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Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Older People (Security) (16 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: What steps he is taking to increase the security of older people in Northern Ireland.

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Older People (Security) (16 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: While I welcome the new "Safer Ageing" strategy, is it not the case that the recent spate of burglaries and attacks on older people in Northern Ireland has had a devastating impact on the individuals affected, and will it not in turn have created a deeper fear of crime across the older population? What practical measures are there in the new plan to reduce that corrosive level of fear?

GP Practice Boundaries (16 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: I am listening very carefully to what the Minister has to say. Does he agree that the bigger polyclinics that are envisaged-where a patient may go and, in a sense, be allocated at random a doctor from a very large panel-will make it very difficult indeed to build a relationship of the type that has been the foundation of our health service since 1948, which is that between a patient and a...

GP Practice Boundaries (16 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: I am pleased to see you in the Chair, Mr. Cook, presiding over a debate on a subject that is highly important to all our constituents. It is good that the Minister responding to the debate is my right hon. and learned Friend the Member for North Warwickshire (Mr. O'Brien), who is my constituency neighbour to the south-west. If we look at the Government's policy on the NHS since 1997, we can...

Bill Presented — Video recordings bill: Flood and Water Management Bill (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: I thank my right hon. Friend, as I shall call him, for giving way. He has been an excellent Chair of the EFRA Committee. Like him, I am standing down at the election and the last few years on his Committee have been very rewarding indeed. Does he recall the visit that the Committee paid to Lyons to look at the integrated approach taken there to flood prevention and management? Is he concerned...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Future Defence Programme (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: The counties of Rutland and Leicestershire will be alarmed at the proposed closure of RAF Cottesmore, which is, inter alia, a significant contributor to the local economy. Will the Secretary of State, as a well-regarded trade unionist in a former life, indicate to the House what plans he has to consult the local work force and, indeed, the wider local community about the impact of this...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Financial Services (Regulation) (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: Earlier this year, the Chancellor was thinking aloud about the potential of an independent macro-prudential early warning system linking the Bank of England to European central banks, and a single micro-prudential rule-making body. Can the Minister say what the state of play is in terms of those developments?

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Topical Questions (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: Despite the cheaper pound and rising house prices, stalled industrial output is still holding the economy back. Will the Chancellor tell the House what progress has been made on his plan to diversify the economy away from the financial services sector?

House of Commons Reform (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: The hon. Gentleman has mentioned public participation. Is he at all attracted by Simon Cowell's idea for an "X Factor" approach, not on whether we should have Gordy from Cowdenbeath, Dave from the home counties or Nicky from south Yorkshire as our leader, but on particular and specific issues? Would that not go some way towards engaging the public in the important things we discuss here?

House of Commons Reform (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: Will my hon. Friend give way?

House of Commons Reform (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: I congratulate my hon. Friend on securing this debate. Many newspapers, having seen the disillusion, distaste and disgust with MPs among the wider electorate, have suggested a substantial trimming in the number of Members. There may be something in that, but it can be done only in parallel with a substantial extension and improvement of services such as citizens advice and community law...

Written Answers — Communities and Local Government: Ice (15 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what payments (a) the Fire Service College and (b) his Department have made to ICE Ltd in each of the last five years; and to which projects these payments relate.

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: DNA Database (14 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: Last month, a black rock band from Brixton who were playing at The Oak public house in Burntwood, Staffordshire, were wrongfully arrested after their gig-vehicles, dogs and a helicopter were used-because of a false alarm with good intent. The chief constable of Staffordshire rightly withdrew their DNA samples because no offence had been committed. Is the Minister happy with the Association of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Topical Questions (14 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: The number of procedures under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 continues to rise, with 4 million sentient beings the target that we see each year. Is the Home Secretary happy with the effectiveness of the legislation? The policy of reduction, refinement and replacement is clearly not working. What alternatives might there be?

Business of the House (10 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: The shadow Leader of the House's song should, of course, be "Young Love". May we have a debate on the private finance initiative? As each successive report comes out, it appears that it is prohibitive in cost, flawed in concept and intolerable in consequence for our nation. With hundreds of billions of pounds stored up over the generations, it would help if we were to reform or abolish it. It...

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Roadside Litter (10 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: What recent progress his Department has made on initiatives designed to reduce the amount of roadside litter.

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Roadside Litter (10 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: The most recent local environmental quality survey states that litter on verges and landscaping alongside rural roads is now a significant problem. When does the Minister intend to introduce measures to give local authorities greater powers to fine registered vehicle keepers or other responsible people when litter is thrown from vehicles, especially fast-food detritus, which is particularly...

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Topical Questions (10 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: What are the Government doing to encourage the producers and retailers of halal meat to increase the use of pre-stunning, which is compliant with the Koran and which would have significant welfare, economic and political benefits?

National DNA Database — [Mr. Mike Hancock in the Chair] ( 9 Rha 2009)

David Taylor: Just for clarification, I should say that in the case that I mentioned of the indie band The Thirst, the chief constable of Staffordshire, under significant pressure, promised the same weekend to remove the DNA from the database. What concerns many people, however, is the inconsistency of the approach.

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