Canlyniadau 1–20 o 3900 ar gyfer speaker:James Duddridge

Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

James Duddridge: May I first express my sadness that you, Madam Deputy Speaker, are also standing down from the coterie of Essex MPs? I thank you for your part in recognising the talents of a young James Duddridge in Melton Mowbray, and rubber-stamping, over a glass of white wine, my aim to serve as a Member of Parliament. Comrades, time flies in this place. I remember, in 2004, having round my kitchen table...

Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

James Duddridge: You are not going to make me cry. I thank my hon. Friend, and I do think we need to change whom we elect as candidates. For a number of reasons, I hope I am replaced by a woman in Rochford and Southend East—or Southend East and Rochford, as it is now called. I would like to mention Lucy Paton-Brown, who was with me for 10 years and is absolutely fabulous, and Philippa Buckley, who is now in...

Valedictory Debate (24 Mai 2024)

James Duddridge: A revelation—I thank my right hon. Friend. It has been absolutely superb. I will miss this place, and I say thank you to everyone who has served—in the broadest way—this House.

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Air Ambulance Services: Standards ( 5 Rha 2023)

James Duddridge: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what discussions her Department has had with (a) hospitals in (i) Essex and (ii) Hertfordshire and (b) the Royal London Hospital on improving helicopter night landing availability.

Points of Order (17 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: rose—

Points of Order (17 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: indicated assent.

Points of Order (17 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: Further to that point of order, Mr Speaker. I was one of those who was thrown off the Committee. I had been asked by the House to join it, and I did the right thing in reviewing the paperwork. At the outset, I did not know that the draft Postal Packets (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2023 were particularly controversial, but when I had done the research and found that they were, I told...

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ( 6 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: A Speaker’s Conference on this issue has been suggested. If Mr Speaker were to invite the FCDO for tea and cake, would my right hon. Friend commit ministerial time to attending to thrash through these issues? As my right hon. Friend the Member for Basingstoke (Dame Maria Miller) said, there have not been an awful lot of meetings or progress since March.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ( 6 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: If a ten-minute rule Bill were tabled for the end of business on every day between now and the summer recess, I am sure there would be someone to speak to it if we finished early. And if we did not finish early, the Bill simply would not be moved. I am pretty certain that we will not go to the moment of interruption every day over the next two weeks, so there is a window of opportunity.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ( 6 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: As one who was involved in that process, while accepting criticism, I do not think it is entirely founded, given the background to the vaccines we were getting. Will the hon. Gentleman at least commend the United Kingdom Government for the COVAX facility, and for actually getting the vaccine in place? Perhaps there is a slightly more balanced scorecard and I would be even more positive about...

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ( 6 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: I intervene not to compliment my right hon. Friend on his tie, but to make a more serious point on the meeting yesterday, which was attended by Mr Speaker, who, like you Mr Deputy Speaker, has a passion for these things. I am not sure how these things operate, but is there an opportunity to have some type of Speaker’s conference or an informal meeting where Mr Speaker brings together the...

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ( 6 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: I am sorry to tell you, Mr Deputy Speaker, that I have been an abject failure, but it is okay because it is not I who is going to be blamed. Sadly, it is going to be the Minister and the Secretary of State, and it is going to be on their watch that CPA International has to leave London. Even back in 2006, when I visited India, I remember these issues being raised. In the four years that I had...

Iran ( 6 Gor 2023)

James Duddridge: In welcoming these sanctions, may I ask the Foreign Secretary to look at Iran’s activities elsewhere? He has already mentioned the provision of Russian drones. I hear rumours that Iran has also provided drones to the Polisario in southern Algeria, which could destabilise a very fragile peace with the Moroccans in Western Sahara—a space that is governed by the UN. Indeed, it is perfectly...

Holocaust Memorial Bill (28 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: I personally am not convinced by the location, but want the memorial to go ahead. If it is to go ahead, surely it must do so speedily—that is the point the hon. Lady is making. If Second Reading is passed this evening, motion No.8 on the Order Paper is about paying a Select Committee Chair to come and do a job. That is normally done—it happened with High-Speed 2—when something is going...

Mental Health In-patient Services: Improving Safety (28 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: I thank the Secretary of State for his attitude to this issue and the time he has put in. I fully support the points he has made about non-statutory and statutory inquiries. It was right to start off non-statutory and to change when the situation changed and we were not getting what we wanted. I reflect on the comments of my right hon. Friend the Member for Rayleigh and Wickford (Mr...

Prime Minister: Engagements (28 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: Sadly, despite five years of lobbying, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association international branch will leave the United Kingdom. As you know, Mr Speaker, that is of great concern to the House and, although it is perhaps a little niche for our constituents, it is important. The CPA needs special status, but the Government have not granted that by way of a short Bill or an amendment to an...

Situation in Russia (26 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: The Wagner Group has a nefarious interest in a whole raft of African countries below the Sahel and across central Africa. I am particularly concerned about places such as Mali, which takes direct instructions from the Wagner Group as if it were the Russian Government; Niger, where the French get all their uranium; and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where there are many critical...

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: AI and Diplomacy (13 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: What recent assessment his Department has made of the potential impact of artificial intelligence on diplomacy.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office: AI and Diplomacy (13 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: AI represents a massive opportunity across a number of sectors, including in the diplomatic sphere, but we must recognise that there are risks. Specifically, what is the Foreign Office doing to counter the potential efforts in this space of Russia and China, which may use artificial intelligence to undermine British interests overseas?

Written Answers — Department for Transport: Driving Tests: Southend on Sea (12 Meh 2023)

James Duddridge: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, how many driving tests were conducted at the Southend Driving Test Centre in each year since 2010.

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