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United Nations (Finances) (31 Mai 1963)

Mr John Woollam: We have had Questions in the House on this subject, but I think, although I have not searched the records, that this is the first full debate that we have had on the subject of the United Nations finances. Whether or not this is so, there will certainly be many more debates on this matter in the years to come. I have selected this subject with another object in mind. I thought that the...

Exports (24 Mai 1963)

Mr John Woollam: When, in years past, other countries wanted to increase their share of world trade at our expense, was that a myth? It proved at that time to be attainable, and a reality. Is it unreasonable for us now to think that we may be able to reverse something that other countries have done in their turn?

Exports (24 Mai 1963)

Mr John Woollam: The hon. Member for West Ham, North (Mr. A. Lewis) has touched on many topics of particular interest to me, many of which will slot into place in my remarks. It has already been said by earlier speakers that it is fascinating to hear echoes in today's speeches of what has been said in debates going back, I suppose, centuries, on such subjects as mercantilism and the Navigation Acts and...

Exports (24 Mai 1963)

Mr John Woollam: I am not denying anyone a chance. As I have said, I want them to have all available facilities. I only say that there should be a further concentration of persuasion on the biggest firms. That is the way in which the big push can be made towards the necessary percentage increase in exports. I did not always hold that view, but I have changed my opinion in the last few years. Many of the...

Northern Ireland (30 Maw 1962)

Mr John Woollam: It is usually considered, in a debate such as this, that a non-Ulster hon. Member should, in some way, justify his intervening. Like other hon. Members, I have paid numerous visits to Northern Ireland. There are also close historical links between the City of Belfast, which my hon. Friend the Member for Belfast, North (Mr. Stratton Mills) represents, and the City of Liverpool, which I...

Local Government Finance (Elderly Ratepayers) ( 2 Maw 1962)

Mr John Woollam: The hon. Lady the Member for Wood Green (Mrs. Butler) and many other hon. Members have warmly welcomed the Motion. I, too, support it and wish, in particular, to associate myself with many of the concluding sentiments of the hon. Member for Wood Green. I shall try to be brief, because I know that a number of my hon. Friends wish to take part in the debate, and many of them have more...

Exports (Statistical Research) (12 Gor 1961)

Mr John Woollam: I wish to discuss the subject of more statistical research into our export trade, but first I should like to apologise to my hon. Friend for the short notice that he and his Department have had of the subject matter of this debate. I have explained the reasons which led to the change of subject, and I think that my hon. Friend understands them. I think that anyone would agree that more...

Washington Shipping Conference ( 4 Rha 1959)

Mr John Woollam: I wish to raise the matter of the Washington Shipping Conference, which was held in June of this year and at which the then Minister of Transport represented this country. I want, first, to quote a few sentences from the official communiqué which were incorporated in the OFFICIAL REPORT. The communiqué said: The representatives agreed that there was a need for further exploration of some...

Orders of the Day — Tanker Construction (Finance) (22 Ion 1957)

Mr John Woollam: I wish to raise the question of whether adequate finance is likely to be made available over the next decade for British tanker construction programmes. This matter has been raised outside the House in the last few months, preeminently by the managing director of the Shell Petroleum Company, Mr. Stephens. I wish to quote from part of a very long speech he made in November. Mr. Stephens said:...

Postage Stamps (Policy) ( 2 Aws 1956)

Mr John Woollam: In introducing this debate on postage stamp policy, I think that I ought to declare an interest in that I am a philatelist, and I rather thought that in the mind of the Minister there was a lurking suspicion that my real reason for precipitating this debate was to cause him to arrange for the issue of more stamps in order to render obsolete the existing issues and so increase the value of my...

Postage Stamps (Policy) ( 2 Aws 1956)

Mr John Woollam: I have been looking into debates on this matter and I find that in the post-war years this House does not seem to have considered at all postage stamp policy It would seem appropriate to consider it now, so soon after the recent announcement that national stamps are to be issued for the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. That announcement has not been greeted with quite so much public...

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Automation ( 8 Mai 1956)

Mr John Woollam: asked the Minister of Labour what action his Department is taking to consider the consequences of automation in the employment field.

Prayers: Industry and Commerce (Productivity) (24 Chw 1956)

Mr John Woollam: I beg to second the Motion. In supporting what has been said by my hon. Friend the Member for Crosby (Mr. Page), I should like to supplement the many examples he has given of successful suggestion schemes. Those of us who have read about and studied these schemes tend to associate them with American and Canadian industry and with the dynamic and, as it seems to us, pioneering spirit which so...

Long Engagements (10 Maw 1955)

Mr John Woollam: I beg to second the Amendment. On rising to address the House for the first time, I hope that I may be granted the customary indulgence which is extended on these occasions. My reasons for seconding the Amendment arise from my own experience. I cannot claim to have expert knowledge. However, I can claim that I am the only hon. Member who is a National Service man called up under the Acts...

Royal Air Force (Postings) ( 3 Chw 1955)

Mr John Woollam: I beg to give notice that, on going into Committee of Supply on the Air Estimates, I shall call attention to the need to reduce the number of postings of Royal Air Force personnel, and move a Resolution.

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