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Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

Greg Clark: “Do well, doubt not” is the motto of the Borough of Tunbridge Wells and was my theme when, 19 years ago in this Chamber, from the other side of the House, I made my maiden speech. That motto was not a bad piece of advice and encouragement to a new Member of Parliament, and I have tried to take it to heart during these 19 years. In my maiden speech I said we needed to get the A21 dualled,...

Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

Greg Clark: Revelation.

Criminal Justice Bill: New Clause 86 - Creating purported sexual image of adult (15 Mai 2024)

Greg Clark: I am grateful to the Government for signing new clause 62 which I and my hon. Friend the Member for Chatham and Aylesford (Dame Tracey Crouch) first tabled. We are both grateful to our hon. Friend the Member for South Basildon and East Thurrock (Stephen Metcalfe) who moved a similar amendment in Committee. This is distressing subject matter for an amendment to a Bill, and we regret having...

Criminal Justice Bill: New Clause 86 - Creating purported sexual image of adult (15 Mai 2024)

Greg Clark: I completely share my hon. Friend’s desire to pay tribute to the police officer who brought this gap in the law to our attention, to all his colleagues who had the painful duty of viewing the images, and more generally to the family liaison officers who had to support the 100 families of the victims, and indeed the staff of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, who—knowing, in many...

Criminal Justice Bill: New Clause 86 - Creating purported sexual image of adult (15 Mai 2024)

Greg Clark: I thank the Minister for her personal championing of this new clause. As she knows, the Science, Innovation and Technology Committee recommended it, and we benefited from a seminar conducted with the campaigners that Glamour magazine brought together to bring the experience of people right across the country to a focal point. They deserve credit for having brought this issue to the House, as...

Antimicrobial Resistance (17 Ebr 2024)

Greg Clark: I am grateful to the Minister for what she said about phages. She knows that UK science is world-leading, especially in this area. In Imperial College alone, there are 180 researchers working on AMR. One such researcher, Professor Jonathan Cook, has noted the real benefits of point-of-care testing and the fact that other countries, including the Netherlands, have managed to make a big impact....

Antimicrobial Resistance (17 Ebr 2024)

Greg Clark: I am very grateful to my hon. Friend for bringing this very important matter to the Chamber. Before he moves to the international lens, will he reflect on the contribution that bacteriophages can make? Those are the subject of a report from the Select Committee on Science, Innovation and Technology. In effect, they are viruses that eat bacteria. In the UK at the moment, there is no approved...

Science, Innovation and Technology: AI: Regulation (17 Ebr 2024)

Greg Clark: The Secretary of State knows that leading AI developers are expected imminently to release new, more sophisticated AI models. Can she confirm that our AI Safety Institute has had access to those models, as was agreed at Bletchley Park? Is it the case that the developers have made changes to their models where they have been requested by the institute?

Cyber-security and UK Democracy (25 Maw 2024)

Greg Clark: The Deputy Prime Minister knows that cyber-attacks on UK institutions come from a wide range of actors—states and criminals—as we saw in the recent big attack on the British Library, and it is important that our laws are up to date to protect against this. In 2022 the Government announced that they would update the Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 to “protect essential...

Food Security (21 Maw 2024)

Greg Clark: I am encouraged by the imminence of the publication of the action plan. Can the Minister confirm that “imminently” will mean that it will meet the recommendation of my Committee’s report, to which he referred, which echoes the report of the Environmental Audit Committee, chaired by my right hon. Friend the Member for Ludlow (Philip Dunne), that it should be by May at the latest?

Food Security (21 Maw 2024)

Greg Clark: It is a pleasure to follow my fellow Select Committee Chairs, my right hon. Friends the Members for Ludlow (Philip Dunne) and for Scarborough and Whitby (Sir Robert Goodwill), who spoke expertly and forensically about some of the results of their inquiries. One of the pleasures of chairing the Science, Innovation and Technology Committee is that we are spoilt for choice with the range of...

Cycle Trails (28 Chw 2024)

Greg Clark: When the Minister makes that visit to Aylesford, will he also come to the west of the county of Kent and visit the Bedgebury forest, where there is a much-used network of cycle trails? It is used by my hon. Friend the Member for Chatham and Aylesford (Tracey Crouch) as well as by me. The Minister will enjoy that, but he will also see that it is quite isolated from public transport and towns...

Home Department: Topical Questions (26 Chw 2024)

Greg Clark: Last September my private Member’s Bill, which made public sexual harassment a criminal offence, received Royal Assent. Will the Minister say when that Act of Parliament will be commenced and when guidance to police forces will be issued?

Science, Innovation and Technology: Innovation: Co-operation Between Universities and Businesses (21 Chw 2024)

Greg Clark: On 1 January this year, the UK became an associate member of the Horizon Europe programme and Copernicus. Given our delayed start, could the Secretary of State say what steps she is taking to encourage participation by UK universities and businesses?

Written Answers — Department for Energy Security and Net Zero: Sellafield ( 7 Chw 2024)

Greg Clark: To ask the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, what assessment she has made of the implications for her policies of the incident at Sellafield Nuclear site on 28 November 2023.

Tributes to Sir Tony Lloyd (23 Ion 2024)

Greg Clark: I add my condolences to those of colleagues; Tony was a man who commanded universal respect across the House and beyond. Although for most of my time as a Member of Parliament, Tony was a fellow MP, I got to know him best when he was out of the House of Commons as the first Mayor of Greater Manchester, following on from being the police and crime commissioner—indeed, he combined the two. He...

Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill (22 Ion 2024)

Greg Clark: The right hon. Gentleman will know that 10% of our current oil consumption is used in the manufacturing industry—not to be burned but for things such as lubricants, solvents and electronic components. That does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Is it acceptable to extract it from UK waters?

Civil Nuclear Road Map (11 Ion 2024)

Greg Clark: The Committee that I have the privilege of chairing published a big report on the future of nuclear power last year, calling for a comprehensive strategy for new nuclear, so I warmly welcome the Minister’s statement and the publication today, which responds very comprehensively and substantially to many of the recommendations we made. In particular, I welcome the commitments to new...

Science, Innovation and Technology: Artificial Intelligence: Skills Training (10 Ion 2024)

Greg Clark: Just before Christmas, the EU institutions declared that they had agreed to a new EU AI Act. What assessment has the Secretary of State made of that? How does her intended approach in the UK differ?

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