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Orders of the Day — Supply.: Export Credits. (22 Gor 1931)

Sir John Allen: The remarks which I shall address to the Committee on this subject will be on purely economic lines. The hon. Member for Withington (Mr. Simon) has been referring, naturally, to the development of industrial orders, and I take it that he is referring to the heavy engineering industry, which he represents. In studying the question of credits, however, we have to look at three or four rather...

Orders of the Day — Supply.: Export Credits. (22 Gor 1931)

Sir John Allen: I know the hon. Member is an authority on these matters, but I am speaking as I am advised. In any case, it is a common-sense arrangement and a very simple one. But I do not wish to deal with the whole question of our trade with Russia, because it is a very broad question. I only want to deal with it in relation to the question of credits. I cannot see, as at present advised, that we have...

Orders of the Day — Supply.: Export Credits. (22 Gor 1931)

Sir John Allen: No, it is a question of giving credits. It is really a difficult question. The matter calls for very close consideration. I do not believe the Government are acting soundly in going on ignoring the fact that there is no call for this credit at all.

Orders of the Day — Supply.: Export Credits. (22 Gor 1931)

Sir John Allen: I did not criticise the Advisory Committee. On the contrary, I pointed out that the matter was not one for the Advisory Committee, but was a matter of policy.

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill.: Clause 20. — (Exemptions.) ( 2 Gor 1931)

Sir John Allen: I do not think that the shipping and trading part of the community will appreciate the explanation which the hon. and learned Member the Solicitor-General has given for not acceding to this reasonable request, which has been made on their behalf. It is not a request which is made merely by the owners of the property; it is a request by those who are interested in the trade and shipping of...

Orders of the Day — Postponed Clause 19. — (Exemptions.) (24 Meh 1931)

Sir John Allen: I beg to move, in page 19, line 5, at the end, to insert the words: (a) is land owned by any savings bank certified under the Trustee Savings Banks Act, 1863, or vested in the custodian trustees of any such savings bank. These savings banks are philanthropic institutions and do not trade for profit, and the very small margin that they get to cover their expenses might be easily swallowed up...

Consumers' Council Bill (Selection of Amendments). (19 Meh 1931)

Sir John Allen: We have been living lately in an atmosphere of depression and restriction, and I quite understand the feelings which have been so ably expressed from this side of the House. I do not feel qualified to speak with the same ability as those who have addressed the House, but I want to point out that in this Bill we are dealing with a large number of important measures affecting the trade and...

(3) Third Reading. ( 4 Meh 1931)

Sir John Allen: I should like to point out how entirely inadequate is the time allowed for the ordinary part of the Finance Bill. No opportunity of proper discussion was given us on the Second Reading, and we now feel that questions involving business matters of serious importance are being crushed into a couple of days. We fear that the Government, I do not say intentionally, are trifling with serious...

Orders of the Day — Supply.: India Office. (13 Mai 1931)

Sir John Allen: I have listened to many Debates on India and I have not thought that I could intervene in any way to the advantage of the House. But to-day I feel that this is a very important question which affects the economic as well as the political situation, and whilst I realise that it must he approached with discretion I feel that it is important we should look the matter straight in the face. We...

Oral Answers to Questions — Washington Hours Convention. ( 5 Maw 1931)

Sir John Allen: Is not the general feeling, "Give us a 48-hour week"?

Orders of the Day — Trade Disputes and Trade Unions (Amendment) Bill. (22 Ion 1931)

Sir John Allen: We have listened to-day to an extremely interesting address from the Attorney-General in presenting this Bill. It is difficult after listening to him to identify the Bill with his beautiful description, but after having sat many days listening to some leading counsel in this country, I realise the greatness of that forensic art which omits every point which is distracting, and which brings...

Oral Answers to Questions — Safeguarding and Import Duties.: Mercantile Marine (Helm Orders) ( 2 Rha 1930)

Sir John Allen: Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether all the bodies mentioned who have given approval to the proposal have done so formally, or after consulting their members, as there is a serious difference of opinion on this subject?

Orders of the Day — Clause 2. — (Short, title, construction, extent, saving and commencement.) ( 2 Rha 1930)

Sir John Allen: I very much regret, and I am sure that everyone in the Committee regrets, the tone of the speech of the hon. Member for Bedford (Mr. Gray). We have been listening to speeches of the most solemn and moderate character, which have shown a realisation of the very grave difficulties involved in this question. The Mover of the Amendment spoke in reasoned terms, and the hon. Member for Mile End...

Rating and Valuation (Apportionment) Amendment. (23 Gor 1930)

Sir John Allen: I beg to move, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to amend the Rating and Valuation (Apportionment) Act, 1928. In submitting this Bill for the consideration and, I hope, the acceptance of the House, it is only right to state that it is merely intended to rectify a slight omission in the Rating and Valuation (Apportionment) Act, 1928, which unfortunately escaped notice at the time. Indeed,...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill.: Clause 16. — (Provision as to relief front double taxation on certain profits from sale of goods.) ( 5 Meh 1930)

Sir John Allen: I am sorry to have to disagree with the hon. Member for Eastbourne (Mr. Marjoribanks) but I do not think he knows what has been going on for some years past. The trading community have been working for some time to get this business on a right basis. Already there are reciprocal arrangements about shipping; and, in that spirit of reciprocity, we have gradually been getting on to a basis which...

Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill.: Clause 5. — (Committees of Investigation.) ( 4 Meh 1930)

Sir John Allen: I should like to point out that the business world is very anxious in any case about the operation of the Bill. The point that has come up now is quite a serious one in its own way. The case for the insertion of the words has been ably argued, but I would strongly appeal to the right hon. Gentleman to reconsider his opinion for this reason quite apart from the arguments which have been...

Civil Estimates, 1930.: Board of Trade. (14 Mai 1930)

Sir John Allen: While I have listened with much interest to the speech which has just been made by the hon. Member for Whitehaven (Mr. Price), I feel that the Committee would prefer that hon. Members should concentrate to a certain extent on the work of the Board of Trade. I desire, therefore, to speak on that question before dealing with the more general subjects which have been raised in this Debate. First...

Civil Estimates, 1930.: Board of Trade. (14 Mai 1930)

Sir John Allen: I was proposing to refer to this question in connection with shipping.

Civil Estimates, 1930.: Board of Trade. (14 Mai 1930)

Sir John Allen: Then I will confine myself to the general questions which I desire to raise. I would like to deal with the international policy of the Board of Trade. The President of the Board of Trade has such a charm of manner, such a grasp of figures, and such a great capacity for pouring out facts mixed with a, certain amount of sophistry, that he undoubtedly bewilders and certainly in many cases...

Tariff Truce. ( 4 Maw 1930)

Sir John Allen: I desire to approach this question from a nonparty point of view, because I feel sure that the Committee are agreed that it is a national and not a party question. I desire to express the view of the business community upon it. I listened with great interest to the speech of the President of the Board of Trade, as we all did, but I noticed that he made no reference to the resolutions...

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