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Bank of England (Economic Affairs Committee Report) - Motion to Take Note ( 2 Mai 2024)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to this debate on the report from the committee of which I am honoured to be a member. I am also very honoured to follow the speech by the noble Lord, Lord King, who has a very distinguished record, and the excellent maiden speech by the noble Lord, Lord Moynihan. Although much in the report is critical of the Bank of England, I will start, as...

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Second Reading: Amendment to the Motion (29 Ion 2024)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, listening to the speeches this evening, I have heard a number of noble Lords state their opposition to the Bill on what they said were moral grounds. I am not qualified to comment on the international legal aspect, but I do not accept that those who oppose this Bill can claim the moral high ground. Let me make just five quick points to explain that. First, it is not correct to say...

Financial Services and Markets Bill - Report (3rd Day): Amendment 104 (13 Meh 2023)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I am concerned that, while seemingly innocuous, this amendment might turn out to be the thin end of the wedge of government intervention in pension investment. Clearly, the obligation on pension trustees should be to do their best to get the right returns for their investors. Once we start incentivising trustees to take decisions based on incentives offered to them, that raises the...

Written Answers — Ministry of Justice: Probate (11 Ebr 2023)

Lord Blackwell: To ask His Majesty's Government what is the average time taken for His Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) to process probate applications.

Written Answers — Ministry of Justice: Probate (11 Ebr 2023)

Lord Blackwell: To ask His Majesty's Government what proportion of probate applications to His Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) exceed their target time of 16 weeks for processing.

Financial Services and Markets Bill - Second Reading (10 Ion 2023)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, it is a great pleasure to follow the excellent maiden speech of my noble friend Lady Lawlor, and to welcome her to the House. I have had the great good fortune to collaborate with her on policy issues over what now amounts to several decades in her role as founder and head of a major think tank with a well-deserved reputation for well-researched and detailed reports—perhaps the...

Renters Reform Bill - Question (22 Tach 2022)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I declare my interest as an owner of rented properties. Following on from that last question, will my noble friend undertake that, in seeking to protect tenants from a minority of unscrupulous landlords, they will not make it impossible for proper landlords to regain their properties from tenants who may be behaving inappropriately?

Schools Bill [HL] - Committee (5th Day): Amendment 112A (22 Meh 2022)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I will speak briefly in support of Amendment 112A, which relates to a point that I raised at Second Reading. As the noble Lord, Lord Soley, said, there has to be a check on parents to avoid those who might abuse the freedoms. The local authority may be the right place to do that but the merits or otherwise of home education versus school education, and the structure of the...

Schools Bill [HL] - Second Reading (23 Mai 2022)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I mention my interest as the governor of a specialist music school. There is clearly much to debate in the Bill, but I will focus on two areas of provision: grammar schools and home education. I welcome the safeguards in the Bill for existing grammar schools, but I regret that it is not taking the opportunity to open up the development of new grammar schools. There are now just 163...

Covid-19: Vaccinations for School Pupils - Question (17 Ion 2022)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, as my noble friend has said, this country is behind some other countries in rolling out vaccinations to five to 11 year-olds. He will also be aware that the extent of Covid in that age group is a major source of infection for parents and, therefore, society as a whole. Have the Government taken account, or will they take account, of the wider social and economic benefits of...

Critical Benchmarks (References and Administrators’ Liability) Bill [HL] - Second Reading (13 Hyd 2021)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I welcome my noble friend Lord Altrincham into the House. He brings huge expertise in financial services, which will be extraordinarily valuable. Before I address the substance of the Bill, I should declare my interest, or at least my former interest, as the chairman of Lloyds Banking Group until the beginning of this year, and I confirm that I have no ongoing interests other than...

Financial Services Bill - Report (2nd Day): Amendment 18 (14 Ebr 2021)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I should like to speak to Amendment 37A in my name and remind the House of my former interest as chairman of a regulated bank until the beginning of the year. As the noble Baroness, Lady Bowles, set out, within the group there is a range of amendments that seek to serve the same purpose and there is a lot of common ground, as indeed there is in the letter of the Economic Secretary...

Financial Services Bill - Report (1st Day): Amendment 4 (24 Maw 2021)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I declare my interests as set out in the register. I support these amendments, which have been so well explained by my noble friend Lady Noakes. In Grand Committee, the Minister accepted that there were concerns that a residual risk of disruption and potential litigation would remain even once the FCA had exercised its powers under the Bill. This is really important, given the...

Financial Services Bill - Second Reading (28 Ion 2021)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, as well as adding my congratulations on the two excellent maiden speeches, it is customary to start by declaring my interests. Since I retired as chairman of Lloyds Banking Group at the beginning of the year, I am pleased to say that, for the first time in many years, I can address the House with no active interests other than as an ordinary shareholder. With that freedom, I welcome...

Brexit - Motion to Take Note (19 Hyd 2019)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I draw attention to my business interests in the register, but of course, as always, I speak in a personal capacity. I will not revisit arguments that many have rehearsed about whether Brexit was the right decision. That decision has been taken. The issue now is how we move forward. I simply remind noble Peers that, for many, that decision was not simply a crude calculation of...

Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018 - Motion to Approve (15 Ion 2019)

Lord Blackwell: I must tell the noble Lord that I listen to his interventions with growing frustration, as very little of what he says is about the merits of the statutory instrument we are supposed to be debating. The noble Lord might wish it were otherwise, but Parliament voted to enact legislation which is now an Act of Parliament and states that the UK will leave the European Union on 29 March. The only...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Report (4th Day) (30 Ebr 2018)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, I have listened very carefully to those noble Lords who have proposed this amendment but I have concluded, on the basis of the other arguments which have been set out, that it is fundamentally flawed, for both constitutional and practical reasons. As the noble Lord, Lord Howard, said, the constitutional argument is that it risks completely confusing the roles of the Executive and...

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill - Second Reading (Continued) (30 Ion 2018)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, while noting my business interests as set out in the register, I would like to make it clear that I will be speaking in this debate and at later stages of the Bill in a purely personal capacity as a Member of this House. Listening to the debate, I note that many views have, of course, been expressed around the House on the merits of what we are embarked upon. Noble Lords will know...

Brexit Negotiations - Statement (11 Rha 2017)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, the House will note my particular interest in financial services. I welcome the Statement. Will the Government pay particular attention in phase 2 of the talks to the benefits to both the UK and the European Union of continuing trade in financial services and the role that the City of London plays as an asset for the whole of Europe?

Brexit: Legislating for the United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union - Statement (30 Maw 2017)

Lord Blackwell: My Lords, in connection with the challenge—

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