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Prime Minister: Engagements (22 Mai 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I, too, welcome back my hon. Friend the Member for South Thanet (Craig Mackinlay). The £8 billion made available by the Government for the repair of roads and potholes is very welcome; however, some local authorities, such as Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council, which serve my constituency, sometimes use inferior material, so the works need to be done again in a few...

Allergy Guidance for Schools (21 Mai 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I know the Minister is diligent, conscientious and caring in all that he does, and the tone he is adopting clearly shows that. While he is absolutely right that there is legislation and guidance for schools as to how to deal with this issue, I and others would say that it is too general in nature, and it leaves much discretion with the schools as to what precisely they do in the event of a...

Allergy Guidance for Schools (21 Mai 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I congratulate my hon. Friend and constituency neighbour on securing this important debate, and on the fact that although Adjournment debates are normally lonely affairs, others are present for this one. Does she agree that the cost the Government would incur in helping schools to provide, for example, adrenaline pens is, in the overall scheme of things, very small indeed, and should not be a...

Justice: Court Case Backlogs (14 Mai 2024)

Shailesh Vara: When I was a Justice Minister, I introduced virtual hearings so that cases could proceed much more effectively. Will the Lord Chancellor kindly update the House on the progress of those hearings?

Justice: Topical Questions (14 Mai 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I appreciate that an inquiry is being conducted regarding the Horizon scandal, but what is the Department doing to hold to account those lawyers who prosecuted sub-postmasters despite the evidence being to the contrary?

Prime Minister: Engagements ( 8 Mai 2024)

Shailesh Vara: Five-year-old Benedict Blythe was a lovely little boy who attended a primary school in my constituency. Sadly, he died of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. The coroner’s inquest has not yet reported, but on average, two children in every class have a food allergy, and more allergic reactions take place in school than in other setting outside the home. Severe allergic reactions are on...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: British Citizenship (Northern Ireland) Bill: Clause 1 - Acquisition of British citizenship: persons born in Ireland (17 Ebr 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I congratulate the right hon. Member for Belfast East (Gavin Robinson) on introducing the Bill, which I think is long overdue. Does the Minister agree that, given that the Bill is tidying up something that should have been done a long time ago, it is important that he looks carefully at the fee structure? No doubt the Treasury will have its own view; we all know that it will be less...

Post Office (Horizon System) Offences Bill (20 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: Those are the people who received the awards, but does my hon. Friend agree that an award is due for every single sub-postmaster?

Post Office (Horizon System) Offences Bill (20 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I commend my hon. Friend for a very passionate and committed speech. The point about learning lessons is crucial. I fear, as do others in this Chamber, that in the old times we would say that the file is sitting on a shelf, collecting dust; nowadays, it would be archived and just stay there. Does my hon. Friend agree that serious attention needs to be paid to ensuring that we learn from this...

Post Office (Horizon System) Offences Bill (20 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I am most grateful to the hon. Lady, who has been very generous in giving way. She says that the Scottish Government want to see what happens here. We have heard that a Bill can be passed in three days. Once the Bill goes through this place, then in a matter of days, not weeks, it can be replicated in Scotland and passed in 72 hours. Given that the matter has been going on for years and years...

Post Office (Horizon System) Offences Bill (20 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I thank the hon. Gentleman for giving way; he is being generous with his time. Does he also agree that we must look not only at how lawyers have handled this but, more importantly, at those who produced the evidence in the first place to persuade prosecutions? I hope he will agree that lessons must be learned by those who blindly said, “These people are probably guilty” and built up a...

Pwyllgor Mesur Cyhoeddus: Automated Vehicles Bill [Lords]: Clause 1 - Basic concepts (19 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: Does the Minister also agree that, if we were to ban the technology, with the direction that it is going globally, other countries would lead the way? We would miss out on the opportunity to have more jobs, more innovation and more finance coming to this country because we would have allowed other countries to progress with the technology while we were stifling it.

Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill: Clause 1 - Introduction (18 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: Will the hon. Lady give way?

Post Office Legislation (13 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: On a point of order, Mr Speaker. This is a statement on Post Office legislation. May I respectfully say that what the hon. Lady is saying is irrelevant to this statement?

Post Office Legislation (13 Maw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: I congratulate my hon. Friend on all that he is doing, working night and day to bring this painful issue to a conclusion for the many postmasters and their families who have suffered so much over so many years. Where people do not accept the fixed offer but wish to pursue an individual claim, may I seek his assurance that such claims will be treated expeditiously, and that resources will be...

Prime Minister: Engagements (28 Chw 2024)

Shailesh Vara: A few years ago, there was a proposal to build nearly 7,000 houses in a beautiful part of my constituency near the villages of Castor and Ailsworth, against the wishes of local residents. I worked with the local community, and together we were able to stop the development. However, efforts are now being made to include this land in a revised Peterborough local plan. Does the Prime Minister...

Northern Ireland: Restoration of Power Sharing (17 Ion 2024)

Shailesh Vara: Does my right hon. Friend agree that it is deeply regrettable that the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, is pandering to his domestic audience, rather than thinking of the greater good of Northern Ireland and the victims of the troubles?

UK-Rwanda Partnership ( 6 Rha 2023)

Shailesh Vara: Some in this House take the view that our proposals are not the way to treat asylum seekers. Does my right hon. Friend agree that the people we are talking about are arriving in this country from a safe country, France, and are mostly young men in their 20s and 30s who come here as economic migrants and not asylum seekers? It is important that that point is recognised.

G20 Summit (11 Med 2023)

Shailesh Vara: Paragraph 30 of the G20 leaders’ declaration speaks of delivering quality education. Mahatma Gandhi said, and I paraphrase, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a family.” The UK is certainly doing as much as it can to ensure that people across the globe who need education receive it, especially girls and women. Will the Prime Minister...

Countess of Chester Hospital Inquiry ( 4 Med 2023)

Shailesh Vara: The Secretary of State has rightly spoken of the enormous pain and suffering of the parents in this horrific case. He will appreciate, however, that during the course of the Lucy Letby trial, they have had to relive all that pain and suffering. As the statutory inquiry progresses, that pain will be continuing for weeks and months ahead. Will the Secretary of State give an assurance to the...

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