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Petition — Mobile Telephone Mast (West Midlands) (17 Maw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I wish to present a petition. It states: The Petition of the constituents of Amblecote, Stourbridge and others, Declares that they object to the proposed erection of an O2 mobile phone mast at Hillfields Road, Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, Dudley, West Midlands because of the possible negative environmental impact this could have on the area; the distraction the proposed mast would be to...

Dangerous Dogs Act (12 Maw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I open this debate by thanking the Minister and his colleagues in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Home Office. It would appear that not only are they highly competent and hard-working Ministers, but they have a crystal ball, because the majority of what I intended to call for in this debate was highlighted recently in the Home Secretary's announcement on Tuesday...

International Women's Day (11 Maw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: The right hon. Lady talks much about leading by example. Can she tell us how many women there are in the shadow Cabinet?

Business of the House ( 4 Maw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: Will my right hon. and learned Friend consider scheduling a debate on the effects of public service cuts on local communities? As well as cutting meals on wheels, Tory-controlled Dudley council voted on Monday night to cut children's services, including those for children with disabilities, and drug rehabilitation services. The Conservative party is always asking us to judge it on how it...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Children, Schools and Families Bill: Clause 10 ( 2 Chw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: My hon. Friend has just reminded me of the nightmare introduction of the national curriculum. I remember folders upon folders of different subject areas, which we had to divide down into how many children we had. I literally had to have my clipboard with me so that I ticked something when a child showed some skill or showed that they understood the knowledge, and it was horrendous. Children...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Children, Schools and Families Bill: Clause 10 ( 2 Chw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I have been there not just as a parent but as a teacher. I was trained in the middle years, so I have taught in both primary and secondary schools. What the hon. Gentleman talks about sounds even more prescriptive than the things he has been denouncing. Am I right in assuming that what he is saying is that on 2 February, all six-year-olds will do page 27 of such and such a book about the...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Children, Schools and Families Bill: Clause 10 ( 2 Chw 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I do not object to it, but it seems even more prescriptive than what the hon. Gentleman has denounced. It is not just about children coming out of school with a list of things they can do; they should have learned in a way in which they can apply all of that. For teachers and parents, from my experience, a holistic approach is best, rather than a prescriptive shopping list for each subject...

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I was talking about the increase in custodial sentences. That increase is, in no small part, because of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 and the various initiatives that have followed. The chief executive of Refuge, Sandra Horley, has said: "The new legislation gives a clear and strong message to perpetrators and society at large that domestic violence is both unacceptable...

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I am grateful for the opportunity to speak in this debate on violence against women. I want to concentrate on domestic violence, which is an issue that I was involved with when I was a student, helping out at a refuge in Stoke-on-Trent, and then later as a teacher and MP. I am delighted to see so many Members here, given the low-level Whip on the rest of the business today, as it shows how...

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: Indeed. I think that that is obvious. I had hoped that that everybody would come to that conclusion, because that is the one that I came to. If she lacks support, it is possible that she was coerced by the family or even her partner into writing it. Without resources behind her, she would never proceed. It is about knitting together, or the whole thing could fall down. It is certainly falling...

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: Is my right hon. Friend as worried as I am, representing a west midlands constituency, that Dudley council has just published its budget proposals which involve the loss of about 1,000 jobs and cuts to all sorts of departments in a drive to have the lowest council tax in the black country, no doubt vying with my right hon. Friend's local authority? Many services fear that they will be cut...

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: Is that not the point of the domestic violence protection notices, or the go notices, or have I got that wrong? I thought that they were supposed to protect the woman and her children and, effectively, to evict the perpetrator.

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: I welcome that list of new initiatives, which I know are working in many parts of the country. However, services are patchy: for example, anyone who comes from Stourbridge or Dudley and needs to get to a sexual assault referral centre has to travel to Walsall, which is quite a distance. Evidence has to be kept as uncontaminated as possible, and I know women who have had to travel in a van,...

[Mr. Joe Benton in the Chair] — Violence Against Women (21 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: That is the theory of how it should work and it is what I supported when I voted for the legislation, but that does not happen in Dudley. The services are patchy. Sandwell, which is next door, has a better system. There is a better buy-in of the local authority and all the agencies, but there are only two counsellors and one primary care trust-funded counsellor available for 20 hours a week,...

Written Answers — Children, Schools and Families: Pupils: Epilepsy ( 7 Ion 2010)

Lynda Waltho: To ask the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (1) if he will produce an action plan to improve the results achieved at school by children with epilepsy; (2) what recent discussions he has had with epilepsy representative groups to improve educational outcomes for children with epilepsy.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 2 Rha 2009)

Lynda Waltho: Follow that! Will my right hon. Friend congratulate Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon and the domestic charity Refuge who, along with me, today launched their "Four Ways to Speak Out Against Domestic Violence" campaign? Will he reassure me that the Government will continue to concentrate policy and resources on attacking this most evil and cowardly of crimes?

British Waterways (30 Tach 2009)

Lynda Waltho: A national treasure, a thriving 4,500 mile linear national park, a catalyst for regeneration and economic growth, a nature reserve accessible to millions of people and belonging to us all -these are just a few of the descriptions given to our canals and waterways travelling through 250 parliamentary constituencies and past 19 million people every day. When our navigable canal and river...

British Waterways (30 Tach 2009)

Lynda Waltho: Indeed. I am well aware of the situation on the Caldon, which applies to many canals across the country. Should the maintenance decline, there will inevitably be safety problems and closures, so the situation is awkward across the country. It does not take a mathematician to predict that such a move would be disastrous to British Waterways' finances. It could only lead to waterways falling...

British Waterways (30 Tach 2009)

Lynda Waltho: Absolutely. I agree entirely with my hon. Friend that it would represent a very short-term gain and a very long-term loss and problem for our waterways. Against the possible contribution to paying off the national debt, we must balance the potential losses of such a move, which would be devastating. Lost to us all would be all the public benefits that the Government have hitherto recognised,...

British Waterways (30 Tach 2009)

Lynda Waltho: Absolutely. I am immensely proud of what the Government have done for investment in waterways. Indeed, the volunteers and the people who keep things going in my constituency and on the canals in the black country are aware of what the Government have done. The cut would represent a sell-off of not only the asset but of those volunteers' input and confidence. Furthermore, it represents...

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