion, may I say that I have been here a very long time, I have never held office, and I, and almost everybody who signed it, have done so because we really honestly believe in it. We have all taken part—even the Prime Minister has taken part in his time—in opposition to the Government which we support. May I assure the noble Lord that it...

Foreign Affairs (17 Rha 1953)

Mr Charles Williams: I hope that the hon. Member for Maldon (Mr. Driberg) will excuse me if I do not follow him very deeply into Anglo-American relationships, but I might perhaps say this. One of the best illustrations that one could possibly give of the difference of opinion and feeling between ourselves and the Americans is that the Americans feel that the Panama Canal is essential to them—which, of course,...

Road Improvements and Construction (Proposals) ( 8 Rha 1953)

Mr Charles Williams: Should we not get out of our present difficulty if the hon. Member for Stoke-on-Trent, South (Mr. Ellis Smith) withdrew his notice, which would enable English Members to put a few questions?

Orders of the Day — Regency Bill: New Clause. — (Construction of "counsellors of State.") (12 Tach 1953)

Mr Charles Williams: It is very seldom that I agree wholeheartedly with the right hon. Member for South Shields (Mr. Ede), but I must say that I rarely intervene in this sort of debate, and I certainly should not have entered into it unless I thought there was a slight misconception as to what the right hon. Gentleman said yesterday on this matter. I listened to the whole of his speech, which, I think, if I may...

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