Canlyniadau 1–20 o 173 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Greenway

Merchant Shipping (Counting and Registration of Persons on board Passenger Ships) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 - Motion to Regret ( 4 Rha 2023)

Lord Greenway: I am grateful to the noble Lord, Lord Berkeley, for allowing us to discuss these regulations. Before I go further, I would like to welcome the Minister to his new maritime role. He has a steep learning curve, and I can only wish him well. We are moving more and more to computers, left, right and centre; everything is computerised. In a way that is a good thing and I welcome it, but we all...

Merchant Shipping (Fire Protection) Regulations 2023 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion ( 2 Mai 2023)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I think this is the first occasion we have had to welcome the Minister to her new post as Shipping Minister. My mind goes back nearly 40 years to when it was almost de rigueur for the Shipping Minister to reside in this House, so it is extremely welcome to have a Shipping Minister back with us again. These draft resolutions are extremely important, as has been pointed out by the...

Seafarers’ Wages Bill [HL] - Report: Amendment 1 (26 Hyd 2022)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I very much endorse what the noble Lord, Lord Forsyth, just said. I am very concerned about this amendment, as is the Chamber of Shipping. The Bill is part of the Government’s nine-point plan to address the whole problem of seafarer welfare—an important one nevertheless, dealing with services with close ties to the UK, making regular port-to-port international voyages adding up...

National Shipbuilding Strategy - Statement (15 Maw 2022)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, this refreshed shipbuilding strategy is heavily geared towards naval shipbuilding. Can the Government confirm my reading from it, that we have abandoned all thought of building what I would call ordinary cargo-carrying merchant ships in the future? If we are going to just concentrate on specialist vessels, that is all well and good, but we will not sell too many ships like the...

Transport Decarbonisation - Statement (19 Gor 2021)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I welcome the Government’s long-awaited transport decarbonisation plan, which includes shipping and aviation, but I have to ask them why they are spending less on innovation and research in the maritime sector than in automotive and aviation. The plan contains no headline commitments and no money to get on with the task confronting the marine industry. It is all very well to set...

Transport Decarbonisation - Statement (19 Gor 2021)

Lord Greenway: What?

Maritime Industry - Question (17 Med 2020)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, we have a proud history of innovation, especially in the marine field, and any help that the Government can give the shipping industry in this connection is most welcome. Without shipping, world trade would be a shadow of what it is today. Is not the real nub behind the Question to find a viable replacement for the modern combustion engine? Ships are very different from trains and...

SS “Richard Montgomery” - Question for Short Debate ( 3 Gor 2019)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I share the gratefulness of the House to the noble Lord, Lord Harris, for introducing this short debate with some expert knowledge. He seemed surprised that the Liberty ship was built in 137 days. One of them was actually built in four days. Although they were built to last for only one voyage across the Atlantic, after the war many of these Liberty ships went on to work for the...

SS “Richard Montgomery” - Question for Short Debate ( 3 Gor 2019)

Lord Greenway: I thank the noble Lord for the invitation, but I am chairman of the preservation society of the old London fire boat, the “Massey Shaw”, which is another Dunkirk veteran, so I may be committed already. As we have heard, this wreck is surveyed constantly, at least once or twice a year. It was last done in February and March of this year, and another survey is due in August. Huge...

Maritime 2050 Strategy - Question (13 Maw 2019)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, while I welcome the Government’s strategy, I ask them to do everything in their power to expedite the re-emergence of coastal shipping. This sector is of great importance to some of our coastal communities, which have been suffering from economic decline. The adoption of new propulsion techniques such as gas or even hydrogen would benefit the environment and new ships would reduce...

Passenger Ships: Evacuation, Search and Rescue Plans - Question for Short Debate (23 Mai 2018)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I am tempted to say, “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers”. The noble Lord, Lord Berkeley, seems to have a knack for coming up with debates just before a recess when the House is sparse. Nevertheless, I welcome him bringing forward this very important subject. As he said, the cruise business has expanded enormously and we are always faced with the potential of a horrific...

Marine Special Protection Areas - Question (21 Mai 2018)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, despite what the noble Lord, Lord Berkeley, said about Milford Haven, I cannot think of another instance where commercial navigation has been adversely affected. Does that not suggest that the mechanism set up under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 is working in the way that was intended?

Transport: Remote Island Communities in England - Motion to Take Note (20 Gor 2017)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I, too, thank the noble Lord, Lord Berkeley, for introducing this debate. One of the advantages of being tail-end Charlie is that most of the things you were going to say have already been said, but on my calculations I have an hour available should I need it. I assure your Lordships that I will take up only a fraction of that time. I was most interested to hear the right reverend...

Shipping: Safety - Question (27 Maw 2017)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, is the Minister aware that 19 ships capable of carrying more than 4,000 passengers are on order at the moment for delivery by 2020? The noble Lord on the Liberal Democrat Benches asked about crew. Is it not vital that crew training is given absolute priority in view of the problems that he mentioned with languages? In the “Costa Concordia” accident, I gather that the crew could...

Arctic Committee Report — Motion to Take Note ( 3 Tach 2015)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I was amused by the introduction by the noble Viscount who has just sat down regarding the pros and cons of global warming. I am not certain which camp I fall into. I am prepared to recognise that things have been changing, but will they go on changing? No one can predict what is going to happen in the future. All the computer models rely on the data that are put into them, and...

Deregulation Bill: Report (3rd Day) (11 Chw 2015)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I declined to follow the noble Lord, Lord Prescott, down this route at Second Reading because I wanted to talk about other things and, unfortunately, when it was his turn to speak on this clause in Committee, I was chairing the All-Party Parliamentary Maritime and Ports Group upstairs. This is the first time that I have had a chance to speak on this subject and it looks as though I...

Piracy — Question (16 Hyd 2014)

Lord Greenway: Does the Minister agree that the real problems lie in the buoyant black market for oil in the region and the endemic corruption, up to government level—and, in one of the worst cases, up to admirals in the Nigerian navy, who have been implicated? This problem, as she says, can only really be solved by countries working together internationally to help to develop regional maritime security...

Deregulation Bill — Second Reading (Continued) ( 7 Gor 2014)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, I shall not be tempted to follow the noble Lords, Lord Davies of Oldham and Lord Rooker, into discussing Clause 40 regarding marine accident investigations. We will have plenty of time for that in Committee. I will confine my remarks to Clause 81, which seeks to amend the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 in relation to the implementation of international maritime conventions, which...

Shipping: Passenger Safety — Question (15 Ion 2014)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, is not this application one of a number which have arisen from the formal safety assessment by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency which I as a mariner regard as entirely practical?

Energy Bill — Second Reading (18 Meh 2013)

Lord Greenway: My Lords, as the last Back-Bench speaker in this debate, I must admit to a certain amount of trepidation, especially when faced by a barrier of such expertise on the other Cross Benches. I intend to take a slightly different tack from other noble Lords, but first I should like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with the remarks of the noble Lord, Lord Oxburgh. We are now reaping the rewards...

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