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Orders of the Day — Parliamentary Corporate Bodies Bill (24 Chw 1992)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: I endorse what the hon. Member for Berwick-upon-Tweed (Mr. Beith) has said. Such matters are deeply for the House of Commons, not just Front-Bench Members. It is right and proper that there should be brief interventions from Back-Bench Members in support of the measure. I certainly endorse the commendation of the House.

Business of the House (14 Hyd 1991)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: Following the remarks of the shadow Leader of the House, and now that the Labour party is in the process of resiling from and withdrawing the shameless and sleazy allegations that the Government intend to privatise the health service, will my right hon. Friend provide an opportunity for the Opposition to apologise to the country and to those vulnerable members of the community who have been...

Opposition Day: Health Service and Community Care (14 Mai 1991)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: It would not be appropriate for me to follow the right hon. Member for Blaenau Gwent (Mr. Foot) in his historical reminiscences, except to note that he made no response in substance to the interruption, towards the end of his remarks, by the Secretary of State. Labour's shadow Secretary of State set the tone of the debate in his characteristically knockabout, witty but rather superficial...

London Airports ( 5 Maw 1991)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: Does my right hon. and learned Friend appreciate the widespread local concern that his statement will lead to increased noise, nuisance and congestion round Heathrow? Although his categorical assurance, limited though it was, about night flights and alternation of runways will be welcomed, the time limit will be a source of grave local concern. Is he aware of the massive hostility to any...

National Health Service (Compensation) Bill ( 1 Chw 1991)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: The Secretary of State is about to explain what he thinks could be put in place of the proposals in the Bill. Many of us who have studied the subject carefully do not accept that just because the present situation is bad—we all accept that it is—we should necessarily adopt the proposals of the hon. Member for Greenwich (Mrs. Barnes). Many of us agree with my right hon. Friend's case,...

Adjournment (Spring) (23 Mai 1990)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: The Adjournment motion provides an opportunity for Back-Bench Members to raise matters of local, regional or national concern. The brief comments that I want to make about the growing problem of funding in the National Health Service apply at local, regional and national levels. I make these comments not in the context of the public expenditure round for 1991–92, upon which discussions are...

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Bad Debts (15 Mai 1990)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: The hon. Member for Islington, South and Finsbury (Mr. Smith) was less than generous in his welcome to a worthwhile and overdue reform. It is no secret that sometimes Ministers, as a result of collective responsibility, have to support and take action on matters with which they are not in 100 per cent. agreement. That was certainly true for me in the mid-1980s when I was a Treasury Minister...

London (Traffic) (27 Maw 1990)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: I hope that my right hon. Friend will pay scant regard to the political posturing and the sour attitude of Opposition Members. He is to be warmly congratulated on having undertaken a proper consultation exercise, on having listened to what people said to him and on having taken account of their views. Those of my constituents—over 13,000 of them—who petitioned against the road tunnel from...

Petitions: Road-Tunnel (Chiswick) (23 Chw 1990)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: I beg leave to present a petition, organised by Chiswick community council, and signed by 13,429 people who are resolutely opposed to the building of a road or tunnel from Chiswick to Wandsworth plan, set out in option 12 of the West London assessment study. Over 1,600 more people have signed the petition than signed a similar petition against a surface road, which I presented last April....

Traffic (London) (14 Rha 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: Is my right hon. Friend aware that his decision to spend more money on investing in public transport than on roads will be greatly appreciated by all those who are concerned with transport problems, as will his determination to make better use of existing roads by having better traffic management? He is to be commended heartily for those decisions. I wish to be more specific and to raise a...

"Working for Patients" (11 Mai 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: The hon. Member for the Vale of Glamorgan (Mr. Smith), who has come to the House after a memorable by-election victory, has lived up to the traditions of the House in every way in his maiden speech. He spoke with great fluency and absolute sincerity. His speech highlighted local issues of great concern and he paid a most gracious tribute to his predecessor, Raymond Gower, who was a well-loved...

"Working for Patients" (11 Mai 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: I normally give way but I will not on this occasion. More than 90 Minutes of the time available for the debate has already been used by the Front Bench speakers. Mr. Speaker has appealed for short speeches because so many hon. Members are anxious to take part. The White Paper contains much that is good but, regrettably, too much that is questionable and ill-defined. Although the review arose...

"Working for Patients" (11 Mai 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: My hon. and learned Friend the Minister shakes his head, but I have yet to see spelt out any assurance to the contrary. I shall be very pleased if that is given. It appears that, because mention has been made of firm budgets at the regional level—my right hon. and learned Friend himself used the phrase "cash-limited"—those outside the House have interpreted that as overriding my right...

"Working for Patients" (11 Mai 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: Perhaps my hon. and learned Friend will allow me to finish making this point. My right hon. and learned Friend the Secretary of State stresses, quite rightly, the vital point that general practitioners will not run out of money for their patients' prescriptions and that there is no question of their scrips bouncing when they are presented at the chemist, as would a cheque if no resources...

"Working for Patients" (11 Mai 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: The same rule must apply to my hon. and learned Friend the Minister as to others. He will have an opportunity to respond when he winds up. I congratulate my right hon. and learned Friend the Secretary of State on reaching agreement on a contract for GPs. This matter should not have been muddled up with the White Paper anyway. I shall not apportion blame, but it is a pity that the contract...

Prayers: Chiswick (Road Proposals) (14 Ebr 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: I beg leave to present a petition signed by 11,793 people living, working and visiting in and around the Chiswick area of my constituency who are vehemently and determinedly opposed to the damaging, new major road proposals for this lovely part of west London. I pay tribute to the dedicated work of Michael Robinson, Nigel Birch, Steve Brook and others, who have gathered these many signatures...

Business of the House (16 Maw 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: Will my right hon. Friend be a little more forthcoming about the Government's response to Sir Roy Griffiths's important report upon care in the community? It was published some 12 months ago, but little reference was made to it in the White Paper on the National Health Service. It is important that the Government respond to those important recommendations very soon.

Orders of the Day — Official Secrets Bill: Security and Intelligence (25 Ion 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: When my hon. Friend the Minister gave way to me a moment ago, I asked him a simple, straightforward question. What happens if a Minister makes a mistake in notifying an individual or individuals? What redress of grievance is available? The House is concerned with the redress of individual's grievances. What redress of grievance is available to an individual who has been wrongly notified? That...

Orders of the Day — Official Secrets Bill: Security and Intelligence (25 Ion 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: I must still ask what happens if a mistake is made. Is my hon. Friend the Minister saying that the individual who has been wrongly notified has to lump it? Is that what he is saying to persuade the House to vote in favour of this proposition, that the individual with a genuine grievance has to lump it and that the Committee is being asked to legislate to the effect that there is no redress of...

Orders of the Day — Official Secrets Bill: Security and Intelligence (25 Ion 1989)

Mr Barney Hayhoe: What happens if the Minister makes a mistake? My hon. Friend seems to be arguing that Ministers are infallible. There must be a new breed of Ministers known only to the Home Office if that is his argument. If a Minister makes a mistake, who will review that decision if it is not available for judicial review?

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