Canlyniadau 1–20 o 325 ar gyfer speaker:Lord Morgan

South Africa - Question (21 Mai 2024)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, it is a pleasure to address the former MP for Witney. I taught in South Africa, in Witwatersrand, and I think that one of the important aspects of this is not so much diplomatic or political but our soft power. The links between South African universities and British universities were very powerful and people were well aware of them when I was there. For reasons we heard in an...

NATO: French Nuclear Weapons - Question ( 9 Mai 2024)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, would not collaboration in defence with President Macron be much more constructive if we used the well-established channels of the entente cordiale, which are over 100 years old now, and ignored the observations, for example, of Liz Truss, who is not sure whether France is a friend or a foe?

Energy: Welsh Government - Question (24 Ebr 2024)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, is this not an opportunity for further investment in west Wales, which by comparison with east Wales, which is closer to the English border, has suffered considerably in economic investment in recent years?

Family Reunion Visas: Gaza - Question (24 Ebr 2024)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, is not the policy of issuing visas being used deliberately to cut back the number of immigrants in the country—particularly those from India—with very severe damage to, for example, research groups and universities? Could we have an undertaking that this policy will change?

European Court of Human Rights - Question (25 Hyd 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords—amazing! There were no interruptions. I very strongly support the Question asked by my noble friend Lord Foulkes, who is in effect asking the British Government to obey the law made by Conservative Governments of which the Prime Minister was Sir Winston Churchill. Is not it extraordinary that Cabinet Ministers are flouting the law and, in effect, forcing their own Government to...

Land Use in England Committee Report - Motion to Take Note (25 Gor 2023)

Lord Morgan: I am sorry to interrupt but, as a point of information, the Labour Party did not propose to nationalise land after 1935.

Higher Education: Arts and Humanities - Question (28 Meh 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, this is a sad and very tragic event for the University of East Anglia, where I had the great pleasure of lecturing at one time—the time of our beloved friend Patricia Hollis. It is bad news for a distinguished department at a good university. It is also showing a very limited appreciation, both by the Government and by the funding councils, of the balance and way of assessing the...

Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill - Report (2nd Day): Amendment 114A (26 Meh 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, I intervene not as an Irish person but as someone who comes from another Celtic country, which has found another way of dealing with potential and actual terrorism, and that is called political democracy. It has been a terrible thing that, throughout so much of modern Irish history, the tendency has been to equate democratic practices and human rights with one side and not with...

Scotland: Meeting with New First Minister - Question (29 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, the imprecision of the replies that we have heard indicates how poorly prepared the Government are to implicitly embrace devolution in the processes of government. We would have heard similar remarks if we had been hearing about the Secretary of State for Wales in his connection with the British Government. Are we not in danger of the Conservative and Unionist Party turning into the...

Public Order Bill - Commons Amendments and Reason: Motion A1 (as an amendment to Motion A) (28 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, I had not intended to intervene in this fascinating discussion, but I will make one point and one point only. We are talking about the possible dangers of stop and search. We have every opportunity of examining what is happening right now, not in this country—although we would if we proceeded with this Bill—but in France. In France, the use of extreme stop and search by an...

International Higher Education Students - Question (21 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, is it not lamentable—

International Higher Education Students - Question (21 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, is it not lamentable—

International Higher Education Students - Question (21 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, is it not—

International Higher Education Students - Question (21 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords—

International Higher Education Students - Question (21 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: I am deeply grateful to the House for its delayed courtesy. It is surely lamentable that the number of university students from, particularly, European universities, has declined in department after department. I know from my experience how enormously enriching the Erasmus scheme, for example, was. It was invented by a fellow Welshman, Hywel Ceri Jones, and we are deeply grateful for it....

Universities: Impact of Industrial Action on Students - Question (16 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, I became a university teacher in 1958 and I have never been on strike for a single day in that period, nor would I. However, throughout that long period, university teachers have been underpaid. There are difficulties now about their contracts, which was not the case earlier, in particular the use of younger, untrained teachers in a way that imperils jobs. Could one not give more...

Devolved Budget for Wales: Inflation - Question (15 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, is it not the case that Wales has been inadequately funded under both Labour and Conservative Governments? Many reports have been debated in your Lordships’ House. I recall the noble Lord, Lord Forsyth, saying how inadequate it is. The Barnett formula is a fraud; it seriously underfunds Wales. Furthermore, Wales in any case suffers from long-term problems in matters such as...

Devolved Budget for Wales: Inflation - Question (15 Maw 2023)

Lord Morgan: My Lords, the noble Baroness mentioned the Barnett formula in terms of great approval. How does one reconcile that with the view of Lord Barnett about his own formula when he said he was deeply ashamed of it? Why are the Government not equally ashamed?

Domestic Abuse: Defence for Victims who Commit an Offence - Question (21 Chw 2023)

Lord Morgan: It is a privilege for a Back-Bencher to be allowed to speak. One of the important bodies that takes a keen interest in this area and gathers a great deal of evidence is Victim Support. Can the Minister kindly tell us what kind of relationship or connection the Government have with that body?

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