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[Mr James Gray in the Chair] — Backbench business — Animal Welfare (Non-stun Slaughter) (23 Chw 2015)

Lee Scott: I totally agree with my hon. Friend that people’s freedom to practise religion, and to eat meat produced as they feel it should be produced, is vital. Does he agree that this is really a matter of protecting animals? A bad abattoir is a bad abattoir, whatever process it might carry out. That is what we should stamp out: bad abattoirs, not the method by which the animals are slaughtered.

Petitions: Green belt land in Redbridge (10 Chw 2015)

Lee Scott: I have a petition signed by 4,864 people to save the Oakfield site, which covers playing fields and a sports area on green-belt land. Sadly, the London borough of Redbridge has put out to consultation a proposal to build homes on the site. There are brownfield sites in the area that have not yet been built on and should perhaps be looked at as a matter of urgency before the proposal is even...

Petitions: Accident prevention measures for Redbridge roundabout (10 Chw 2015)

Lee Scott: I have a petition signed by 676 people declaring that they are extremely concerned, as I am, at the high level of reported accidents—averaging one per week—as well as the potential for fatal accidents at the Redbridge roundabout, which is a major junction of the M11, the north circular and the A12. There needs to be urgent action to stop what has become a nightmare for residents of the...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: Does the hon. Lady agree that arresting people who are giving evidence is not in any way helpful or beneficial to an investigation, and that the new Government of Sri Lanka must put an immediate stop to that? Anyone who gives evidence to such an investigation should be able to do it freely and in an unfettered manner.

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Caton. May I ask everyone’s forgiveness as, perhaps to a lot of people’s delight, I am losing my voice, so I might not speak for as long as I would normally? The timing of the debate is opportune, because the Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, my right hon. Friend the Member for East Devon (Mr Swire), is in Sri Lanka...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: The hon. Gentleman is right. The new President was a member of the same party as his predecessor. He then changed parties and stood against the previous President, and some of the things that have happened early in his presidency are of concern. For example, General Sarath Fonseka, who is named as an alleged war criminal by the United Nations panel of experts—it is the UN saying that, not...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: The Minister needs to say, “Please honour what the UN, the Prime Minister of Britain on his visit to Sri Lanka, the President of America and various other Heads of State have asked for.” There is only one way in which there can be justice. I emphasise, as I have in many previous debates, that my role is not to say who is guilty or innocent, but we need answers about those people who lost...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: The hon. Gentleman is perfectly correct that the new Government would have been aware of the report. Only a political solution that recognises the rights of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, including that to self-determination, can address the root cause of the conflict. The Sri Lankan constitution already provides for an autonomous assembly, much as Scotland or Wales has in the United Kingdom....

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: I agree with the hon. Gentleman. I am not going to be an advert for the Sri Lankan Government, but we know from watching our TV sets the amount that is being spent on trying to encourage people to visit Sri Lanka and showing it as a free democratic country. If the Sri Lankan Government truly want people to visit and to show that it is a free democratic country, they should prove that by...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: The hon. Gentleman is absolutely correct, and that is why I ask the Minister to consider carefully the idea of vetoing future loans from the International Monetary Fund to Sri Lanka until the Sri Lankan Government co-operate. I am not for one second saying that if co-operation is given, that will change everything. I know that it has been only a few weeks, but I have not seen one sign of a...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Tamil People in Sri Lanka (28 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. Anyone who has committed a crime has to be seen to be brought to trial for that crime. There can be no saying, “We’ll excuse them because they’re my mates,” or, “We’ll excuse them because it suits us for this not to come out.” I am not going to pretend that I can give a political analysis of the forthcoming Sri Lankan elections, but my...

[Mr Mike Weir in the Chair] — Holocaust Memorial Day (20 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: I congratulate my hon. Friend the Member for Hertsmere (Mr Clappison) on securing this debate. Like many others in this Chamber and beyond, I pay particular tribute to Karen Pollock and all the staff at the Holocaust Educational Trust for the vital work that they do—not only for all of us, but for the whole country. If we do not educate young people, I fear history could repeat itself. Let...

[Mr Mike Weir in the Chair] — Holocaust Memorial Day (20 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: We are having a great day, Mr Weir—Southend has become Basildon, Stirling has become Glasgow North. The right hon. Member for Stirling (Dame Anne McGuire) is right. I was wearing a thick jacket, a scarf, a thick shirt and thick trousers, and I knew that I was going home in the evening, but the people who perished there did not have that. They were persecuted because of nothing more than...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements ( 7 Ion 2015)

Lee Scott: Does the Prime Minister agree with my constituent, who contacted me at the weekend asking to join us, who said that the only people fit to run our economy are the Prime Minister and the Chancellor? The surprise was that the gentleman was the ex-chairman of Ilford North Labour party.

Anti-Semitism — [Mrs Anne Main in the Chair] ( 9 Rha 2014)

Lee Scott: I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on securing this much needed debate. Does he agree that the real number of incidents is far greater even than the terrible figures that he is reading out, because many people do not report them out of fear? I report such things, and only the other week I received a phone call in which I was called a dirty Jew and told that I should be stoned to death.

Business of the House ( 4 Rha 2014)

Lee Scott: Following the tragedy at the end of the Sri Lankan conflict, when thousands of Tamil women and children were killed, may we have a debate on the progress being made, since the United Nations resolution earlier in the year, towards an inquiry into what took place?

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Clause 64 — Likelihood of substantially different oucome for applicant ( 1 Rha 2014)

Lee Scott: Does my right hon. Friend agree that although the judicial process must be robust and fair, it must not be open to constant abuse?

[Mark Pritchard in the Chair] — Backbench Business — Palestine ( 1 Rha 2014)

Lee Scott: I ask this question as somebody who earlier today learned that his daughter had had a baby son in Israel this morning. Does my hon. Friend agree with me when I say that I do not want to see my grandson have to fight in conflict; that the value of life, whether it be Jewish or Palestinian, is equal; that we must strive, however difficult it might be, to find a peaceful way forward; and that...

Planning Policy (Housing Targets) (19 Tach 2014)

Lee Scott: Does my hon. Friend agree that no matter where we are in the country, we are seeing more and more of our green belt disappear? It is vital that we should first consider every brownfield site possible before any green belt is even looked at.

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